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    Apokolips and New Genesis 
Apokolips and New Genesis, Divine Worlds Of Villainous Dystopias And Heroic Utopias (together: The Fourth World)
Left-New Genesis, right-Apokolips
  • Description: A hellish ecumenopolis (Apokolips) and heavenly arcadia with a floating city of Supertown (New Genesis), both existing in a higher dimension
  • Symbol: Darkseid's Omega Symbol (Apokolips), The New God symbol for freedom (New Genesis). Both use a Boom Tube or Mother Box as a general symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil and Chaotic Good respectively
  • Portfolio: Villainous Badland, Heroic Arcadia, Enforced Cold War (it didn't last), Dwells in the Sphere of the Gods, After the End of a Ragnarok (as a whole), Always Lawful Evil Dystopia, Polluted Wasteland and City Planet (Apokolips), Utopian Arcadia of Crystal Spires and Togas, Always Chaotic Good (New Genesis)
  • Domains: Divinity, Duality, Conflict (Both), Dystopia, Tyranny, Industrialization (Apokolips), Utopia, Freedom, Arcadia (New Genesis)
  • Ruled by: Darkseid (Apokolips), Highfather (New Genesis)
  • Sacred to
  • There came a time when the Old Gods died! A climatic battle erupted between these gods, the noble and brave died with the brutal and cunning. Their world was destroyed, but eventually life emerged again. The molten remains split into two, bringing forth the dystopian Apokolips and utopian New Genesis. Evil and good, forever locked in conflict. This is the Fourth World, home to the New Gods.
  • In general
    • The two worlds are a sort of archetype of evil and good. As such the inhabitants morally reflect this, though even the harsh world of Apokolips can produce good souls(Orion) or free themselves through The Power of Love (Big Barda). But if there's something both sides can agree on, it's the merits of Bold Inflation and Purple Prose. The Grand United Alliance of Evil and Grand United Alliance of Good had a lot of vested interest in these worlds. Both sides would also like to know how Metron, a New God who claims to be from neither worlds, fits into things.
    • Apokolips and New Genesis exist in a higher plane known as the Sphere of the Gods, along with other divine beings. There's only one true version in the multiverse, described by Batman as coming from a sort of "archetypal, platonic world". While the gods(Darkseid at the least) have a Fighting a Shadow situation, this has led many people to wonder just how to explain the various contradictory depictions, retcons despite it also being mentioned these worlds are beyond normal space-time. Or how mortals visiting it works. The House of Knowledge is trying to resolve this, with Jack Kirby aiding them.
    • Requires a Boom Tube to go to and from, though some beings like Libra managed without. It's advised not to, as the true size of the New Gods and their home worlds are so massive that the Earth would barely displace a small lake-the Boom Tubes also scale mortals/the New Gods to be relatively equal in size. The House of Time and Space is working on making their own Boom Tubes and transportation devices separate from New God control.
    • A pact was made, exchanging sons for an Enforced Cold War. Everyone knows it's temporary, and it's prophesied Orion will kill Darkseid in a climatic war that sees the end of the Fourth World. Despite some attempts, Executive Meddling and the Status Quo prevents a permanent end. Darkseid is currently forming his own alliance, the Harbingers of Repression, for many reasons, but one of them is to ensure next time the end of the Fourth World comes he has an absolute advantage. And Highfather has encouraged further interaction with the pantheon, primarily the GUAG, for New Genesis to balance the scales in their favor. If anything, this'll make the next "final battle" even more apocalyptic.
  • Specific to Apokolips
    • Apokolips' most notable feature is its ever-burning fire pits. Its citizens are basically slaves to Darkseid, treated terribly yet so conditioned they worship him like some sort of Stockholm Syndrome. That said, they're often portrayed as a vicious lot and Darkseid is able to keep some sort of order. The GUAG has tried to take down Darkseid or at least try to better the citizen's spirit, but the fact it can't be changed from being a Crapsack World is an eternal thorn in the side of good. Nowadays they focus on making sure Darkseid doesn't try to turn the rest of creation into a new Apokolips.
    • Despite being the evil half of the Fourth World, Apokolips has cut all ties to Melkor and the GUAE. Darkseid doesn't play second fiddle, and Melkor reminds Darkseid of the one being he fears; his father and even worse God of Evil, Yuga Khan. YHVH hopes to usurp Darkseid's authority and take control of Apokolips, as it's firmly on the Law side of things, all in His eternal ambition to eliminate The Evils of Free Will and assert Himself as the one god.
    • Santa Claus has somehow managed to get his hand on a Mother Box or bypass the dimensional barriers, since he always manages to give Darkseid his yearly coal-a fact that infuriates him to no end. Further infuriating Darkseid and Apokolips as a whole is Rick Sanchez, who's skill at dimensional portals led him to take making his own Boom Tube as a challenge. After he accomplished that he mocked their technology and left a bunch of dick picks. He did that with New Genesis, but they didn't make a "torture and/or kill on sight" towards Rick.
  • Specific to New Genesis
    • A veritable paradise covered in lush forests and greenlands. To prevent nature being disrupted, the only urban center is the massive floating city of Supertown. This is something that those in the Nature Preservers respect.
