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Coruscant, Divine Seat of City Planets
  • Description: A Core World covered with massive skyscrapers and buildings up to 6 kilometers in height
  • Symbol: The Republic or Empire symbol, depending on the era
  • Theme Song: Coruscant, The Capital
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: City Planet, Layered Metropolis, First Appeared In The Thrawn Trilogy, Having A Dark Underbelly In The Underground City, Terra Deforming, Absurdly Huge Population
  • Domains: Cities, Government, Imports, The Jedi(initially), Democracy/Dictatorship
  • High Priest: Trantor
  • Followers: Cybertron, Feros
  • Sacred to: The Jedi of old, members of the Galactic Senate
  • Similar to: Holy Terra
  • Within the Core region is the most populated, once capitol power in the entire galaxy-Coruscant. With a population exceeding a trillion, the entire planet is one big city. Skyscrapers reach 6 kilometers in height, and the region has been the center of both the Republic and Empire. Jedi and Sith, diplomats and despots have called it home.
  • Believed to be the origin of humanity in the Star Wars galaxy. It is very similar to Holy Terra, in being a City Planet stripped of most of its natural resources and important to humans. However most consider Holy Terra the Evil Counterpart due to being a Crapsack World that's heavily polluted, straining far more than Coruscant.
  • One societal trait it shares with Holy Terra is that the more privileged are in the higher reaches, while the disenfranchised in the lower portions. There is a seedy underbelly where crime is an issue, such as the selling of deathsticks. The House of Crime finds this underbelly a great source of revenue and often visits to deal with fantastic drugs.
  • Depending on when you visit Coruscant is either the center of a democratic republic and the capitol of the Jedi, or the center of the totalitarian empire where Palpatine has replaced the Jedi Temple with the Imperial Palace. Unsurprisingly this has caused the Jedi and Sith to despise each other even more. Gods in Leadership should be careful what era they visit Coruscant, due to differing political views. Though after the Empire, it is no longer the capitol it used to be.
  • Requires a weather-control machine and mass imports to avoid being an uninhabitable Polluted Wasteland. There is only one exposed mountain peak, where Monument Plaza can be seen. Those more in-tune with the House of Nature don't think much of the planet, but those used to the city enjoy it. It's said to originally be dominated by oceans, but like in Holy Terra they've been replaced by artificial seas and reservoirs
  • Mario is fond of visiting Coruscant as it reminds him of Metro Kingdom, and the Autobots as well since it reminds them of Cybertron. Due to being a very powerful and populated planet, the Green Lantern Corps and occasionally Superman help the Jedi protect it.
  • Originated in Star Wars Legends, specifically The Thrawn Trilogy. However it had hills, isolated towers, greenery and mountain ranges. Even now there is at least a patch of undisturbed natural land, if Star Wars: Catalyst is to be believed.

Earth, Divine Cosmic Epicenter (Terra, Sol III, The Third Rock From The Sun, Jasoom)

