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    Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb 

Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb

Portrayed by: Hideo Ishiguro (live), Hideyoshi Iwata (suit), Takahiro Sakurai (Orb Ring voice)

The title hero of the Ultra Series 50th anniversary celebration show, Ultraman Orb is a vagabond Ultraman who has wandered across the universe for thousands of years, often in the form of his human identity Gai Kurenai, locked in a seemingly endless struggle with his rival Jugglus Juggler. He transforms using the Orb Ring and the Ultra Cards.

Tropes that apply to him in general
  • Alien Among Us: Like several Ultras before him, Gai is Orb's human form. Unlike them, however, is Gai's human form was his original form before being chosen by the Orb Calibur resulted in his becoming an Ultra.
  • Brown Note: Gai's harmonica can cause discomfort to aliens, enough to stop what they're doing. Juggler in particular is affected by it.
  • Bullet Catch: Is able to do this. With lasers. Justified as he has Super-Toughness.
  • The Chosen One: Is revealed to have originally been a Human Alien who was chosen by the Orb Calibur, which resulted in him becoming an Ultra.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: In 1908, Natasha Romanova, a woman he befriended, was apparently killed amidst the crossfire of his battle against Maga-Zetton. This is the reason he keeps most of his new friends at SSP at arm's length lest they share the same fate as her, as well as the reason he lost both the Orb Calibur as well as the will to tap into his Origin form. The revelation that Natasha survived the event and lived to have descendants, including Naomi, led to Gai's mental breakthrough that let him recover his Origin form and the Orb Calibur.
  • Energy Ring Attack: The majority of Orb's Finishing Moves are circular energy rings and blasts, such as the Crescent Energy Wave, Water and Ground Calibur (which traps enemies in energy circles, respectively filled with cleansing water or seismic energy blasts) or the Orb Calibur's Counterattack (which absorbs an enemy's beam attacks into a spinning energy circle, which Orb then uses to smack his opponent with).
  • Experienced Protagonist: Has been fighting monsters and protecting people for thousands of years. Even before becoming an Ultra, he was a soldier.
  • Iconic Item: Gai's Orbnica. He plays it Once an Episode.
  • Moment of Weakness: What caused him to lose access to his Origin Form: he became enraged at Maga-Zetton during their fight to the point of letting lose a blast that leveled the entire area and seemingly killing Natasha.
  • Must Make Amends: After realizing Naomi is Natasha's descendant, he decides to protect her in Natasha's memory for this reason. Doing so results in his true form being restored.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Still has this over the event that cost him his true form. He also gets this in response to his second use of Thunder Breaster nearly getting Naomi killed.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Has been on Earth as early as 1908. The Ultraman Orb Chapter 4 reveals that he and Juggler had been on Earth since 1800 BC.
  • Serious Business: Proper bathhouse etiquette. He's especially miffed over Maga-Jappa because of it's horrendous lack of it.
  • Spell My Name With An S: For the first ten episodes of the Indonesian dub, Gai's name is spelled as "Kai". Ironically, his actor played the Big Bad of Kamen Rider Den-O who goes by the name Kai...
  • Super-Toughness: Likely due to being an Ultra in human form rather than a human host, he's shown the ability to shrug off a lot of damage and punishment with very little injury. Heck, his Establishing Character Moment is emerging from a freezer truck after a long ride and suffering no ill effects at all, much to the driver's shock.
    • What makes the freezer truck scene important to knowledgeable fans is that Ultras tend to have a very bad weakness to freezing temperatures (Ultraseven in particular showed this weakness off, where Dan hardly could move when he was up to his waist in snow), yet was able to get out of it okay.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Ramune.
  • Transformation Trinket: Gai uses the Orb Ring in conjunction with Fusion Cards for his Fusion forms, as well as a miniature version of the Orb Calibur for Origin. The Orb Calibur however was his original one, as being chosen by it turned him into an Ultra. Getting the Orb Ring offscreen allowed him to evolve from Origin the First to Origin. This makes Gai rather unique as he's got two unique Transformation Trinket items that can be used independently to access different forms even if one is inaccessible.
  • Training from Hell: Gai got put through a 10 year long training course by Seven and Zero in Ultra Fight Orb in order to obtain Emerium Slugger.
  • Upgrade Artifact: Subverted with the Orb Calibur: it seems to be what gives him his Super Mode Orb Origin, but in actuality it's the other way around. The Orb Calibur is his original transformation trinket and the Orb Ring is his actual Upgrade Artifact that turned Orb Origin the First into Orb Origin.
  • Was Once a Man: Unlike other Ultras, he's neither a host to Orb nor is Orb his original form. When he was chosen by the Orb Calibur, it turned him into an Ultra.