    • Hexxus would love to change that, though he hasn't had any success so far. Unlike Melkor and Apokolips, Cosmos and the GUAG are totally welcome on New Genesis. Highfather has pledged support to them over the other alliances.
    • Lucifer has asked to form a potential alliance of convenience, given Apokolips' tyranny is a bane to the Grand United Alliance of Chaos and their goals. Highfather wanted to reject him outright as New Genesis does not approve of the GUAC's methods, however admits Lucifer would help against Darkseid. Lucifer was quick to point out that he has made some morally dubious actions such as trading his son for Darkseid's in The Pact, and one of his allies is Zeus. While he had a point, New Genesis has made it clear it's a non-aggression pact and will go against Lucifer the moment he goes out of line to stop the likes of Darkseid or YHVH.

Coruscant, Divine Seat of City Planets (Notron, Imperial Center, Queen of the Core)
  • Description: A Core World covered with massive skyscrapers and buildings up to 6 kilometers in height
  • Symbol: The Republic or Empire symbol, depending on the era
  • Theme Song: Coruscant, The Capital
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: City Planet, Layered Metropolis, First Appeared In The Thrawn Trilogy, Having A Dark Underbelly In The Underground City, Terra Deforming, Absurdly Huge Population
  • Domains: Cities, Government, Imports, The Jedi(initially), Democracy/Dictatorship
  • High Priest: Trantor
  • Followers: Cybertron, Feros
  • Sacred to: The Jedi of old, members of the Galactic Senate
  • Similar to: Holy Terra
  • Within the Core region is the most populated, once capitol power in the entire galaxy-Coruscant. With a population exceeding a trillion, the entire planet is one big city. Skyscrapers reach 6 kilometers in height, and the region has been the center of both the Republic and Empire. Jedi and Sith, diplomats and despots have called it home.
  • Believed to be the origin of humanity in the Star Wars galaxy. It is very similar to Holy Terra, in being a City Planet stripped of most of its natural resources and important to humans. However most consider Holy Terra the Evil Counterpart due to being a Crapsack World that's heavily polluted, straining far more than Coruscant.
  • One societal trait it shares with Holy Terra is that the more privileged are in the higher reaches, while the disenfranchised in the lower portions. There is a seedy underbelly where crime is an issue, such as the selling of deathsticks. The House of Crime finds this underbelly a great source of revenue and often visits to deal with fantastic drugs.
  • Depending on when you visit Coruscant is either the center of a democratic republic and the capitol of the Jedi, or the center of the totalitarian empire where Palpatine has replaced the Jedi Temple with the Imperial Palace. Unsurprisingly this has caused the Jedi and Sith to despise each other even more. Gods in Leadership should be careful what era they visit Coruscant, due to differing political views. Though after the Empire, it is no longer the capitol it used to be.
  • Requires a weather-control machine and mass imports to avoid being an uninhabitable Polluted Wasteland. There is only one exposed mountain peak, where Monument Plaza can be seen. Those more in-tune with the House of Nature don't think much of the planet, but those used to the city enjoy it. It's said to originally be dominated by oceans, but like in Holy Terra they've been replaced by artificial seas and reservoirs
  • Mario is fond of visiting Coruscant as it reminds him of Metro Kingdom, and the Autobots as well since it reminds them of Cybertron. Due to being a very powerful and populated planet, the Green Lantern Corps and occasionally Superman help the Jedi protect it.
  • Originated in Star Wars Legends, specifically The Thrawn Trilogy. However it had hills, isolated towers, greenery and mountain ranges. Even now there is at least a patch of undisturbed natural land, if Star Wars: Catalyst is to be believed.

Earth, Divine Cosmic Epicenter (Terra, Sol III, The Third Rock From The Sun, Jasoom)

    Holy Terra 
Holy Terra, Divine Seat of Renamed Earths (The Throneworld, formerly Earth)
  • Description: A heavily polluted and barren Earth with a continent-sized temple
  • Symbol: The double-headed eagle symbol of the Imperium of Mankind, hovering above the Earth symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Crapsack Planet, Polluted Wasteland, Absurdly Huge Population, Used-Up Worlds, Planet Terra, Mega City
  • Domains: The Imperium, Pilgrimages, Faith, Pollution, Life Support, Barren Soil, Sacredness
  • Sacred to: The Imperium of Mankind (home planet), especially The Emperor
  • Unholy to: The Nature Preservers, Mem Aleph
  • At the center of the Imperium of Mankind is the planet Terra. Called Earth millennia ago, it is the slow-beating heart of the Imperium, bearing the life support that keeps the Emperor of Mankind in a hair's breadth from death. Said to house trillions of citizens, it is a sight of pilgrimage for humanity, and a physical representation of the exhausted, old state of the human race.
  • Millennia of warfare, pollution and overpopulation has led the planet to become utterly barren. By the time of the Unification Wars only the Pacific ocean remained, and now only artificial reservoirs keep its citizens alive. It is an environmental nightmare, and despite their best attempts the Nature Preservers can't restore the former beauty. Hexxus, however, sees it as one of his favorite vacation spots.
  • As the embodiment of the Earth, Gaea was utterly OUTRAGED at Holy Terra. She despises the Imperium of Man for ruining her beauty, and has sworn to take out their entire empire for this. Even if it means Terra's destruction at the hands of Chaos. Mem Aleph was even angrier, completely losing herself in a blind fury and lashing out at everything around her.