    Holy Terra 
Holy Terra, Divine Seat of Renamed Earths (The Throneworld, formerly Earth)
  • Description: A heavily polluted and barren Earth with a continent-sized temple
  • Symbol: The double-headed eagle symbol of the Imperium of Mankind, hovering above the Earth symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Crapsack Planet, Polluted Wasteland, Absurdly Huge Population, Used-Up Worlds, Planet Terra, Mega City
  • Domains: The Imperium, Pilgrimages, Faith, Pollution, Life Support, Barren Soil, Sacredness
  • Sacred to: The Imperium of Mankind (home planet), especially The Emperor
  • Unholy to: The Nature Preservers, Mem Aleph
  • At the center of the Imperium of Mankind is the planet Terra. Called Earth millennia ago, it is the slow-beating heart of the Imperium, bearing the life support that keeps the Emperor of Mankind in a hair's breadth from death. Said to house trillions of citizens, it is a sight of pilgrimage for humanity, and a physical representation of the exhausted, old state of the human race.
  • Millennia of warfare, pollution and overpopulation has led the planet to become utterly barren. By the time of the Unification Wars only the Pacific ocean remained, and now only artificial reservoirs keep its citizens alive. It is an environmental nightmare, and despite their best attempts the Nature Preservers can't restore the former beauty. Hexxus, however, sees it as one of his favorite vacation spots.
  • As the embodiment of the Earth, Gaea was utterly OUTRAGED at Holy Terra. She despises the Imperium of Man for ruining her beauty, and has sworn to take out their entire empire for this. Even if it means Terra's destruction at the hands of Chaos. Mem Aleph was even angrier, completely losing herself in a blind fury and lashing out at everything around her.
  • Despite how worn out it has become, life is better at a certain height. Agricultural resources are constantly being imported to keep the trillions of citizens alive, and it serves as the home of the Emperor of Mankind. He isn't quite sure how Terra lost its water.
  • Also serves as one big temple dedicated to the Ecclesiarchy and the Emperor. The Imperial Palace expands the whole of what used to be the Himalayan Mountains, and within it the Golden Throne that supports him. It has a lot of ties to the House of FAITH for this reason.
  • Some have proposed using the Staves of Life to restore it. The Imperium either hasn't gotten the memo or is nervous about using due to a mix of being Xenos technology, being able to mostly support it and bureaucratic lag. The heroic deities from Star Wars and Star Trek were appalled by how they polluted their own capitol, and are trying to get past this legislation to replenish the ruined world. The evil deities from these universes believe it'd be really advantageous to strip mine.

Htrae, Divine Seat of Bizarro Worlds (htraE, Bizarro World, Bizarro Earth, Earth 29)
Htrae under its blue sun

Planet Krypton, The Celestial Seat That Existed To Die
A map of Krypton while it still stood
  • Currently a kryptonite asteroid belt around the red sun Rao. Formerly a Super-Earth sized planet with Earth-like conditions and many crystalline structures on its surface
  • Symbol: An asteroid of kryptonite
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good, Depending on the Writer
  • Portfolio: Planetary Destruction By Origin Story, Crystal Spires and Togas, Source of Kryptonite, Earth-Shattering Kaboom, Human Aliens, Contradictory Accounts Depending on the Writer
  • Domains: Cloning (formerly), Science, Pride, Power, Radiation
  • Sacred to: Every Kryptonian in or out of the pantheon
  • Unholy to: Doomsday, and for good reason
  • Barred entry: Vril Dox, Lex Luthor, the Galactic Empire
  • Similar planets: Planet Vegeta, Alderaan
  • Over twenty years ago, a planet was nearing its end. Krypton, a technologically advanced civilization with a race of potential superhumans, had lived for thousands of years in relative peace. However a greater disaster than the ancient clone war would occur; the planet itself was unstable. Though it would explode, its death throes would have Jor-El send his son to Earth in order to survive. Through Krypton's death, Earth would have its greatest hero.
    • The star it orbited, Rao, was revered as an ancient deity. Human astronomers know it as LHS 2520, a red dwarf star 42 light years from Earth.
  • The state of Kryptonian society varies from time to time. Sometimes it's a beatific near-utopia and nothing short of utter tragedy that it died, using crystal technology and architecture. Other times it's more dystopian, a sterile world isolated from the rest of the universe out of xenophobia and having a creepy eugenics vibe from it. Even Jor-El can't keep the story straight, but he always points out the Kryptonian Council were idiots.
  • What's left of Krypton itself is an asteroid belt of kryptonite, however under strict guidance by the Court of the Gods the House of Time and Space will allow people to visit it when it still stood. The city of Kandor managed to escape before the destruction because Brainiac stole it, as did Argo City by reverse engineering his technology... at least before the kryptonite under them poisoned the lot, leaving Kara Zor-El an orphan saved by her father Zor-El and sent to Earth to reunite with her cousin and become another hero.
  • Doomsday may hate everyone and everything, but he hates Krypton the most. He was created in its ancient past, killed over and over by hostile creatures and environments, so is naturally frightened about the planet. Brainiac is explicitly banned due to stealing the city of Kandor and possibly even having a hand in destroying it. Lex Luthor is banned due to his hatred of Kryptonians and desire to steal its radioactive remains.
  • Princess Leia sometimes visits Krypton in order to pay her respects for the Kryptonians who were killed in its destruction. The Galactic Empire, on the other hand, has been barred entry due to having destroyed a sacrificial planet of their own. It's said that the spirits of Krypton tremble upon the fact the Death Star is a Dominion as well.
  • It's not quite clear what caused Krypton to explode, but the consensus is it was probably unstable geology and possibly even fowl play by Brainiac that brought its end. Dream and the Endless remember a different origin; the first Despair gave the idea to Rao to create an inherently unstable planet where a civilization would flourish, only to meet its end and the survivor to be full of despair. This failed completely, since the Last Son of Krypton was Superman.
  • Doesn't have anything to do with the element of the same name. If anything, being so unstable makes the planet antithetical to the noble gas.