Tropes exclusive to him as Ultraman Orb
Fusion Up! Ultraman Orb: Spacium Zeperion!
Kakusei se yo! note  Orb Origin!
  • Badass Creed: Has one for every form Orb has. Even the game-exclusive ones from Fusion Fight have them.
    • In-series Quotes:
      • Spacium Zeperion: "I light the darkness, and strike at evil!"
      • Burnmite : "I'm burning crimson red!"
      • Hurricane Slash: "I cut down darkness faster than the speed of light!"
      • Thunder Breaster: "I embrace the darkness to become the light!" note 
      • Origin: "The light of the galaxy is calling me!"
      • Trinity: "The three lights have bonded. Now, stand up!"
    • Ultraman Fusion Fight! Quotes
      • Photon Victorium: "I smash the darkness and shine with the light!"
      • Sky Dash Max: "The shining light is like that of the wind!"
      • Full Moon Xanadium: "The power to connect is with the light of the heart!"
      • Lightning Attacker: "Thunder and lighting shall strike at the darkness!"
      • Leo Zero Knuckle: "My spacial martial art style makes a big bang!"
      • Zeperion Solgent: "Together with the shining light!"
      • Thunder Miracle: "I wield a dark power and the miraculous light!"
      • Slugger Ace: "I slice and tear apart the darkness together with the light!"
      • Knight Liquidator: "The blades of light shall clear the darkness!"
      • Spacium Storm: "The soul's bonds are passed down!"
      • Power Strong: "The Herculean light has no enemies!"
      • Emerium Slugger: "I become one with the light, with both wisdom and courage!"
      • Thunder Stream: "The storm of light wraps around the darkness!"
      • Mebium Especially: "The future will show the dazzling light!"
      • Breaster Knight: "The honorable light has now arrived!"
      • Storium Galaxy: "I am the light that fights against the evils of the universe!"
  • The Berserker/Superpowered Evil Side: Has shades of this in Thunder Breaster form, where his fighting style becomes a lot more brutal and he shows little regard for human lives.
  • BFS: The Orb Calibur is Origin form's favored weapon.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: Gai first respectfully says the name of the respective Ultras when he scans their Ultra Fusion Cards, then says a phrase just before Fusing Up, which depends on the form that he uses.
    • Specium Zeperion: "Ultraman-san! Tiga-san! I'm borrowing the power of your lights!"
    • Burnmite: "Taro-san! Mebius-san! Help me bring the heat!"
    • Hurricane Slash: "Jack-san! Zero-san! Give me something with an edge!"
    • Thunder Breastar: "Zoffy-san! Belial-san! I'm borrowing the power of light and darkness!"
    • Orb Trinity: "Ginga-san! Victory-san! X-san! I'm borrowing the power of three lights! Orb Trinity!"
    • Lightning Attacker: "Ginga-san! X-san! Help me shock my foes!"note 
    • Emerium Slugger: "Seven-san! Zero-san! I'm borrowing the power of father and son!"
  • Elemental Powers: The Orb Calibur contains a ring which Orb Origin can spin to tap into the powers of Fire, Water, Earth or Wind.
    • Fire makes Orb activate the Orb Flame Calibur, where he first creates a ring of flames that traps a monster in place by rapidly rotates, leaving them open for a fiery slash.
    • Water makes Orb activate the Orb Water Calibur, where he first traps the target in a vortex of water, then slashes them.
    • Earth makes Orb activate the Orb Ground Calibur, where he stabs the Calibur into the ground, generating twin energy waves that travel in a orb pathway to crash into the opponent.
    • Wind makes Orb activate the Orb Wind Calibur, where he creates a cyclone that sends them up into the wild blue yonder. If anything else manages to get caught in the cyclone, they collide into each other.
  • Destructive Savior: Normally subverted, given he's an Ultra and thus actively tries to limit collateral damage. Played straight in his Thunder Brester form, as he becomes much more feral and has much less regard for human life.
  • Finishing Move:
    • In-series
      • Spacium Zeperion - Sparion Beam: Orb's first Ultra Beam. He lifts his right arm into the air, then puts his left arm across his chest, throws it out quickly, then brings the left arm back to perform the signature Ultra Beam pose.
      • Burnmite
      • Stobium Dynamite: Orb enshrouds himself in fire, then grabs the monster and harmlessly detonates himself, taking out the monster instead of himself.
      • Strobium Burst: Orb enshrouds himself in fire, then fires it in a explosive fireball that consumes the monster.
      • Hurricane Slash
      • Orb Lancer Shoot: Pulls on the Gear Lever once on the Orb Slugger Lance and hits the button, discharging the energy as a singular beam.
      • Big Bang Thrust: With the kaiju still embedded in the business end of the Orb Slugger Lance, Orb pulls on the Gear Lever twice, hits the button, then discharges the energy into the kaiju, then lifts the kaiju into the air.
      • Trident Slash: If Orb pulls on the Gear Lever thrice and hits the button, he slashes at the kaiju like a Ultra possessed.
      • Thunder Breaster - Zedcium Ray: Orb's second Ultra Beam. He brings his hands close together, fusing the power of Zoffy's light and Belial's darkness, getting a ring of pure white and wicked red to form in front of him as he move his hands apart. He brings his hands behind his head, then performs the signature Ultra Beam pose.
      • Origin
      • Orb Supreme Calibur: Orb's third Ultra Beam and the only one that's from his weapon. He first scans the Orb Calibur into the Orb Ring, then spins the Calibur to cycle through the elements again, hits the trigger, then spin the Calibur once more. Once that's done, Orb makes a circle in the air, charges the blade with the energy from said circle, then shoots a elementally mixed beam from the Orb Calibur.
      • Orb Supreme Calibur (Super-powered variant): During the finale, the Orb Supreme Calibur was boosted by the power of the 8 Ultra Fusion Cards' respective Ultra Beams, and launches the blade at the poor sap that this attack's boring down on. Orb then quickly unleashes his own Ultra Beam, the Origium Ray.
      • Origium Ray: Orb's fourth Ultra Beam, and technically his first one. Orb fires a powerful blast by crossing his hands into a plus shape. It was first shown in the Freeze-Frame Bonus portion of the above attack, but it was shown in full in The Origins Saga.
      • Trinity
      • Trinitium Shoot: Gai slides his finger down on the Orb Slasher twice, then hits the trigger. Once done, he makes the motion for Victory's Victorium Shoot, allowing him to fire an Ultra Beam from the Orb Slasher.
      • Trinitium Break: Gai slides his finger down on the Orb Slasher thrice, then hits the trigger. Once done, he makes the motion for Ginga's Ginga Cross Shoot, then fires two light rings to cut into his opponents. Finally, he jumps up and gives them one final slash.
      • Trinitium Halo: Gai slides his finger down on the Orb Slasher thrice, then hits the button on the bottom on the Orb Slasher. He then makes the motion for X's Xanadium Beam, then creates a massive ring of light made up of the symbols of all four Ultras, and sends it roaring at the opponent.
      • Lightning Attacker:
      • Attacker Ginga X: Orb leaps into the air, and charges himself with electricity, then forms an "X" with his body to launch an energy stream.
      • Emerium Slugger
      • Wide Slugger Shot: Orb does some arm motions before resting his arms into a familiar arm motion both Seven and Zero use for their Wide Shot variants. In Ultra Fight Orb, the arm motions were removed.
      • ES Specium: A supercharged variant of Emerium Slugger. It was shown in the final episode of Ultra Fight Orb to 'kill' Reibatos, which used some arm motions from Zero's version.
      • Triple Emerium Ray: Orb fires a more powerful version of Seven's Emerium Ray from his forehead. However, instead of causing an explosion, this beam seems to pierce through its target.
      • Hyper Ultra Knock Tactic: In a similar manner to Seven's Ultra Knock Tactic, Orb unleashes all three of his crest weapons at his target, surrounding them while slashing them.
    • Fusion Fight Finishers
      • Photon Victorium - Photorium Knuckle: Orb flex his right arm out, then slams it onto the ground, sending a pillar of red light and flame skyward from the impact. He then drags it across the ground as he goes over to his opponent, then lifts it off the ground and throws a spinning haymaker.
      • Sky Dash Max - Macbalt Attack: Orb charges up the attack into his left hand. He then condenses it then dash around his opponents with high speed before appearing in front of them and fire a high impact bolt of light. In the preview trailer for Ultraman Fusion Fight!, it functioned similarly, though it ended like a Ultra Beam attack.
      • Full Moon Xanadium - Fulldium Ray: Orb raises his hands into the air, then moves his left foot in a arc along the ground in a bracing manner as he moves his arms, then fires the Ultra Beam from his extended left hand.
      • Leo Zero Knuckle - Zero Cross Beam: Orb slams a cross punch, followed by a uppercut and a side kick before firing a forehead beam.
      • Zeperion Solgent - Multi Flash Slash: Orb jumps up into the air, and spins as he charges up energy. When he stops, he throws his hands upwards before flinging them downwards, firing two simultaneous light slash attacks.
      • Thunder Miracle - Thunder Miracle Attack: Orb jumps up into the air and creates a barrier field around him. He then flies at the opponent fist first.
      • Slugger Ace - Slugger Ace Slicer: Orb does a chopping motion with the Vertical Slugger, then jumps into air and spins like a top before finishing with one last slash.
      • Knight Liquidator - Crusher Knight Liquidator: Orb charges up energy into the Light Crystal on his forehead akin to Agul's Photon Crusher, then fires a series of light waves from it.
      • Spacium Storm - Ultra Full Burst: Orb flies into the air, does a loop-de-loop, then charges energy. He then fires his Energy Core akin to Nexus' Impulse Core, which is swiftly followed by a volley of Slash Rays.
      • Power Strong - Garlacium Bomber: Orb punches his hands together, then pulls them apart as a ball of light forms. In a similar manner to Tiga's Deltacium Light Stream, he then gradually arcs his arms until he clasps the ball with his energized hands, further powering the ball, before sending it rocketing at the opponent with a great shove.
      • Thunder Stream - Thunder Stream Neptune: Orb holds aloft the Giga Trident skyward, getting water energy to gather into the trident head. He then poises to strike and thrusts forwards, firing a snaking stream of water that bores into its opponent.
      • Mebium Especially - Mebiuspecially Blade: Orb first summons the swords, making them fire five streams of energy. Then Orb grabs the middle sword, and the four others surround the grabbed blade while they all emit a beam of energy and begin spinning, creating a giant blade of light that Orb then brings crashing down in a chopping motion.
      • Breaster Knight - Knight 87 Shoot: Orb slashes his foe twice with a energy blade before jumping backwards into the air firing after making arm motions similar to both the M87 Beam and Knight Shoot.
      • Storium Galaxy - Stoxium Cannon: Orb first gathers light from his Color Timer, then, by mirroring the arm motions for the Maxium Cannon almost perfectly, Orb fires a powerful beam after glowing much like Taro does.
  • Fusion Dance: To transform into Orb, Gai scans two Ultra Fusion Cards into the Orb Ring, changing his form with motifs with both of those Ultra, as well as their powers. Orb's forms' names are portmanteaus of either a certain finisher used by those two Ultramen or something else that is pertaining to that Ultra. When Orb's Color Timer rings, Orb's fusion is in danger of breaking up.
  • Leitmotif: When transforming into any into Orb's forms, the Orb Ring plays a chord of music after announcing "FUSION UP!", and as fight music as well. Averted for any of the Ultraman Fusion Fight! forms. Except maybe Emerium Slugger and Lightning Attacker, which are appearing in Ultra Fight Orb.
    • Spacium Zeperion uses awe-striking space orchestral music.
    • Burnmite uses an energetic electric guitar chord.
    • Hurricane Slash uses fast-paced dramatic music.
    • Thunder Breaster uses ominous, villain-type music (Justified, as one half of the combination is the evil Ultraman Belial).
    • Origin uses the melody Gai frequently plays on his Orbnica (with accompanying acoustics).
  • Multiform Balance:
    • Origin the First: Orb's initial form after being transformed by the Voice of Light and is a Master of None.
    • Spacium Zeperion: A Fusion Up form that utilizes the powers of Ultraman & Tiga. It is a Jack of All Trades with balanced stats and utilizes various beam attacks.
    • Burnmite: A Fusion Up form that utilizes the powers of Taro & Mebius. A Glass Cannon that gives Orb a fiery and dynamic fighting style.
    • Hurricane Slash: A Fusion Up form that utilizes the powers of Jack & Zero. A Fragile Speedster that trades some of Orb's strength in exchange for speed, but makes up for it with its dual sluggers that can transform into the Orb Slugger Lance.
    • Thunder Breaster: A Fusion Up form that utilizes the powers of Zoffy & Belial. A berserker that mixes the power of Light and darkness and gives Orb great strength and is stronger than his other Fusion Up forms in the series, but initially caused him to go berserk.
    • Orb Origin: Orb's true super form. While statwise it is only slightly above than Spacium Zeperion, it functions more like a mixture between a Magic Knight and Super Mode in the tv series due to wielding greater strength than his Fusion Up forms thanks to the Orb Calibur giving it four powerful Elemental Attacks.
    • Lightning Attacker: A Fusion Up form that utilizes the powers of Ginga & X. A Stone Wall that grants Orb thick Cyber Mechanic armor allowing it tank powerful attacks and charge his attacks with electricity.
    • Emerium Slugger: A Fusion Up form that utilizes the powers of Ultraseven & Zero. A Lightning Bruiser that grants Orb martial arts, beam attacks and three sluggers to overwhelm his enemy.
    • Trinity: A form that combines the powers of the three New Generation Heroes before him; Ginga, Victory & X. It's Orb's most powerful form and functions as his Super Mode for his battles after The Movie. It wields the Orb Slasher and gives Orb abilities of its components.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Thunder Breaster is this. While extremely powerful, Belial's malevolent nature turns him into an amoral berserker and the best Gai can do is choose who all that power and destruction is directed at. So naturally, Gai really doesn't like using it unless he has to.
  • Mythology Gag: Orb's rising scenes features elements from both of the used Ultramen's own rising scenes. In Thunder Breaster's transformation, since Belial has no rising scene, it instead shows a brief shot of the prison Belial was sealed in.
  • Super Prototype: Origin, as its name implies, is Orb's true form, and is also fairly powerful in conjunction with the Orb Calibur.
  • Too Awesome to Use: Origin form was so powerful it destroyed the entire area he and Maga-Zetton were fighting in as well as the Orb Calibur he needed to transform with, in the process apparently getting Natasha fatally caught in the crossfire. Luckily, Natasha gets better, but Gai doesn't know that until he realizes that Naomi is her descendant.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: While we see an entire sequence, in the series, Orb's likely transforming in a matter of seconds.
  • Weapon-Based Characterization:
    • While using Hurricane Slash, Orb can transform the Orb Sluggers into the Orb Slugger Lance.
    • While using Orb Origin, Orb can use the Orb Calibur.
    • While using Orb Trinity, Orb Can use the Orb Slasher.
    • While using Photon Victorium, Orb can use currently unnamed Power Fist gauntlets on both arms.
    • While using Sky Dash Max, Orb can use currently unnamed armguards with spikes attached to them.
    • While using Slugger Ace, Orb can use the Vertical Slugger.
    • While using Knight Liquidator, Orb can use the Knight Agul Blades.
    • While using Thunder Stream, Orb can use the Giga Trident.
    • While using Mebium Especially, Orb can use currently unnamed five rainbow-hued crystal-like swords.