  • Despite how worn out it has become, life is better at a certain height. Agricultural resources are constantly being imported to keep the trillions of citizens alive, and it serves as the home of the Emperor of Mankind. He isn't quite sure how Terra lost its water.
  • Also serves as one big temple dedicated to the Ecclesiarchy and the Emperor. The Imperial Palace expands the whole of what used to be the Himalayan Mountains, and within it the Golden Throne that supports him. It has a lot of ties to the House of FAITH for this reason.
  • Some have proposed using the Staves of Life to restore it. The Imperium either hasn't gotten the memo or is nervous about using due to a mix of being Xenos technology, being able to mostly support it and bureaucratic lag. The heroic deities from Star Wars and Star Trek were appalled by how they polluted their own capitol, and are trying to get past this legislation to replenish the ruined world. The evil deities from these universes believe it'd be really advantageous to strip mine.

Htrae, Divine Seat of Bizarro Worlds (htraE, Bizarro World, Bizarro Earth, Earth 29)
Htrae under its blue sun

Planet Krypton, The Celestial Seat That Existed to Die
Krypton in orbit around Rao before it exploded.
  • Currently a kryptonite asteroid belt around the red sun Rao. Formerly a Super-Earth sized planet with Earth-like conditions and many crystalline structures on its surface
  • Symbol: An asteroid of kryptonite
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good, Depending on the Writer
  • Portfolio: Planetary Destruction By Origin Story, Crystal Spires and Togas, Source of Kryptonite, Earth-Shattering Kaboom, Human Aliens, Contradictory Accounts Depending on the Writer
  • Domains: Cloning (formerly), Science, Pride, Power, Radiation
  • Sacred to: Every Kryptonian in or out of the pantheon
  • Unholy to: Doomsday, and for good reason
  • Barred entry: Vril Dox, Lex Luthor, the Galactic Empire
  • Similar planets: Planet Vegeta, Alderaan
  • Over twenty years ago, a planet was nearing its end. Krypton, a technologically advanced civilization with a race of potential superhumans, had lived for thousands of years in relative peace. However a greater disaster than the ancient clone war would occur; the planet itself was unstable. Though it would explode, its death throes would have Jor-El send his son to Earth in order to survive. Through Krypton's death, Earth would have its greatest hero.
    • The star it orbited, Rao, was revered as an ancient deity. Human astronomers know it as LHS 2520, a red dwarf star 27 light years from Earth.
  • The state of Kryptonian society varies from time to time. Sometimes it's a beatific near-utopia and nothing short of utter tragedy that it died, using crystal technology and architecture. Other times it's more dystopian, a sterile world isolated from the rest of the universe out of xenophobia and having a creepy eugenics vibe from it. Even Jor-El can't keep the story straight, but he always points out the Kryptonian Council were idiots.
  • What's left of Krypton itself is an asteroid belt of kryptonite, however under strict guidance by the Court of the Gods the House of Time and Space will allow people to visit it when it still stood. The city of Kandor managed to escape before the destruction because Brainiac stole it, as did Argo City by reverse engineering his technology... at least before the kryptonite under them poisoned the lot, leaving Kara Zor-El an orphan saved by her father Zor-El and sent to Earth to reunite with her cousin and become another hero.
  • Doomsday may hate everyone and everything, but he hates Krypton the most. He was created in its ancient past, killed over and over by hostile creatures and environments, so is naturally frightened about the planet. Brainiac is explicitly banned due to stealing the city of Kandor and possibly even having a hand in destroying it. Lex Luthor is banned due to his hatred of Kryptonians and desire to steal its radioactive remains.
  • Princess Leia sometimes visits Krypton in order to pay her respects for the Kryptonians who were killed in its destruction. The Galactic Empire, on the other hand, has been barred entry due to having destroyed a sacrificial planet of their own. It's said that the spirits of Krypton tremble upon the fact the Death Star is a Dominion as well.
  • It's not quite clear what caused Krypton to explode, but the consensus is it was probably unstable geology and possibly even fowl play by Brainiac that brought its end. Dream and the Endless remember a different origin; the first Despair gave the idea to Rao to create an inherently unstable planet where a civilization would flourish, only to meet its end and the survivor to be full of despair. This failed completely, since the Last Son of Krypton was Superman.
  • Doesn't have anything to do with the element of the same name. If anything, being so unstable makes the planet antithetical to the noble gas.

Mars, Divine Seat of Formerly Lush Worlds (The Red Planet, Sol IV, The Fourth Rock From the Sun, Barsoom, Garobus, Ma'aleca'andra)

    Planet of the Apes 
Planet of the Apes, Holy Seat of Ruined Planets That May Actually be Earth

PNF-404, Seat of Alternate Former Earths (Pikmin Planet, Planet of the Pikmin, Distant Planet, Planet not found: Error 404)
PNF-404 in Pikmin 3
  • A planet that looks like Earth several million years into the future, with the continents rearranged
  • Symbol: The planet itself
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Earth That Was, Humanity's Wake, After the End
  • Domains: Earth, Nature
  • Similar locations: Shiver Star(?), Lost Jerusalem, Earth from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, a different Earth from Warframe
  • Sacred to: the Pikmin
  • This is planet Earth. Or at least, it's a version of Earth in the very far future where humanity has gone extinct. What remains in this planet is the beautiful outdoors and plenty of varied wildlife (most of it dangerous) to go with it.