Mars, Divine Seat Of Formerly Lush Worlds (The Red Planet, Sol IV, The Fourth Rock From The Sun, Barsoom, Garobus, Ma'aleca'andra)

    Planet of the Apes 
Planet of the Apes, Holy Seat of Ruined Planets That May Actually be Earth

PNF-404, Seat of Alternate Former Earths (Pikmin Planet, Planet of the Pikmin, Distant Planet, Planet not found: Error 404)
PNF-404 in Pikmin 3
  • A planet that looks like Earth several million years into the future, with the continents rearranged
  • Symbol: The planet itself
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Earth That Was, Humanity's Wake, After the End
  • Domains: Earth, Nature
  • Similar locations: Shiver Star(?), Lost Jerusalem, Earth from Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, a different Earth from Warframe
  • Sacred to: the Pikmin
  • This is planet Earth. Or at least, it's a version of Earth in the very far future where humanity has gone extinct. What remains in this planet is the beautiful outdoors and plenty of varied wildlife (most of it dangerous) to go with it.
  • Some underground locations can be found throughout the planet. These underground locales include places like a toyroom, places covered in snow, or even places with bottomless pits. Some of these caves have a fixed layout, but other caves have layouts that change slightly whenever someone visits these caves again.
  • Aside from the wildlife, various treasures can be found throughout the planet, including kitchen accessories, rubber ducks, and fruit that not only looks good, but are apparently delicious even though they've been sitting around for an extremely long time.
    • Regarding these items, visitors to this planet are usually there to collect items to earn money or on occasion, get the fruits that lay there for the House of Food.
  • Time functions strangely in this planet. At the very least, days tend to last between 13 to 20 minutes on the surface, but time usually doesn't pass in the dungeons due to powerful magnetic fields.
    • That and the surface locations on the planet are locked to a certain season, rather than going through all of the seasons at once in each of the locations.
  • A small section of the planet has been used in certain battles between certain gods. A different part of the planet is used as another arena as well.

Skaro, Planetary Seat of Bizarrely Named Planets
  • Description: A barren wasteland with large amounts of radiation that is virtually uninhabitable to anyone who isn't a Dalek., with a number of Dalek cities located throughout the planet.
  • Symbol: The Dalek City
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Theme Song: "The Dark and Endless Dalek Night"
  • Portfolio: Where It All Began, Planet Full of Evil, Polluted Wasteland, Tends to Resemble Gravel Quarries In Wales, Crapsack World, Doomed Hometown, Death World
  • Domain(s): Planets with bizarre names
  • Similar Places: Holy Terra, Fenris
  • Sacred to: Davros, Dalek Emperor, Dalek Time Controller, Dalek Caan, Dalek Sec (Formerly for the latter two)
  • Unholy to: The Doctor, The Master, Rassilon, Omega
  • A desolate, evil planet, it is only fitting that the xenophobic Daleks and their equally-insane creator, Davros, originated from a planet that is equally void of any redeeming qualities. It holds the distinction of the first alien planet from the Whoniverse shown onscreen, and has been the setting of many momentous adventures in the Doctor's long and varied life. And due to the Daleks being the archenemies of the Time Lords, it is unholy to Time Lords and anyone aligned with them. Generally, though, it's not a planet that other deities are welcome to visit.
  • The Master was once executed on this planet, which has left him with a fear of it ever since. Oddly enough, this seemingly happened AFTER it was destroyed at the end of the Dalek Civil War, which as later events would prove, was the first shot in the Last Great Time War. There have been multiple explanations as to how it came back, but as with anything else in the Whoniverse, these accounts tend to contradict one another.
  • Palpatine has shown interest in expanding to this planet, but when he sent Imperial Personnel to the planet proper, they were all easily and quickly killed by the Daleks, prompting Palpatine to lose any interest in the planet.
  • The House of War has mixed feelings on this planet; some embrace it as a planet of war, completely ignoring the fact that was had severe consequences for the planet, while others are horrified at how war had affected the planet and those that are native to it.
  • It was once home to the Kaled and Thal species, who were locked in war for one thousand years. This war left Skaro ravaged with radiation, forced the Kaleds and Thals to move into cities, with the Kaleds finding ways for them to survive. Eventually, Davros came along and created the Daleks, and everything went downhill from there. The Doctor was sent by the Time Lords to avert the creation of the Daleks, but refused to do so. This would later be acknowledged as one of the factors that led to the Last Great Time War between the Daleks and the Time Lords.