    Sealers of King Demon Beasts 
The Ultramen who fought the King Demon Beasts in the past and used their powers of to seal them with Ultra Fusion Cards. In the present day, their power can be nullified by Monster Cards which blocked their sealing properties to reawaken the King Demon Beasts until Gai/Orb stops them. By destroying King Demon Beasts, Gai can harvest the past Ultra Warriors' power via the crystals left by destroyed King Demon Beasts and added them to his strength. Despite the cards only represents their power, Gai always treats them with utmost respect. At the end of TV series, they are materialized from their respective cards to aid Orb Origin in his Final Battle against Magata no Orochi.

Each of Ultra Warriors' Ultra Fusion Card bears different elements represented by a kanji character that represent their traits and specialties.


An Ultraman that fought and sealed the King Demon Beast of Light, Maga-Zetton. His card represents "Light".

See Ultraman TV Series

Ultraman Tiga

An Ultraman that fought and sealed the King Demon Beast of Darkness, Maga-Tanothor. His card represents "Ancient".

See Ultraman Tiga

Ultraman Mebius

An Ultraman that fought and sealed the King Demon Beast of Wind, Maga-Basser. His card represents "Sword".

See Ultraman Mebius

Ultraman Taro

An Ultraman that fought and sealed the King Demon Beast of Earth, Maga-Grand King. His card represents "Fire".

See Ultraman Taro

Ultraman Jack

Portrayed by: Jiro Dan (voice)

An Ultraman that fought and sealed the King Demon Beast of Water, Maga-Jappa. His card represents "Shield".

In Ultra Fight Orb, the actual Ultra appears as one of supporting characters in the miniseries alongside with Zoffy and Seven to help Orb and Zero stopping Reibatos' quest for universal domination.

See Return of Ultraman

Ultraman Zero

Portrayed by: Mamoru Miyano (voice)

An Ultraman that fought and sealed the King Demon Beast of Fire, Maga-Pandon. His card represents "Slash".

In the movie, the actual Ultra appears in the prologue by aiding Orb against Mulnau's Galactron on Hawaii and reported him of a strange incident before leaving. At The Stinger of the movie, he enlists Gai in assisting Ultraman X fighting against Desastro.

He returns in Ultra Fight Orb miniseries. Under the orders from the Space Garrison, he was sent to investigate the source of malice in the Planet Yomi until the revived Juda Spectre and Mecha Gomora fight him. Luckily, Orb rescues him as the Ultra also sensed the same darkness, leading both Orb and him to Reibatos. When Orb failed to catch him, Zero and Seven train him inside Shining Field for 10 years. After the harsh training; Orb, Zero and Seven race towards the Monster Graveyard to fight Tyrant before he sent Orb to stop Reibatos. After Reibatos defeated, he was confused about the Giga Battlenizer's fate. Zero, Seven, Zoffy and Jack talk to Orb in the Land of Light, as he offered Orb a place in the Space Garrison, to which he politely declined. After Orb as Gai left, Zero decided to keep the Giga Battlenizer issue slient (possibly Foreshadowing the events of Crisis Impact).

See Ultraman Zero


Portrayed by: Hideyuki Tanaka (voice)

A superior officer of Space Garrison, the leader of Ultra Brothers, and sealer of Maga-Orochi, his card was destroyed by Belial's Ultra Fusion Card in hopes of reawakening the ultimate King Demon Beast. His card was recreated by Princess Tamayura for Gai to use it with Belial's card to assume the Thunder Breaster form. His card represents "Merits".

In the Ultra Fight Orb, the actual Ultra appears as one of supporting characters in the miniseries alongside with Jack and Seven to help Orb and Zero stopping Reibatos' quest for universal domination. After Reibatos' defeat, Zoffy and the other Ultras returned to the Land of Light, thanking Orb's contribution. Zoffy offers Orb with Star Marks for his bravery, but Orb as Gai turned down the offer.

See Ultraman TV Series

    Ultras debuted in The Origin Saga 

Shin Asuka/Ultraman Dyna

Portrayed by: Takeshi Tsuruno

Originally a member of TPC's Super GUTS, he's become a dimension traveller after saving his world from Gransphere. After sensing a disturbance made by Psychi and his army of Bezelbs, he assists Ultraman Orb and asks Musashi to support him.

As Ultraman Dyna, his Ultra Fusion Card made a cameo appearance in episode 8 of original series, representing "Light".

See Ultraman Dyna

Musashi Haruno/Ultraman Cosmos

Portrayed by: Taiyo Sugiura

A former member of Team EYES and the protector of Planet Juran, he was called by Asuka to deal with the threat of Psychi and his Bezelb army. He also made a telepathic contact with the Planet Kanon ruler Amate, supporting her idea of peace without conflicts.

As Ultraman Cosmos, his Ultra Fusion Card made a cameo appearance in episode 9 of original series, representing "Healing".

See Ultraman Cosmos

Gamu Takayama/Ultraman Gaia

Portrayed by: Takeshi Yoshioka

A genius fighter who fought alongside Fujimiya protecting Earth against the forces of Radical Destruction Bringer, he and Fujimiya are sent by Earth's will to protect the Tree of Life and join forces with Orb in the Final Battle against Queen Bezelb.

As Ultraman Gaia, his Ultra Fusion Card made a cameo appearance in episode 16 of original series, representing "Earth".

See Ultraman Gaia

Hiroya Fujimiya/Ultraman Agul

Portrayed by: Hassei Takano

A former member of Alchemy Star who fought alongside Gamu protecting Earth against the forces of Radical Destruction Bringer, he and Gamu are sent by Earth's will to protect the Tree of Life and stopping Psychi's Bezelbs.

As Ultraman Agul, his Ultra Fusion Card made a cameo appearance in episode 18 of original series, representing "Water".