  • Some underground locations can be found throughout the planet. These underground locales include places like a toyroom, places covered in snow, or even places with bottomless pits. Some of these caves have a fixed layout, but other caves have layouts that change slightly whenever someone visits these caves again.
  • Aside from the wildlife, various treasures can be found throughout the planet, including kitchen accessories, rubber ducks, and fruit that not only looks good, but are apparently delicious even though they've been sitting around for an extremely long time.
    • Regarding these items, visitors to this planet are usually there to collect items to earn money or on occasion, get the fruits that lay there for the House of Food.
  • Time functions strangely in this planet. At the very least, days tend to last between 13 to 20 minutes on the surface, but time usually doesn't pass in the dungeons due to powerful magnetic fields.
    • That and the surface locations on the planet are locked to a certain season, rather than going through all of the seasons at once in each of the locations.
  • A small section of the planet has been used in certain battles between certain gods. A different part of the planet is used as another arena as well.

Skaro, Planetary Seat of Bizarrely Named Planets (D5-Gamma-Z-Alpha)
  • Description: A barren wasteland with large amounts of radiation that is virtually uninhabitable to anyone who isn't a Dalek., with a number of Dalek cities located throughout the planet.
  • Symbol: The Dalek City
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Theme Song: "The Dark and Endless Dalek Night"
  • Portfolio: Where It All Began, Planet Full of Evil, Polluted Wasteland, Tends to Resemble Gravel Quarries In Wales, Crapsack World, Doomed Hometown, Death World
  • Domain(s): Planets with bizarre names
  • Similar Places: Holy Terra, Fenris
  • Sacred to: Davros, The Dalek Empire, Dalek Caan, Dalek Sec (Formerly for the latter two)
  • Unholy to: The Doctor, The Master, Rassilon, Omega
  • A desolate, evil planet, it is only fitting that the xenophobic Daleks and their equally-insane creator, Davros, originated from a planet that is equally void of any redeeming qualities. It holds the distinction of the first alien planet from the Whoniverse shown onscreen, and has been the setting of many momentous adventures in the Doctor's long and varied life. And due to the Daleks being the archenemies of the Time Lords, it is unholy to Time Lords and anyone aligned with them. Generally, though, it's not a planet that other deities are welcome to visit.
  • The Master was once executed on this planet, which has left him with a fear of it ever since. Oddly enough, this seemingly happened AFTER it was destroyed at the end of the Dalek Civil War, which as later events would prove, was the first shot in the Last Great Time War. There have been multiple explanations as to how it came back, but as with anything else in the Whoniverse, these accounts tend to contradict one another.
  • Palpatine has shown interest in expanding to this planet, but when he sent Imperial Personnel to the planet proper, they were all easily and quickly killed by the Daleks, prompting Palpatine to lose any interest in the planet.
  • The House of War has mixed feelings on this planet; some embrace it as a planet of war, completely ignoring the fact that was had severe consequences for the planet, while others are horrified at how war had affected the planet and those that are native to it.
  • It was once home to the Kaled and Thal species, who were locked in war for one thousand years. This war left Skaro ravaged with radiation, forced the Kaleds and Thals to move into cities, with the Kaleds finding ways for them to survive. Eventually, Davros came along and created the Daleks, and everything went downhill from there. The Doctor was sent by the Time Lords to avert the creation of the Daleks, but refused to do so. This would later be acknowledged as one of the factors that led to the Last Great Time War between the Daleks and the Time Lords.

Tatooine, The Hated Hometown of the Gods

    Warhammer World 
The Warhammer World, Divine Settlement of Fantasy Counterpart Cultures
Altdorf, Seat of the Empire 
Bretonnian Castle 
World's Edge Mountains 
  • Description: Varies depending on the settlements and landscapes shown. One thing that is for certain is that the presence of Chaos is high.
  • Symbol: Sigmar's warhammer, Ghal Maraz and Archaon's sword, the Slayer of Kings clashed together, a representation of the eternal battle against the Forces of Chaos.
  • Alignment: Depends on the location, but Chaotic Neutral seems to be the dominant alignment, given the amount of strife most of the population goes through.
