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Hideo Ishikawa's description begins here, Booby.

Hideo Ishikawa is one of the more veteran seiyuus who has quite a range in his voice, ranging from stoic badassery, or goofy and light hearted roles. Most known as Auron, Itachi and later Squall.

He has admitted that it's been rather hard for him to do more high-pitched voices after voicing Auron, since after that role, he's landed with oh-so-many low-voiced roles. He admits that it's hard to go back to being high-voiced, but considering how light-hearted (though not THAT high-voiced) his character Jushirou Ukitake is, looks like he still has it going.


He was also in a band with Shin-ichiro Miki called ROST, specifically made for the Rockman soundtrack.

Notable roles by Hideo Ishikawa:

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