See Ultraman Gaia

    Other Ultra Warriors 

Ultraman Belial

Originally in possession of Alien Mefilas Don Nostra, Juggler obtains the card after murdering the leader of Planetary Invasion Union. Using his card, Juggler unseals Maga-Orochi, effectively destroying Zoffy's card. Eventually, his card and Zoffy's given to Gai/Orb by Princess Tamayura, assuming the Thunder Breaster form. While powerful, this also puts Gai's mind into a mindless berserker. Once Gai gained his confidence of his own powers, not only he can control the form, but also regaining his original form Orb Origin. At the end of TV series, he and other Ultras are materialized from their respective cards to aid Orb Origin in his Final Battle against Magata no Orochi. His card represents "Darkness".

In the final episode of Ultra Fight Orb, Reibatos mentioned his name while reviving him with his remaining power, only failed to realize that the dark Ultra is still alive. As soon as he comes to this revelation however, Belial's son Geed, though Reibatos rightly realizes something is off, arrives and decimates him for good.

See Ultra Series: Ultraman Belial

Dan Moroboshi/Ultraseven

Portrayed by: Kohji Moritsugu

Also known as Stationary Post Observer 340. He appears during the Final Battle of the movie and assisting Orb as Orb Trinity, along with the rest of New Generation Ultras against Sadeath and Deavorick.

He returns in Ultra Fight Orb miniseries as one of supporting Ultras. He, Zoffy and Jack assigned Zero to investigate the malice withing Planet Yomi. Fearing that something happened with his son, he and the two Ultra Brothers members heads off to the planet and saved him from four revived monsters. When Orb failed to catch him, Zero and Seven train Orb for 10 years and granted the Ultra with his Ultra Fusion Card, which also bears the "Slash" element. After Reibatos' defeat, he watches Orb leaving the Land of Light.

See Ultraseven

Ultraman Ginga

Portrayed by: Takuya Negishi (voice)

An Ultraman who was captured by Murunau as one of her space jewels. His card represents "Light".
See Ultraman Ginga

Ultraman Victory

Portrayed by: Kiyotaka Uji (voice)

Ginga's partner who was also captured by Murunau as one of her space jewels. His card represents "Earth".
See Ultraman Ginga

Daichi Ozora/Ultraman X

Portrayed by: Kensuke Takahashi (live), Yūichi Nakamura (voice)

A Xio operative, he was separated from his partner X during his journey for Desastro. Meanwhile, X landed in SSP base and asking for them and Gai/Ultraman Orb for help to find Daichi. Unfortunately, he's captured by Mulnau's followers and turned into a space jewel for her collection. His card represents "Armor".
See Ultraman X

Mysterious Ultraman/Ultraman Geed

Portrayed by: Tatsuomi Hamada (voice, uncredited)

A mysterious Ultraman appears out of nowhere at the end of Ultra Fight Orb and kills Reibatos in an instant. He is the son of Belial and the main, titular character of Orb's succeeding series.

See Ultraman Geed

  • Early-Bird Cameo: In the same vein as most post-Decade Kamen Riders and all post-Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Sentai teamsnote .
  • Irony: His base form uses Belial's essences for one half, and he's the son of Belial. His debut is killing Reibatos, who was attempting to revive Belial.
  • Retcon: In the finale of Ultraman Geed, Reibatos' killer is changed to Belial himself. Mainly to make his cameo here make sense (because Ultra Fight Orb takes place before the Crisis Impact of Geed, him appearing here doesn't make any sense as Geed was born after the aforementioned crisis)


    Something Search People (SSP) 
A motley group of paranormal investigators who frequently run into Gai Kurenai during their adventures.

As a whole:

Naomi Yumeno

Portrayed by: Miyabi Matsuura

The protagonist and leader of the SSP. Since she was a child, she has had recurring dreams of a giant of light battling some monster, and little does she know that Gai Kurenai has something to do with it...

  • Damsel in Distress: She has a habit of getting herself into these kinds of situations.
  • Genetic Memory: As Natasha's descendant, she has constant visions of her ancestor's apparently fatal run-in with Orb Origin and Maga-Zetton.
  • The Kirk
  • Magic Music: The lullaby that she sings generally has a calming effect, and also allows Gai to regain the power of Orb Origin while having similar Brown Note properties as the Orbnica when used against Jugglus.
  • New Jobs As The Plot Demands: Due to the SSP's constant inability to pay up the apartment rent, Naomi constantly changes jobs, including a coffee saleswoman, a waitress, and a construction worker.
  • No Indoor Voice: She can't help herself; she has to shout when directing the SSP to move out.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Not only is she the sole female of the SSP, Naomi's the sole lead female in the series.
  • Reincarnation Romance: It's implied that her feelings for Gai are influenced by the visions she has relating to Gai's friend, Natasha, from a hundred years ago. Furthermore, she inexplicably knows a song that Natasha once sang that alongside Gai's Orbnica. It's eventually revealed that she is a descendant of Natasha as well, further explaining the link between them.
  • Supporting Protagonist: The show focuses more on her and SSP with Gai (Ultraman Orb himself, in other words) as the Deuteragonist.

Jetta Hayami

Portrayed by: Naoto Takahashi

Naomi's friend, who is in charge of the SSP's website and photography. Jetta dreams of becoming a photographer, hoping that he'll become rich and famous through it.

Shin Matsudo

Portrayed by: Hiroaki Nerio

Naomi's other friend and a genius, having obtained his doctorate at 23. He creates the various gadgets that the SSP uses in their mystery investigations.

    Versatile Tactical Leader (VTL) 
The defense team of this series. Unlike in previous shows, they largely act as background characters, getting involved with the Monsters of the Week whenever those show up.

As a whole

  • Armies Are Useless: Compared to most monster fighting groups in the franchise. Their attempts to fight monsters generally don't go very well.
  • Mythology Gag: Their Z-VTOL fighter jet is a Palette Swap of the Jet-VTOL used by the SSSP in Ultraman.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The launching of their newest missile in the final two episodes designed to contain Magata-No-Orochi supplies the last bit of energy needed to awaken it instead.

Ittetsu Shibukawa

Portrayed by: Shingo Yanagisawa

Naomi's uncle and an officer for VTL. He tends to get involved in his niece and her friend's adventures, encountering Gai and occasionally dealing with any monsters and alien they run into.

  • A Day Inthe Limelight: Episode 18 "Hard-Boiled Liver". He gets to battle Alien Shaplay while Orb battles Bemular, and it's awesome.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Tends to be a slapstick magnet and is generally portrayed as a professional Foil to the SSP's independence. However, he knows both Judo and Karate and he's doggedly persistant in a brawl. When necessary, he can think on the fly.
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Dub Name Change: In the Indonesian dub, he's given the nickname Kawa.
  • Family-Friendly Firearms: Subverted. Uses a very realistic-looking pistol that shoots both standard and electric anti-alien rounds. The electric rounds see more use, though.
  • Hidden Depths: He is in fact a father. Also see The Reveal below.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Implied. See Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, then The Reveal.
  • Police Are Useless: Played With. Ittetsu and the VTL are rather capable of keeping the peace and are seemingly doing just fine at handling minor alien issues off-screen until giant Kaiju come along. Their track record in that regard is....spotty.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Despite being in the VTL, he's rather lenient about letting the SSP conduct their investigations and acknowledges their contributions as opposed to pushing them away.
  • Sixth Ranger: To the SSP most of the time.
  • The Chew Toy: To Naomi's mother.
  • The Reveal: He's just an officer for the VTL, right? He's actually the Intelligence Officer of the VTL.
  • The Worf Effect: Most of the time he's shown fighting, Gai has to bail him out.
    • Averted in "Hard-Boiled Liver" however, to the point where a dual-shot is shown of Ultraman Orb and Ittetsu fighting their respective enemies at the same time.
  • Too Dumb to Live: By all means shoot the fifty-foot-tall homicidal maniac that just took out Ultraman Orb with your tiny pea-shooter. That won't backfire at all.

    The Voice of Light 
O-50's mystical light that grants those who climb its mountain location the power to become an Ultraman. It is the source of Orb's power.

    Royal Planet Kanon (Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga

A planet inhabited by a race of human-like aliens whose lives are connected to an enormous tree they know as the Tree of Life. Psychi is targeting them and their world as part of his plans, but Gai and Juggler have arrived to help the people of Kanon stop him.

As a whole:

Queen Amate/War God

Portrayed by: Saki Fukuda
Click here  to see War God

The queen of Planet Kanon. As a member of the royal family, she is able to transform into a gigantic warrior known as the War God to protect the Tree of Life, but as a pacifist she refuses to do so after her mother was killed battling Gargorgon. However, Psychi is threatening her world and seeks her royal blood to study the secret behind how she becomes War God.


Portrayed by: Yasuyuki Maekawa

The Captain of the Guard, Shinra is a sort of older brother/father-figure to Queen Amate, and he loyally protects her. But with Psychi and the Bezelbs coming for his homeworld and ruler, he faces a serious crisis with Raigo over the safety of both the queen and the planet.