  • Portfolio: Dark Fantasy with Several Inspirations from the Real World, Adventure-Friendly World that's Actually Bleak and Hostile for the Most Part, Badass Concept, Fictional Earth,
  • Domains: Order, Chaos, Strife, Struggle, Nuance, War, Battle, History, Grievances
  • Sacred to: The Human Race (The Empire and Bretonnia), Elves (Ulthuan and Naggaroth), Lizardmen (Lustria), Dwarfs (World's Edge Mountains), Vampires (Sylvania) Undead (Nehekhara)
  • Unholy to: The Four Chaos Gods, Archaon, The Beastmen, Nagash
  • Visitors: The Emperor of Mankind, Some Pokemon species, ascended or not, The Draconians, Link, Princess Zelda, Aragorn, King Arthur, Arturia Pendragon, Princess Sofia, Hogwarts Students and Teachers, Sauron, The Magical Girl Sisterhood
  • Intrigues: Hermaeus Mora, Darkseid, Father Elijah, Killian Experience
  • The history of the Warhammer World is highly detailed, given the several races, cultures and historical events that have transpired within it. However, its origins are still rather vague even with the amount of information known. The best claim as of now is that the Old Ones were responsible for forming and cultivating the world before departing someplace else, but not before inscribing a list of plans to ensure order and stability. This has been taken to heart by the Lizardmen who have made it a lifelong duty to ensure the success of the Old Ones' plans. Elsewhere are the Elves of Ulthuan who were able to stave off the Forces of Chaos, but soon enough, internal disagreements led to the Sundering, culminating in the separation of Elves into three sects. The High Elves remained in Ulthuan, the Wood Elves fled to the Old World and took shelter in the forests of Athel Loren and the rebelling elves led by Malekith, son of Aenerion retreated to the lands of Naggaroth where the Dark Elves would ultimately take control of. The Dwarfs of the Old World initially held great relations with the Elves... until Malekith scheduled a plan to cause a fissure between them and the High Elves, leading up the War of the Beard/War of Vengeance that irrevocably shattered the two races's friendship alongside severely weakening their overall power and influence over the world.
  • The Warhammer World was ultimately destroyed by Archaon and the Forces of Chaos despite the united alliance of all races that had no influence from Chaos. Still, it managed to somehow resurface in the Pantheonic multiverse, although much of the life it once had is now washed away, save for the heralds of certain beings who've managed to ascend in some way. Outside of them, the only living organisms in the Warhammer World in this Pantheonic Multiverse are common bestiaries.
    • However, due to a series of cosmic shenanigans, creatures from all sorts of different worlds have had reported sightings here. Diabo of the Draconians was apparently seen in Naggaroth, as was Celebi in Athel Loren and parts of Bretonnia. The ascended denizens of the Warhammer World have found these reports of migration rather fascinating.
  • The Warhammer World looks visibly very similar to Planet Earth, from the satellite view all the way to the very nature and concept of the races and their cultures. Visitors and historians have noted that the Empire is very heavily reminiscent of the Holy Roman Empire. Bretonnia seems to resemble Medieval England, the Lizardmen have an aesthetic that is very much Aztec-inspired, Ulthuan is an Elvish-idealized iteration of Atlantis with traces of Athens, Naggaroth has a system not too different from Sparta, Nehekhara is very clearly based on Ancient Egypt, Sylvania is obviously a fantastical iteration of Transylvania and there are various inspirations taken from Norse and Viking-based tales and historical records.
  • Following the aforementioned statement, the only way the races can make it to the Pantheon is if a prominent member manages to find a way to ascend and see if his entire race can be selected as his/her heralds. And even then, the damage done has been so catastrophic that new duplicate Warhammer World can only bring back a very small fraction that can barely hit 5,000 in total population. Regardless, they do have a home again, even if it's technically not the world they inhabited.
  • Mankind's most notable and strongest settlement is simply The Empire, currently ruled by Karl Franz. He ascended into the Pantheon sometime before the Warhammer World suddenly resurfaced, but once that occurred, Franz has made preparations to not only reestablish himself as Emperor but also seek out new allies to strengthen relationships and have a better fighting chance, especially considering that there's very few citizens of the Empire left. While he's gained some political rivals, Franz tries to make sure they can fight together against a common threat, but seems as if making new allies has been a success for the most part.
  • As mythical beings are highly coveted by the elves, some dragons do occasionally make their way to territories close to Ulthuan and Naggaroth. Bahamut is open to working with Tyrion and Teclis in making sure Ulthuan is protected alongside Alexstrasza. With Naggaroth finally being rebuilt, Tiamat and other evil dragons are open to visit, with the exceptions of King Ghidorah, Deathwing and Grima who are not only fully sentient but whose goals don't align with Malekith's at all.
  • No longer being the Eternity King did make Malekith very sullen and angry in general, prompting him to return to a recreated Naggaroth and reestablish the Dark Elf regime. Still, this breakdown was nothing compared to him failing to save the world. While this won't stop Malekith at all, he's become rather nicer to his subjects and Naggaroth has become somewhat softer compared to its previous iteration. Also helping is Malekith becoming more open to the prospect of working with other races, a psyche that is almost alien to the rest of the Dark Elves. The nature of the Pantheon has made Malekith realize that alliances are inevitable at this point.
    • Despite his evil stance and the nature of the Dark Elves, Malekith is never accepting an offer with the Grand United Alliance of Evil. The Chaos Gods are already leading members, so he can't see him and his races suddenly working together with the Forces of Chaos. Malekith wanted to become the ruler of Ulthuan partly because he believed he was the world's best chance of driving Chaos back. Malekith also doesn't have a high opinion about Cosmos or the other leaders of the Grand United Alliances. About the closest he could get to making a deal is the Harbingers of Repression, and even then, Malekith doesn't trust Darkseid and Sauron all that much, in addition to them having Archaon as a member. However, Malekith has admitted on siding with Cosmos over Melkor. It's for purely pragmatic reasons, but he justifies it by saying he's trying to provide for the betterment of his race. The Dark Elves of Naggaroth have a very bitter Enemy Mine with the Grand United Alliance of Good and the High Elves of Ulthuan when it comes to fighting the GUAE.