Tatooine, The Hated Hometown of the Gods

    The World of Pokémon 
The World of Pokémon, Divine Setting Of Originally Being More Like The Real World
The planet as it appears in the anime

Uranus, Planetary Seat Of Juvenile Astronomy Jokes (Sol VII, 34 Tauri, George's Star, Urectum)
Uranus as seen by the Voyager 2 probe
  • Description: An icy gas giant about 14.5 times more massive than Earth, with dark, nearly invisible rings
  • Symbol: A circle with a dot in the center and an arrow pointing upwards from the top of said circle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Celestial Fodder For Toilet Humor, Monumentally Massive Atmosphere, Made of Hydrogen, Helium and Methane Gases
  • Domains: Gas, Ice, The Outer Solar System, Gravity, Astronomy, Toilet Humor
  • Sacred to: Haruka Tenoh
  • Unholy to: Captain Underpants
  • During the 18th century, there was a problem with people's findings of astronomy; the orbit of Saturn was not as it should be. The best explanation was that there was unobserved planet that had gravitational influence on it. Though it was known somewhat before, William Herschel proved its existence as a planet on March 13, 1781. Between 2.7 and 3 billion kilometers from the Sun, Uranus was the first planet discovering through use of a telescope.
  • The planet has become the buttnote  of many a jokes, due to its common pronunciation of Ur-an-us being similar to "your anus". Having a noticeable amount of methane has only made it easier to crack jokes. Yoor-in-us is an alternative, but given that's similar to "urine"...yeah. They tried to end the joke in 2620 by renaming it Urectum, though if you remove the "u" it becomes even easier to make jokes out of.
  • Why name it something that can be made fun of? Jupiter comes from Jove, king of the gods. Saturn comes from Saturnus, Jove's father. And Uranus is the father of Cronus(the Greek equivalent of Saturnus), and a right asshole in his own right. It's unclear why, like all the other planets asides from Earth, it wasn't named after the Roman version Caelus, though most agree it was a good call not naming it George's Star.
  • Currently guarded by Haruka Tenoh, aka Sailor Uranus, who usually takes jokes about the planet with a scoff. By the 853rd century it's the home of that era's Starman. Some iterations fully give into the Toilet Humor, as it is where Captain Underpants foe the Talking Toilets come from. Shepard couldn't resist probing it.
  • Uranus has some noticeable traits. For start, it is on a 97.77 degree orbit, meaning that day-night cycles are equivalent to summer-winter cycles, of which it takes 84 Earth years to go around the Sun. It is also very similar to the further planet Neptune, which was discovered under the same principle that led to its own discovery. Then there are the moons, one of which(Miranda) appears to have been broken and put back together by gravity.
  • There exists some humanoid forms of the planet. A less humanoid variation is obsessed in getting more moons and is rather selfish. Lauren Faust' take on it is a female bookworm who's sick of the joke and The Perfectionist.


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