Portrayed by: Takaaki Enoki

The head of Planet Kanon's defense forces, Raigo is determined to protect Planet Kanon from the machinations of Psychi and the Bezelbs at any cost, even if it means forcing Queen Amate to become War God against her will.

  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: His decision to force Amate become a War God backfires when she gets infected by the Queen Bezelb and almost destroyed the Tree of Life.

Miccot and Ricca

Portrayed by: Ayane (Miccot) and Asuka Shibuya (Ricca)

Two female warriors in the service of Shinra. They are loyal to both Shinra and Queen Amate, and it is the two of them who help Gai and Juggler get to Planet Kanon and assist them in battling the Bezlbs.

  • Cool Starship: Uses the Suzark space fighter.
  • Cynic–Idealist Duo: Micott is the cynic to Ricca's idealist.
  • Guns Akimbo: Ricca is a gun user at best.
  • Hidden Depths: She may be a cynic, but Micott does try to understand Juggler's pain.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Micott prefers to fight with swords, and her fixation for Juggler comes from his expertise in the Serpent Hearted Way.
  • The Lost Lenore: Micott's death is the final push for Juggler to assume Demon Form for the first time.
  • Not Too Dead to Save the Day: Micott's spirit arrives just in time to help Ricca steer the Suzark and made a safe landing.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Ricca is red to Micott's blue.
  • Student–Master Team: Micott attempt this on Juggler, but he refused.
  • Undying Loyalty: Ricca is one for Shinra and refused to believe that he had betrayed the queen. Turns out, she was right as Shinra was framed by Raigou to begin with.

    Other Allies 

Natasha Romanova

Portrayed by: Vlada

A mysterious European girl seen in flashbacks of Gai's life. The novel explains that she is the daughter of a nobleman from the Tsarist Russia-esque Rupashika Empire in 1908, who had been taking refuge in nearby Rusalka and encountered Gai after his battle with Super C.O.V.
  • Death by Origin Story / Posthumous Character: Her apparent death, accidentally at Orb's hands while fighting Maga-Zetton, led Gai into a Heroic BSoD that affected his ability to transform into Orb Origin. Her death by origin story is subverted; it turns out she didn't actually die during the explosion, courtesy of Gai's former friend Jugglus Juggler. She survived, moved to Japan, and lived long enough to have descendants. Naomi is her great-granddaughter!

Princess Tamayura

Portrayed by: Morgan Mala

A princess from ancient times who helped Zoffy seal away the fearsome Maga-Ororchi. Her ghost now dwells in the so-called Forbidden Forest, guarding over the Great King Demon Beast's prison.
  • Barrier Maiden: She can project shields in order to protect others from energy attacks.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: In order to give Gai a fighting chance against Maga-Orochi, she sacrificed herself to the monster, leading Gai into a state of rage that gained Belial's approval.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Is the spirit of a princess who had helped seal Maga-Orochi in the past.

Shouhei Morikawi

Portrayed by: Yasuhisa Furuhara

A character from Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga. He is an ordinary Earth scientist from the present who one day discovers a strange and enormous seed while on an archaeology expedition. Touching this seed links his mind with that of Queen Amate, bringing him into a conflict far beyond his comprehension.

Yui Nishioka

Portrayed by: Karen Miyazaki

A character from Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga. Shouhei's scientific companion, who is deeply unnerved by the recent and seemingly insane behavior displayed by her partner ever since they discovered that mysterious and gigantic plant seed.


A novel-exclusive character. He is a young alien orphan who Gai first encounters on the planet Cobol when collecting the Element of Earth for his Orbcalibur. He accompanies Gai for the remainder of his quest in gathering the remaining three Elements, but meets his end on Planet 484 during Juggler and Biranki's prison breakout.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: He dies in Chapter 3 while disabling the Balloonga Bomb.
  • Street Urchin: Gai meets him as a pickpocket at a space airport before taking the boy under his wing.
  • Tagalong Kid: His role in Chapters 2 and 3.
  • Tempting Fate: Follows Gai to Planet 484 during its prison break even being advised to stay back. His response?
    "I'll be together with you until I go to hell!"
  • Tragic Keepsake: What remains of Shorty after his death is a pendant that Gai wears in the TV series.

Captain Mike Scudder

A novel-exclusive character. He is an American secret agent that Gai encounters at the Burlesque Archipelago of Latin America to investigate plane and ship disappearances in the region, which turned out to be the work of Biranki and Hangler. It is from him that Gai got his iconic jacket.

  • Cool Old Guy: Is essentially portrayed as one.
  • Secret-Keeper: Knows who Gai actually is but decides to keep it as a secret after the young man saved him as Orb.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Whether he’s still alive by the time of TV series is unknown, but Gai's leather jacket was inherited from him.


An old friend of Gai from O-50. He was the one who originally taught Gai the melody he plays on his Orbnica. The two meet up again on the planet Kirelmo when Gai is searching for the Element of Wind for his Orbcalibur.


A girl from the ancient empire of Ishtal that existed on Earth in 1800 BC. Gai befriended her while on his mission to destroy the first King Demon Beast, Maga-Tanozoa.


    Jugglus Juggler 

Jugglus Juggler
Click here  to see his Majin form

Portrayed by: Takaya Aoyagi (live)