    • Naggaroth is... unpleasant. As if the Dark Elves weren't enough, there's also harsh chilly weather conditions and ravenous beasts prowling around the fields. As aforementioned, there are some dragons and Cold Ones searching for prey. There are some Pokemon that have arrived due to the aforementioned cosmic matters with Golem, Gigalith, Durant and Aggron being uncommon sights. And unfortunately, Dark Elves are more than eager to be enslaving them.
  • The southern part of the New World continent and obviously south of Naggaroth is Lustria, filled with thick, dense forests and a massively thriving ecosystem. Lustria is one of the most bountiful places in the Warhammer World regarding fauna and flora, alongside several migrants that include the monsters in the likes of Glavenus, Rajang, Zinogre, Chameleos, Deviljho and Pokemon such as Parasect, Liligant, Tropius, Scizor, Carnivine and Haxorus. The indigenous species are usually clearly dinosaurs in anything but identification, such as the Cold Ones, Stegadon, Terradons, Thunderlizards, Arcanadon, Troglodon, Carnosaurs and the mightiest of all, the Dread Saurians.
    • The Lizardmen are usually in patrol of the forests, as indicated by the giant, wondrous cities that they developed as part of the Great Old One's plan. They are very territorial, especially with gold and ensure that their lands and te fauna are protected by any means. Despite this, Lord Kroak has accepted some outsiders as allies, such as Madoka Kaname, Kiritsugu Emiya, Doctor Fate, Eliza Thornberry and Rexxar as their goals somewhat align with the Lizardmen's, plus they don't display malicious intent as a whole. Still, despite Lord Kroak's acceptance, that doesn't make the Lizardmen any less suspicious. Kroq-Gar is open to working with other races, but he makes it clear that his race's survival and well-being comes first, though he will obey Lord Kroak without hesitation.
    • Because of the Lizardmen's territorial nature, the House of Commerce are very afraid of entering Lustria, especially when Mr Burns tried to steal some gold, only to end up being chased around for days without end, forcing him to drop all the gold he stole to save his skin. Archaeologists and adventurers have given a thought about exploring the jungles and lost cities, but the Lizardmen's nature makes this difficult. Dr Grant has plans for studying the numerous original fauna, but prefers to keep his distance, especially considering the circumstances he was in regarding Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.
    • The Prehistoric Beasts Sub-House is actually accepted by the Lizardmen when it comes to invitations. After all, they are dinosaurs and they fit right into the lush, tropical forests of Lustria. The Carnotaurs are often seen here as well, as are Rexie and the Raptor Pack. The Gang of Seven once travelled to Lustria for an adventure, but one too many Cold Ones, Carnosaurs, Troglodons and Dread Saurians made them very nervous and cautious. They did have fun going around city ruins and playing around. Still, they have dealt with threats like Sharptooth and the dangerous animals of Lustria are mainly just animals living out their natural life. They soon returned to the Great Valley, though obviously, they don't want any Lustrian inhabitants there. Not even the Stegodons, which Cera, Ducky and Spike kind of liked due to their omnivorous nature.
  • Nehekhara is arguably the most depressing setting in the Warhammer World. What once was a glorious and prosperous civilization is now a scorching, desolate desert wasteland with hardly any living inhabitant; the water system is poisoned without repair, cities and settlements lay in ruins and stories about it are chilling and melancholic. All of this was to do with Nagash, the first necromancer who decided to kill off the population after losing a battle against Nehekhara. Whatever living people are found are merely migrating to other areas from somewhere else. While the Tomb Kings are the primary residents, the only residents are currently Settra and his herald, Grand Hierophant Khatep, who now send thousands upon thousands of skeletal troops to patrol the desert in search of intruders.
    • Despite his very territorial nature, Settra has no problem with having allies and often seeks to have visitors every once in a while to alleviate his loneliness. While they don't always agree with one another, he's happy to invite Nagato and Darth Vader to his palace to discuss battle plans and trading exports for each other's benefit. An unexpected visitor also came in the form of Princess Sofia who once went to Nehekhara under the pretence of having an exciting adventure. While she was caught and initially intimidated, Sofia proved that she had no ill will and promised Settra to give him some company and relief. He appreciated her gesture, gave her some advice of healing magic for her to learn and allowed her to leave. She's not allowed to intrude the Tomb King's treasure though.
    • Somewhere in Nehekhara is the Black Pyramid, created by Nagash to be the main source of his power. To credit this, the pyramid is made from warpstone, a magical material that enhances one's magical affinity. Others have tried to claim the pyramid for themselves, but only Nagash, so far, has full control and authority over it. Nekron sees the Pyramid with gleeful interest; with enough power, it could potentially wipe out a world. Luckily for Nagash and the GUAD, the Black Pyramid made its way into the Pantheon, though Settra many many others have sought to not allow Nagash to get anywhere close to it.
  • Bretonnia, as of now, is functionally extinct whereas the Empire, under Karl Franz, is still struggling to maintain their forces and settlements. On a brighter note, they are now closer to the High Elves and Dwarfs than ever before, but with numbers so low, their main source of relief and resource is from Cosmos and the GUAG. The representing members of the House of Royalty are open to helping out, especially Aragorn and Princess Zelda. Aragorn is familiar with the threat the Orcs present and news of Grimgor Ironhide having made his way has ensured that Gondor will aid in fighting against the WAAAGH!!! armies.
