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Hideo Ishikawa's description begins here, Booby.

Hideo Ishikawa (born December 13, 1969) is one of the more veteran voice actors who has quite a range in his voice, ranging from stoic badassery, or goofy and light-hearted roles. Most known as Auron, Itachi and later Squall.

He has admitted that it's been rather hard for him to do more high-pitched voices after voicing Auron since, after that role, he's landed with oh-so-many low-voiced roles. He admits that it's hard to go back to being high-voiced, but considering how light-hearted (though not THAT high-voiced) his character Jushirou Ukitake is, looks like he still has it going.

He was also in a band with Shin-ichiro Miki called ROST, specifically made for the Rockman soundtrack.

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