The primary antagonist of the series and longtime rival of Ultraman Orb/Gai Kurenai. Juggler is a ruthless demon-like being who wields the Janshin Ken or Serpent-Hearted Blade. He is the one who awakens the various Lord Monsters and occasionally summons monsters for Orb to fight using his Kaiju Cards and his Dark Ring.
  • Ax-Crazy: During his most unhinged moments, it becomes clear he's a completely homicidal psychopath.
  • Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work: Ironically in the series, he was never shown directly killing a human. His only victims are aliens that are as evil as he is (Nagus, Nostra and Katarohi), while the former two were justified kills for backstabbing him during their deals.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Shares this role with Don Nostra until he kills him and takes the Ultraman Belial card from him.
  • Breakout Villain: Juggler is regarded as one of the most highly popular villains in the New Generation Heroes era; and has received this status for his ad-libbed psychotic behavior and intense personal rivalry with Gai that wouldn't be out of place in a Kamen Rider series. Even though he is relegated to an Anti-Hero after the end of the series while keeping his status as The Rival to Gai, this popularity continues post-series, from getting his Ultraman Suitnote  and returning in Ultraman Z under the alias Shota Hebikura as a major protagonist. He even became one of the five main characters of the Darknes Heels project, and appears in the manga adaptation, Darkness Heels -Lili-, as well. To top it all off, in the 2022 NHK poll (which had over 350,000 recipients), Juggler got second place for the Kaiju ranking, behind only Zetton, and beating iconic franchise fixtures like Gomora and Baltan.
  • Char Clone: Has the hallmarks of one. Not only is he The Rival to the show's protagonist, he even controls a kaiju that is mostly red and is powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with the titular Ultra's four alternating forms. His Majin form also bears a red, crescent-shaped scar on the chest. And finally his Red Baron title (or in this case, Boss Subtitle): "Phantom Demon". His status as a villain borders on the role of Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work to even saving Gai's lover Natasha from what he believed to be his own fault and eventually redeeming himself by saving the Earth from Magata no Orochi. Aside from surviving the fight, he returns in Ultraman Z by going undercover as Shota Hebikura in a Badass Crew team serving as The Captain and Big Brother Mentor to that show's hero, Haruki Natsukawa. However, he tends to go back and forth helping the good guys and briefly returning to his villainous ways while keeping his identity secret, but also prioritizes the safety of STORAGE members, as seen when Gilvalis appears.
  • The Dark Side Will Make You Forget: Admits his memories have faded a bit with time and caused him to repress his memories of saving Natasha.
  • Driven by Envy: By his own admission, this is the basis of his grudge on Gai: they used to have a Friendly Rivalry, but the Orb Calibur chose Gai to transform into Orb instead of him, despite, in Juggler's opinion, being inferior to him.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good:
    • Despite calling out Don Nostra on this trope, he himself suffers from it. He simply can't comprehend why Gai/Orb cares so much about humanity, nor why Naomi can just shrug off nearly being killed by Orb's use of Thunder Breaster. His problem at its core seems to be that he can't comprehend why others don't get the same kicks out of causing destruction and chaos as he does. This is ultimately his undoing, as his inability to comprehend why Gai cares so much results in him accidentally giving Orb a Heroic Second Wind in their final battle by threatening the SSP.
    • He was left completely dumbfounded by saving Natasha, unsure of why he did so, causing his memories to be repressed.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Gai. His Dark Ring is a Palette Swap of Gai's Orb Ring, and it summons Kaiju from his Kaiju Cards instead of utilizing Ultra Fusion Cards. In episode 16, the Dark Ring gains the ability to fuse two Kaiju Cards using the leftover power from Maga-Orochi’s tail. His pouring darkness into his sword seems to turn it into an evil counterpart of the Orb Calibur.
  • Evil Feels Good: His reason for causing destruction: he relishes the feeling of using the power he possesses to destroy whatever he wants. It's also why he decides he and Gai are not that different after Orb's first use of Thunder Breaster.
  • Evil Knockoff: Essentially turns his katana into one to the Orb Calibur by pouring darkness into it.
  • Evil Makes You Ugly: By the finale, Juggler has tainted himself with so much darkness that he sports Creepy Shadowed Undereyes, his hair's a frazzled mess and his teeth, already naturally elongated, couldn't be yellower. Making it all the more creepy when he smiles.
  • Eviler than Thou: To Don Nostra, who he ultimately outsmarts and kills.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Was once a soldier of the same force with Gai in the past. His Start of Darkness began when Gai was chosen as Ultraman Orb instead of him, followed by his transformation into his Demon Form. After working as a mercenary and being imprisoned for his crimes, his Face Heel Turn becomes more tragic after obtaining the Dark Ring as said device said that he has the most evil heart in the universe.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride and Envy. The reason he was driven to madness in the first place is Gai being chosen by the light of Ultraman Orb. By the events of the TV series, Juggler will go out of his way to make his rival's life an utter hell even going as far as pointing out that Virtue Is Weakness, which usually doesn't bode well for him, as shown when Gai is pushed to the edge and accessing Thunder Breastar, mauling Maga-Orochi caused him to throw a hissy fit.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He can act polite when he wants to, but it's plainly obvious that he doesn't mean a word of it.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Decides to aid Gai in battling the reawakened Orochi in the finale. Helps Gai out during Ultraman Orb The Movie too, acting as The Mole for Gai and company against Mulnau. This has since carried on all the way through Ultraman Z.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Carries one with him as he is a practitioner of the Serpent-Hearted Way sword technique. He later upgrades it by absorbing darkness into it.
  • Nominal Hero: Post Heel–Face Turn. Best exemplified in both two films featuring both him and Gai; Juggler will show up and aid the good guys when they least expect it, but only when he feels like it. This mentality is still present in Ultraman Z, while keeping up with the Hebikura charade.
  • Not Me This Time: In theMovie, Gai assumes he's scheming and somehow behind the current crisis. He's not, Mulnau is the Big Bad and Juggler is just trying to get the Dark Ring back from her. He's actually on Gai's side this time.
  • Oblivious to Love: In The Origin Saga, he denied Micott's offer of becoming her master and failed to notice her. Her death hits him hard so much that it gave him the final push to his Demon Form. He also met Biranki, who falls for him after a Rescue Romance, going to the point of attacking Gai on Earth just to help Juggler but never reciprocate her feelings.
  • One-Winged Angel: Zeppandon, as unlike his other monsters he FUSES with the cards to become the merged beast rather than simply summoning and controlling it.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • Has a moment of this before the series began: he saves Natasha from being killed by Maga-Zetton's rampage, which Gai at the time was unaware of, thinking her apparent death was his fault.
    • This even extends to Ultraman Z combined with A Father to His Men while working as STORAGE's captain. He shields Haruki from Peguila and even fends off Alien Barossa when the latter infiltrates the STORAGE HQ searching for King Joe.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Hoo boy. Juggler may look formal and suave on the surface while on top of being a prick at worst. But whenever Gai is one step ahead of him, he always lets out an ear-splitting temper tantrum.
    "Why Gai? What is wrong with you?! Can't you just let me win just once?!"
  • Prison Dimension: Is implied to have confined the Dark Ring into one during Ultraman Orb The Movie after seizing it from an Alien Guts that had been harassing the SSP. This un-does the crystal containment of Ginga and Victory and allows the Ultras to retaliate against Mulnau and her goons. Whether it stays there is another story.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Juggler has been on Earth as long as Gai has: For about 4,000 years.
  • Shadow Archetype: He is basically what Gai could have been like if he had no other people around him to be his moral compass. The Orb Chronicle novel has Gai almost go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge after losing Shorty in similar circumstances to how Juggler lost Micott, but instead of jumping off the slippery slope, Gai regains his senses.
  • Shout-Out: His Alien form bears a passing resemblance to Otoha, the hero from Karas.
  • The Sociopath: Played With. Juggler seems like a textbook example: while looking charming and suave on the surface; deep down he lacks emotional affect and empathy, has a pathological need for stimulation, and his jealousy and resentment towards Gai when he is chosen to become Ultraman Orb by unleashing the Lord Monsters upon the Earth are solely motivated by envy, delusions of grandeur and pettiness. However, what makes this an interesting subversion by the end of the series is that despite how Juggler has fallen, he still has a mitigating factor — his rivalry with Gai in the end becomes more mutual than a grudge due to the fact that he saved his Love Interest Natasha from Maga-Zetton.
  • Stalker Without A Crush: The Ultraman Orb Chronicle implies that Juggler becomes this after the movie, choosing to follow Gai around discreetly during his adventures.
  • Strike Me Down with All of Your Hatred!: In chapter 3 of he Orb Chronicle, he gives this one to Gai when the latter tries to beat him. Good thing Gai quickly snaps back to his senses.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: His reasons for helping Gai During Ultraman Orb The Movie.
  • Troll: Likes to get under Gai's skin just to rile him up on a regular basis. The same can be said with Naomi.
  • The Unfettered: Wants to make Gai suffer and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Even if it means unleashing a Planet Eater back into the universe and dooming Earth and who knows how many other planets in the process.
  • The Worf Effect: Juggler is subjected to this in the movie. After getting his very own Fusion Up scene for his transformation into Zeppandon,note  including the SSP cheering for HIM too.....he lasts less than two minutes before being overwhelmed by Mulnau's goons and rendered unconscious.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: While it appears to be subtle, it appeared that he has a penchant for coffees. The series downplayed this trait a little but Ultraman Orb Chronicle suggested that he also drank one after activating a Fantastic Nuke while threatening a prison guard to bring Gai to him.
  • Villainous Breakdown: As Maga-Orochi is getting a beatdown instead of Orb as Thunder Breaster, Juggler gets more and more unhinged before unleashing a shrill scream when Maga-Orochi bites it. He later lets out a shrill scream of anguish after Orb not only regains both the means and will to transform into Origin, but also easily defeats him and Zeppandon, destroying his Dark Ring in the process.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Gai and Juggler used to be in the same force together, but the Holy Sword ultimately chose Gai as Orb's host, causing Juggler to hate Gai.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: In Ultraman Orb Chronicle chapter 3, Juggler's first response after getting the Dark Ring is insane laughter.

    Planet Invasion Union 

As a whole:
Left to right: Nagus, Don Nostra, and Tarude

A mafia-like organization of alien invaders who specialize in conquering planets. They team up with Juggler as part of their scheme to defeat Ultraman Orb, but secretly scheme to backstab him.

  • Enemy Mine: Conspires with Jugglus Juggler to take out Ultraman Orb.
  • The Mafia: Something like that.
  • Terrible Trio: Consisting of members of three iconic alien species from the first three Ultraman shows.

Don Nostra

Portrayed by: Hiroki Yasumoto (voice)

The leader of this gang of alien miscreants. Nostra is an Alien Mefilas recognizable by his silver robes. He works with Juggler only out of convenience and actually owns several Kaiju cards that he sometimes lends to the dark warrior.
See the Ultraman TV Series character sheet for tropes applying to the Alien Mefilas as a whole

  • Big Bad Ensemble: The leader of the Planet Invasion Union and the cause of a number of the problems Orb faces, though shares this role with Juggler. That is until Juggler outsmarts and kills him.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: A number of his plans fail because he misunderstands humanity. Juggler calls him on it, saying he's 'old fashioned'.
  • Out-Gambitted: Betrays Juggler in the back by killing him to collect all King Demon Cards while he was busy controlling Black King in against Orb. Karma strikes him back when Juggler survives his assassination by Bemstar card and killed Nostra in return.
  • The Don: His role in the Planet Invasion Union.
  • Mythology Gag: Has possession of the Ultraman Belial card. Another Alien Mefilas worked together with Belial in Ultra Zero Fight.


Portrayed by: Koichi Toshima (voice)

An Alien Metron member of the Planet Invasion Union. He trusts Juggler the least of the three invaders and later develops a major vendetta against the hero as the series reaches its final act.


Portrayed by: Tetsuo Kishi (voice)

A brutal Alien Nackle who acts as one of Don Nostra's lackeys. He is cruel and bad-tempered, with Juggler's cunning often irritating him.