  • Gaea and the Grand United Alliance of Nature wasted no time in finding and setting up base in Athel Loren. She was able to be make peace with its hostile residents due to their affinity in nature and has made it clear that it is to be protected in any way possible. Gaea's presence has been beneficial for the Warhammer World, for she did make nature stronger and more unified. This does, however, not stop the Beastmen from attacking anytime soon.
    • Alongside Athel Loren, Gaea has also made it very clear to spread her protection and influence towards Lustria as well, with permission granted by Lord Kroak. The Lizardmen are willing to accept Gaea mainly because of her power and her genuine concern when it comes to nature, which means Lustria will remain nurtured. Still, it's not changing the fact that the race as a whole will be prioritizing their survival first, though they do care about the other races, provided they're mentioned in the Great Old One's plan.
  • Darkseid has some interest in the Warhammer World, mainly because it has little life compared to its mortal cycle plus that small number meant an easy takeover. He was able to make an ally out of Archaon due to his disillusionment towards the Chaos God. He was intrigued by Naggaroth and wanted the Dark Elves on his side, which was all the more surprising when Malekith promptly rejected him. The Lord of Tyranny is also loathed by Settra due to their parallels as leaders in addition to Settra openly shouting to Darkseid's face that he will never bend a knee to a God, even the God of Apokolips.
    • Malekith does, however, have a very begrudging Enemy Mine with Darkseid. Again, like the GUAG, this is for purely pragmatic reasons; Malekith wants Darkseid to kill the Chaos Gods and overthrow the GUAE. Once this is done, Malekith will waste no time betraying him. But even then, he may feel that this is not enough, but only time will tell. Unsurprisingly, GUAG forces and the Harbingers of Repression are both very cautious of the Witch-King.
    • Sauron notes that Naggaroth and Mordor are somewhat similar in the sense that they are total opposites of another land of settlement, namely Rivendell/Lothlorian and Ulthuan. Malekith himself was surprised to see the similarities but notes that unlike Morder, the citizens of Naggaroth are less static and more prone to invading lands, a fact that Sauron decides that he's to make changes quickly. The Dark Lord and the Witch King have a rivalry with one another for being talented members of their own race and for simply looking pretty alike. A fight against one another proved that Sauron was a better manipulator and schemer whereas Malekith excelled Sauron in terms of his fighting skills and strength.
  • While Nehekhara is a depressing view, Sylvania ends up becoming horrifying. Vampires are easily among the most terrifying races in the world which is no idle claim. However, while vampires are bloodthirsty creatures with a savage reputation, not all of them are evil and some can come to a moral understanding. Currently, with the return of Vlad von Carstein, Konrad and Mannfred have retreated to the Houses of Insanity and Betrayal respectively. Due to their very nature, Sylvania and Nehekhara are known for having portals that lead to the House of Undead. While Konrad and Mannfred desperately try to go back to their original homeland, Nagash has manipulated their situation where they're embroiled in a civil war against one another. They'll only team up either if Nagash wills it or of if Vlad is involved.
  • The Warhammer World received attention from Father Elijah who saw it's very destruction and it's mysterious return as a delight. Delightful in the sense that it was in a very incomplete state as very little of the population returned and most of it is just bestiary animals. Elijah seeks to establish a base of operations here as the general feeling of the Warhammer World is an improvement to the previous one and is further motivated to do the same to the Pantheon.
  • Obviously enough, the world's residential Hope Bringer, Sigmar is currently nowhere with many still believing that he is stuck in a Chaos Warp. Though Archaon has since appeared in the Pantheon, there's the chance that Sigmar has as well. Even then, there are other Hope Bringers in the Pantheon that the Orderly Races can seek to ask aid from.
    • Link has become a good ally to the Empire and seeks for the Hyrulean royalty to provide benefit at some point. Kings Arthur and Arturia Pendragon was intrigued by Bretonnia and often visit it as a sign of respect. As Bretonnia currently has nobody for residents, Arturia is content with staying there on occasion as she feels she can defend the lands and the deserted settlements from further harm until a Bretonnian comes to ascend into the Pantheon.
  • The Dwarfs make themselves at home in the Worlds Edge Mountains, which is very reminiscent of the Himalayas in Asia. And true to typical Dwarfen archetypes, they have underground temples and monuments where they house gold and weapon creation. The return of High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer bought along a few new things, most notably that he is finally aware of the true circumstances of the War of Vengeance. Although it's too late to forgive the High Elves at this point, Thorgrim will team up with Tyrion and Teclis when it comes to Malekith and Archaon.
    • That said, many of the Dwarfs are still not over the past incidents regarding Ulthuan and the war. However, many, even those outside of the Warhammer World are urging the two races to stop their conflict and seek a union, especially considering the dire situation that the Warhammer World is under. Maybe Thorgrim will consider something about it, but the Dwarf's addiction to settling grudges and their stubborn nature makes this difficult.
