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The Mansion of E (ComicFury backup, possibly now the main site thanks to Comic Genesis problems) is a daily fantasy webcomic created by Robert Cook, AKA Troper Geoduck. The eponymous structure is a large cactus-shaped edifice mysteriously perched on the side of a high cliff overlooking a Specific Ocean, surrounded by a ruin-strewn forest. Underneath is the "Basement", a collection of caverns and tunnels and such, going deep into the earth. The strip painstakingly details the activities of the Mansion/Forest/Basement's many and diverse inhabitants; including a few Humans, who technically own the entire place. The plot is set in motion by the sudden arrival on the scene of the wandering heroine Rosemary Ripley, who sets off a long series of events disrupting the established order.

The strip is currently hosted by Comic Genesis and ComicFury (the former has full archives but keep an eye on the latter due to technical issues). There's also a fan-run wiki and a fan-made backup and mega-summary.


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