Portrayed by: Izumi Motoya

The main antagonist of the Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga spin-off. He is an Alien Wraith who believes that free wills brings destruction and wishes to eliminate them by cooperating with the Queen Bezelb.

  • Big Bad: Of Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga, until we learn that the Queen is the true holder of this.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Lost his parents in an unnamed war as a child.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Implied at the end of the series.
  • Human Aliens: His species are referred to as Alien Wraith.
  • Hypocrite: Psychi himself is a pacifist who tries to sent his Bezelbs and infect people so no more bloodsheds can happen. Ironically, he only considered the deaths of others as senseless sacrifice and at the same time broke from the death of one small Bezelb that became Orb's first kill. He even outright attacked the residents of Kanon itself despite giving Amate the intended time for her to surrender.
  • Large Ham
  • Undying Loyalty: To Queen Bezelb, even if she had ditched him earlier.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Was revealed to be this, as Queen Bezelb was the actual villain and has been influencing Psychi since his childhood.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Dr. Psychi's philosophy. He's seen so much conflict in the galaxy that he wants to spread Kugutsu throughout the galaxy, allowing him to control the minds of all beings and by proxy put an end to war itself.


Portrayed by: Riho Iida (voice)

Psychi's diminutive robot sidekick.



A race of insectoid monsters that serve Dr. Psychi and are spawned from Queen Bezelb. They area plague upon the universe, infecting all living beings they encounter with their Kugutsu poison, which makes its victims mindlessly violent.

  • Beware My Stinger Tail: Their main weapon.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Although there are human sized, other variants including 10 meters or 50 meters, the latter's size being close to an average Ultraman.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Permanently-attached blade type.
  • Mooks: To Queen Bezelb. They're relatively easy to kill, and Orb destroys them by the dozens.
  • Hate Plague: The Bezelbs can unleash Kugutsu into their victims. Once affected, it heightens the abilities of the host, but make them hostile to anything Queen or Psychi wants them to attack.
  • Meaningful Name: Is named after the Beelzebub, one of the demons whose infamous for various Demonic Possession cases.
  • Starter Villain: A 10-meter variant is Orb Origin the First's first kill.
  • Your Size May Vary: Has various classes of size, that is 2, 10 and 50 metres.

Queen Bezelb

The queen and mother of the Bezelb monsters. She works alongside Psychi to spread her kind's Kugutsu poison and thus eliminate free will from the universe while making all its victims into its vicious minions.



A fusion of Psychi and Queen Bezelb.



Portrayed by: Oniyakko Tsubaki

The antagonist of Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!. She is a powerful alien sorceress and an old enemy of Ultraman Orb he originally encountered on Jewel Planet Cobol thousands of years ago. After the events of the TV series, she has returned with some new minions and new plans to turn the world into crystal.

  • Alas, Poor Villain: Her dying moments are spent with Gai and her talking about true beauty, and her lamenting its too late for her to truly understand it now.
  • Big Bad: Of The Movie.
  • Eviler than Thou: The Dark Ring left Juggler for her precisely because she's more evil than him, and it actively seeks out the most evil heart to be its master. She also seems considerably more dangerous in its use than he was. While he manages to trick her and reclaim it, she's got considerable power on her own along with an incredibly powerful monster.
  • Immortality Immorality: Subverted. She was mortal when she first encountered Gai, but between meetings, she was rendered The Ageless by Tregear.
  • Meaningful Name: She's named after German film director F. W. Murnau.
  • Non-Action Big Bad: Mainly relies on her minions to do the fighting for her, as while she is fairly strong on her own she's not strong enough to fight Ultras head on and lacks a One-Winged Angel form.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Justified, as while she is powerful, she doesn't have the combat capability to fight Ultras on her own.
  • Red Baron: Space Witch Thief.
  • Taken for Granite: Has the power to turn things into crystal with her breath and with the Dark Ring enhancing her power can potentially turn the entire world into it. She turns to crystal upon her death.
  • Vain Sorceress: Is a witch and incredibly vain, to the point her end goal is to turn the world into beautiful crystal for her own pleasure.
  • Villainous Breakdown: After Juggler banished the Dark Ring, she has one, spending the rest of the film screaming and throwing a tantrum.
  • Wicked Witch: Is styled as one, and Gai even calls her such. Her Boss Subtitles even label her the "Space Witch Thief."



Portrayed by: Hidenari Ugaki (voice)

The main antagonist of Ultra Fight Orb miniseries. As one of remaining Reioniyxes, his main goals are succeeding Alien Reiblood and restarting Ultraman Belial's plan to control 100 monsters, along with ruling the universe.

  • Big Bad: Of Ultra Fight Orb.
  • Death by Irony: After having been defeated, he attempts to resurrect Ultraman Belial. After failing, he is promptly killed off by Ultraman Geed, Belial's son, while Geed is in primitive form, which uses Belial's essence alongside the essence of the original Ultraman. Geed retcons this to make it even more ironic, since it's shown to be Belial himself that did the deed.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: The only way to defeat Reibatos is by repeatedly slicing him into shreds with three Eye Sluggers.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: In their first battle, Orb manage to slice Reibatos into half vertically while in Trinity Fusion form. To Orb's horror, Reibatos simply re-joins himself in an instant...
  • Healing Factor: Thanks to his immortal nature, he can regenerate himself from any damage. However, it depends on how much he can reform, regardless how fatal the damage is.
  • Necromancer: As one of Reionics, he can use any abilities from Alien Rayblood. By chanting "Ujuika Reegamiyo'' note , he can revive a monster or fix the damaged Giga Battle Nizer.
  • This Cannot Be!: At the end of Ultra Fight Orb, he uses his remaining powers to revive Ultraman Belial, only he realized that he's still alive. And sure enough, Belial's son Geed appears from nowhere and kills him with his Wrecking Burst for good.
  • Torso with a View: Orb manage to blast a hole through his chest in their second battle, but Reibatos' Healing Factor seals it up almost immediately.

    Novel-Exclusive Antagonists 

Dr. Jiggle

A con artist working with Mulnau on the casino planet of Cobol, where he and the space witch are pretending to be an astronomer and a prophet who claim that the planet will be destroyed by a giant comet called Balsas 6. He and Mulnau have the Element of Earth Gai needs for his Orbcalibur.

Princess Salamni

A daughter of a powerful chief from the ocean planet of Nuock, whose people, the Shillock tribe, have been at war for centuries with the Gibli Tribe. Fed up with this conflict, Salamni intends to destroy both tribes once and for all. She also knows where to find the Element of Water that Gai is looking for.

Count Orlock

The cruel head of an Enmanium mining operation on the volcanic jungle planet of Ganun Api. He plots to trigger a volcanic eruption to destroy the a tribe of natives who guard the Element of Fire. Alien Gapiya Sadeath works for him as a bodyguard.

Alien Zartana

A powerful entrepreneur who seeks to build an intergalactic highway through the windswept planet of Kirelmo, but the farmers who inhabit the planet refuse to let him do as he pleases. He has hired Juggler as a mercenary and also has the Element of Wind with him.

The Ramon Brothers

A pair of Alien Nackles who act as Zaratana's enforcers, using violence and intimidation to bully the settlers of Kirelmo into letting Zartana build his interstellar highway.


Portrayed by: Hikari Kuroki (Juggler Chronicle Photobook)
The princess of an unnamed planet who was jailed on the prison world of Planet 484 for her dangerous physic powers by her parents after her homeworld almost destroyed by monsters she called in. Juggler released her during a breakout and since then she has fallen in love with him.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: If the novel is to be believed, Biranki has gone through hell and confined under a special mask that block her powers. When Juggler broke it, her face is still in good condition as if there was no scratch.
  • Fallen Princess: Imprisoned by her parents when her physic powers become out of control. And to make it worse, her physic power (accidentally) manipulated Gyango on a rampaging spree that almost drove her planet to catastrophic level.
  • Identical Stranger: She resembles Yuka Ohta, and both characters are even portrayed by the same actress. Juggler lampshades this when he lays his eyes on Yuka while assuming the identity of Hebikura.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Downplayed because it was her manipulation of monsters that did the trick, although the damage left behind is surely big.
  • Rescue Romance: Has been infatuated to Juggler ever since he rescued her.
  • Yandere: And how...
    Juggler-sama you're an idiot! I will never give up! My love is eternal!
  • You Are Worth Hell: Is willing to be imprisoned alongside Juggler when Gai foiled their prison break attempts. After realizing that she would be separated from Juggler in a different confinement, her Big "NO!" caused the carrier ship to wreck and allowed the two to escape, though Juggler left her instead.