  • There is a school of magic in Ulthuan known as the Imperial Colleges of Magic that was founded by Teclis in an effort to provide High Elves magical knowledge and training. Trying to make compensation for the lack of Elves, Teclis has thought about bringing along Magical Girls and other sorts of wizards and practitioners of magic as teachers and students. He urges that the Elves must let go of their superiority complex and aim to work with other races more tightly. With the results of the Pantheonic Rebellion and the disillusionment of the Magical Girl Sisterhood, Teclis offered solace and shelter in the Imperial Colleges. Some of the Sisterhood members sometimes settle in Ulthuan for protection and to provide themselves with a home, which they can thank Teclis for.
    • The students and teachers of Hogwarts were interested to see the Imperial Colleges that Teclis had established. While they respect the High Elf for establishing a magical education system built to provide protection and further knowledge, they were also somewhat displeased to learn that it was initially only reserved for High Elves. Teclis has stated that he is attempting to make changes, thanks to his efforts of inviting magical girls and the Sisterhood. Dumbledore and Harry Potter often visit the Imperial Colleges as a way to establish working relations with Hogwarts. Tyrion and Teclis have made it clear that they're willing to have them as allies.
  • The Killian Experience was giddy to discover the Warhammer World. He was surprised to see that he was actually banned from entering the place. It's mainly because he came up with an abridged version of the End Times where Archaon was replaced by Melvin, a generic mook who became the sixth Everchosen and even bought down the Chaos Gods in his take of the End Times. The supposedly "disorganization" that is the Warriors of Chaos do not take kindly to Killian's viewpoint, especially Archaon who wishes to butcher Killian and mount him on a pike for defiling his reputation.
  • Hermaeus Mora was also impressed by the mostly barren world that was once prosper, although very chaotic in nature and tone. Hermaeus seeks to take over the Warhammer World one day to add into his realm of Apocrypha so that he could syphon off as much knowledge as he possibly could. Naturally, the Elder Races, especially the Lizardmen haven't taken too kindly to his intentions.
  • The Emperor of Mankind expressed sympathy and concern about the Warhammer World, given that the strife and conflict inside of it is very similar to his home universe, albeit less cynical. Due to the absence of Sigmar, The Emperor has sought to have Karl Franz has an ally and seeks to induct him into the Order of Humanity, given that Sigmar was the ultimate personification of unity and endurance towards men.
  • There are also other continents and cultures, such as Araby, Kislev, Cathay and Nippon, which are all based on Saudi Arabia, Northern Russia, China and Japan respectively. Unfortunately, with the destruction of the Warhammer World, plus it's resurfacing in a very incomplete state, their population is extinct, with settlements being empty and nothing approaching it. There are some deities who have shared the interest of visiting and potentially protecting these lands out of preservation, but only time will tell.

    The World of Pokémon 
The World of Pokémon, Divine Setting of Originally Being More Like the Real World
The planet as it appears in the anime

Uranus, Planetary Seat of Juvenile Astronomy Jokes (Sol VII, 34 Tauri, George's Star, Urectum)
Uranus as seen by the Voyager 2 probe
  • Description: An icy gas giant about 14.5 times more massive than Earth, with dark, nearly invisible rings
  • Symbol: A circle with a dot in the center and an arrow pointing upwards from the top of said circle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Celestial Fodder For Toilet Humor, Monumentally Massive Atmosphere, Made of Hydrogen, Helium and Methane Gases
  • Domains: Gas, Ice, The Outer Solar System, Gravity, Astronomy, Toilet Humor
  • Sacred to: Haruka Tenoh
  • Unholy to: Captain Underpants
  • During the 18th century, there was a problem with people's findings of astronomy; the orbit of Saturn was not as it should be. The best explanation was that there was unobserved planet that had gravitational influence on it. Though it was known somewhat before, William Herschel proved its existence as a planet on March 13, 1781. Between 2.7 and 3 billion kilometers from the Sun, Uranus was the first planet discovering through use of a telescope.
  • The planet has become the buttnote  of many a jokes, due to its common pronunciation of Ur-an-us being similar to "your anus". Having a noticeable amount of methane has only made it easier to crack jokes. Yoor-in-us is an alternative, but given that's similar to "urine"...yeah. They tried to end the joke in 2620 by renaming it Urectum, though if you remove the "u" it becomes even easier to make jokes out of.
  • Why name it something that can be made fun of? Jupiter comes from Jove, king of the gods. Saturn comes from Saturnus, Jove's father. And Uranus is the father of Cronus(the Greek equivalent of Saturnus), and a right asshole in his own right. It's unclear why, like all the other planets asides from Earth, it wasn't named after the Roman version Caelus, though most agree it was a good call not naming it George's Star.
  • Currently guarded by Haruka Tenoh, aka Sailor Uranus, who usually takes jokes about the planet with a scoff. By the 853rd century it's the home of that era's Starman. Some iterations fully give into the Toilet Humor, as it is where Captain Underpants foe the Talking Toilets come from. Shepard couldn't resist probing it.
  • Uranus has some noticeable traits. For start, it is on a 97.77 degree orbit, meaning that day-night cycles are equivalent to summer-winter cycles, of which it takes 84 Earth years to go around the Sun. It is also very similar to the further planet Neptune, which was discovered under the same principle that led to its own discovery. Then there are the moons, one of which(Miranda) appears to have been broken and put back together by gravity.
  • There exists some humanoid forms of the planet. A less humanoid variation is obsessed in getting more moons and is rather selfish. Lauren Faust' take on it is a female bookworm who's sick of the joke and The Perfectionist.


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