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A geoduck is a kind of large clam found on (or rather under) the beaches of the Pacific Northwest. It's pronounced "gooey-duck".

This particular Geoduck suspects he is an ancient fossil compared to most Tropers, but hey, there's a bit of life left in the old clam. A lot of the stuff listed below is for my personal record-keeping purposes, but hey, enjoy it if you can!

Tropes he has launched:

Tropes he created pictures for, one way or another:

Tropes he found pictures for:

Apocalypse How - The Antichrist - Arab Oil Sheikh - Audience Reactions - Big Labyrinthine Building - Blind Driving - The Bully - Character as Himself - Crazy Survivalist - Dirty Cop - Fruit Cart - Griping About Gremlins - Hollywood Fire - It Came from the Fridge - Kill It with Water - Matchlight Danger Revelation - One-Winged Angel - Pintsized Powerhouse - Reality Ensues - Reactive Continuous Scream - Robotic Psychopath - Scaled Up - Shape-Shifter Showdown - Spent Shells Shower - Things That Go "Bump" in the Night - Weird Currency


Tropes he found page quotes for:

Absurdly Dedicated Worker - Almighty Janitor - Annoying Patient - Autocannibalism - Ax-Crazy - Battering Ram - Blatant Burglar - Bloody Biometric - Chess with Death - Classical Mythology - Creepy Physical - Crushing Handshake - Eating Contest - Eek, a Mouse!! - Embarrassing Nickname - Even Beggars Won't Choose It - Eye Pop - Fictional Document - Football Fight Song - Giant Flyer - Girl of the Week - Giving Them the Strip - In a Single Bound - Lost in the Maize - Midair Repair - Murderer P.O.V. - Musicalis Interruptus - My Greatest Failure - Mysterious Watcher - Numbered Homeworld - Obstacle Ski Course - Playground Song - People Puppets - Perfect Poison - Phone Booth - Sarcasm Failure - Shape-Shifter Showdown - Shout-Out to Shakespeare - Single Stanza Song - South of the Border - Spontaneous Crowd Formation - Spelling Nazi - Swamps Are Evil - Throwing Down the Gauntlet - Tranquil Fury - Unreliable Voiceover - Vampire Vords - Walk on Water - Was It All a Lie? - Water Is Air


Entries he's created or overhauled at some point:


The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T - 2001: A Space Odyssey - Alligator - Better Off Dead - Big Ass Spider! - Damnation Alley - Dawn of the Dead - Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine - The Emperor's New Groove - A Face in the Crowd - Juan of the Dead - Kingdom of the Spiders - The Last Dragon - Love at First Bite - The Man with Two Brains - Our Man Flint - The President's Analyst - The Producers - Quick Change - Rustlers' Rhapsody - Spaced Invaders - Support Your Local Sheriff - Targets - Them! - The Thin Man - The Villain - Weekend at Bernie's - What a Way to Go! - Young Frankenstein


Bring the Jubilee - The Day of the Triffids - Earth Abides - Foundation - Rendezvous with Rama - The Stepford Wives


The Awful Green Things From Outer Space - Gamma World - M.U.L.E. - Paranoia - VGA Planets

Television Shows:

Almost Live! - Survivors - Taxi - The Wild Wild West


Charles Addams - Dr. Demento - Cary Grant - Tom Lehrer - Bela Lugosi - Patrick McManus - Niagara Falls - Robert Sheckley - Shel Silverstein - Gahan Wilson

Comic, Print and Web:

Basic Instructions - Li'l Abner - Paonia Pawns - Station V3 - This Modern World

He's been adding examples from these, along with Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures novels, the novel Warday, and the various Tremors movies. And of course, the seminal computer game NetHack; he enjoys this one to the point that he created an alternate Tile Set for it. Among those who use such things, it has been fairly well received.

On TV, he enjoys/enjoyed Doctor Who and its various spin-offs, Storage Wars, Mythbusters, Community, Phineas and Ferb and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Several of the above quotes came from Red Dwarf, The Simpsons and Kim Possible. Other favorite authors/quote providers include P. G. Wodehouse, Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, and the comedic writers Patrick McManus and Bill Bryson. Other computer games he plays are Dwarf Fortress, Spelunky and Zuma.

He also does a daily fantasy webcomic which has managed to score a couple of unsolicited trope example listings. Woot!

Other than that, he's a slacker. Woah.

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