A planet-devouring monster from the Ultraman X universe that fancies itself as bringing balance to the cosmos. It was defeated by Ultraman X on the planet Centaurus many years before he met Daichi Oozora, but returned after the demise of Zaigorg. Orb came to X's universe to help him and Xio defeat the monster after the events of Ultraman Orb: the Movie.


Space Fear Demon Z

Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita
"I am my will, I shall destroy the Ultra Warriors."
A stageshow-exclusive character from Ultraman Festival 2016.
  • Big Bad: Of the stage show, Ultraman Festival 2016.
  • Bishōnen Line: Much more human-like than previous Zettons, even moreso than the Alien Zettons.
  • Dark Is Evil: He's a Zetton-based organism, so this is par the course.
  • Hero Killer: Kills the original Ultraman, although he revived and owned Z right away.
    • He also easily defeats Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra, and his Zetton army likewise defeats the rest of the Ultras in the Land of Light.
  • I Can Rule Alone: Destroys his creator Alien Bat for thinking of himself as Z's partner in conquering the Universe.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: Speaks in a baritone and enjoys himself or his Zetton army beating the Ultra Warriors.
  • My Death Is Just the Beginning: Spawns Zetton Alien Baltan after his destruction, who proves a bigger threat that even he was.
  • Turned Against Their Masters: A Zetton given sentience by an Alien Bat that killed his master as soon as he could.

Kaiju and Aliens

     Kaiju and Aliens (TV Series) 


First Appearance: The Sunset Wanderer
The King Demon Beast of Light defeated during the early 1900s by Ultraman Orb when he was in the European nation of Rusalka, where he encountered Natasha. Gai got the original Ultraman's Ultra Fusion Card from it.
See Ultraman TV Series

  • Light 'em Up: As the King Demon Beast of Light, Maga-Zetton replaces the original Zetton's fireballs with bolts of explosive light. Presumably, it has the same abilities of the standard Zetton as well, but we only ever see this one on-screen.
  • Light Is Not Good: He's the King Demon Beast of Light, as revealed by Juggler.
  • Mythology Gag: The original Zetton was Ultraman's last and strongest enemy.
  • Palette Swap: It's essentially a Zetton with blue chest organs instead of orange and a Maga Crystal replacing the orange blotch on its face.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Prior to being awoken, Ultraman's Ultra Fusion Card kept him at bay.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Appeared for the span of the first episode's Cold Opening (and flashbacks featuring said opening).

First Appearance: The Sunset Wanderer

The King Demon Beast of Wind and the series' first Monster of the Week, having been awoken by Juggler a few months prior to the series, resulting in an erratic change of weather patterns worldwide. Gai got Ultraman Mebius' Ultra Fusion Card from defeating it.

  • Blow You Away: Is the King Demon Beast of the Wind, and is able to summon powerful tornadoes. It can also flap its wings to build up air pressure and release a huge shockwave.
  • Expy: While the kaiju itself has no relation to its sealer, its closest equivalent is possibly Arigera. It also has combined traits from Dexador and ADR-02. However, its design motifs were Melba, Lidorias, and Bemstar.
  • Feathered Fiend: A bird-like King Demon Beast modeled as a hybrid of a dragon and a bird of prey.
  • Eyeless Face: It sees via echolocation.
  • Fragile Flyer: It relies entirely on flight as its gimmick. It's the lightest of the Maga-kaiju and the fastest, but goes down like a punk once Ultraman Orb slices up its wings.

Maga-Grand King
First Appearance: The King Demon Beast of Earth

The King Demon Beast of Earth. It creates powerful seismic tremors in the ground by manipulating Dragon Veins (also known as Ley Lines), causing huge sinkholes to appear all over Tokyo and consume entire skyscrapers. Gai earns Ultraman Taro's Ultra Fusion Card from it.

  • Art Evolution: This incarnation of Grand King has a darker skin colour compared to its Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Story counterparts. Aditionally, its head is based on that of the original Grand King, while its body is that of the Ginga version.
  • Chest Blaster: Maga-Grand King's primary combat ability is the Maga-Perforation, a huge laser blast from its chest that is capable of punching a hole clean through a skyscraper. Fortunately, its easily countered by reflective surfaces.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Is the King Demon Beast of Earth, was sealed underground, and causes massive earthquakes by manipulating Feng Shui.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Is defeated when Orb reflects its laser back at itself.
  • Ley Line: Or rather Dragon Veins, as they're called in Asian countries in the Feng Shui philosophy. Maga-Grand King is able to control these to cause earthquakes.
  • Mirrors Reflect Everything: Its Maga-Perforation beam is countered by reflective surfaces.
  • Mythology Gag: The original Grand King was defeated by Ultraman Taro in Ultraman Story.
  • Punny Name: The choice behind making a Humongous Mecha a monster of elemental earth was likely because in Japanese "grand" and "ground" are both pronounced as "gurando", meaning he could also be called 'Ground'' King.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Prior to being awoken, Taro's Ultra Fusion Card kept it at bay.
  • Shout-Out: A subtle one, but when Maga-Grand King first performs its Maga-Perforation, the scene directly mimics a shot from the Toho movie Dragonhead, and Tsburaya even got special permission from Toho to recreate the moment for the episode.
  • This Is a Drill: Able to spin its massive claws rapidly to use them as energy drills.
  • Tunnel King: As expected for the King Demon Beast of Earth.


First Appearance: Monstrous Waters
The King Demon Beast of Water that fouls up water by its very presence, resulting in a local reservoir giving all of Tokyo extremely evil-smelling water. Gai collects Ultraman Jack's Ultra Fusion Card from it.
  • Breath Weapon: A downplayed version of the Deadly Gas variety. While it isn't lethal, it nevertheless has an extremely foul odor.
  • Expy: Its closest parallel among Ultraman Jack's foes is Muruchi, specifically the Zoa variant. It should be noted that Maga-Jappa's suit itself was modified from Zoa Muruchi's suit. Additionally, its design was intended to hybridize traits of Ganza and Tagarl, while its powers have drawn comparisons to Hedorah (incidentally, the episode came out a day after Godzilla vs. Hedorah's 45th anniversary).
  • Invisibility: Briefly displayed this ability, although the terrible stench gave away its position.
  • The Juggernaut: Maga-Jappa was able to shrug off anything Orb threw at him due to his thick hide. Until, that is, Orb went Burnmite.
  • Making a Splash: Is the King Demon Beast of Water, and as such bathes in lakes and spews pressurized streams of polluted water from its snout.
  • Sea Monster: While Maga-Jappa is comfortable in any body of water, its octopus-seahorse design and description in the Pacific Records make it more of a marine kaiju than a freshwater one.
  • Seahorses Are Dragons: Its motif.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Prior to being awoken, Jack's Ultra Fusion Card kept it at bay.
  • Vacuum Arms: Can produce a powerful suction force from its arms.
  • Walking Wasteland: Maga-Jappa makes pollutes waters wherever it goes, rendering them unbearable awful to smell or even use.


First Appearance: Beware the Fire the Midsummer Sky
The Demon King Beast of Fire who initially appears as a second sun in the sky, creating a searing heat wave over Tokyo. Ultraman Zero's Ultra Fusion Card was added to Gai's collection by defeating it.
See Ultraseven

  • Art Evolution: Its design is a throwback to the original Pandon, after many years of Pandon designs with heads separated by necks. However, its body has more lava-like skin to differentiate it.
  • Breath Weapon: Breathes fire and spits fireballs at enemies, like all incarnations of Pandon.
  • Mythology Gag: Its sealing at the hands of Ultraman Zero references how Zero is the son of the hero who battled the original Pandon.
  • Playing with Fire: Is the King Demon Beast of Fire, and arrives as a massive sun-like fireball.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Prior to being awoken, Zero's Ultra Fusion Card kept it at bay.

Maga-Tanozoa's Kaiju Card, also seen in the show
First Appearance: Beware the Fire the Midsummer Sky (as a Monster Card)
The King Demon Beast of Darkness. While it doesn't appear in the show, Gai collected Ultraman Tiga's Ultra Fusion Card from it long ago when he battled the monster in the ancient civilization of Ishtal 4000 years before the TV show's events.
See Ultraman Tiga

  • Casting a Shadow: As the King Demon Beast of Darkness. Word of God states that it can create a massive fog of darkness like that of the original Gatanozoa, but Maga-Tanozoa's is also electrified.
  • Mythology Gag: Gatanozoa was the Big Bad of Ultraman Tiga's series.
  • Palette Swap: It's a purple-coloured Gatanozoa with its Maga Crystal forming a horn between its eyes.
  • Posthumous Character: Only seen in Juggler's collection of King Demon Beast cards. However, official concept art for its still exists.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Prior to being awoken, Tiga's Ultra Fusion Card kept it at bay.
  • Shock and Awe: Word of God states that Maga-Tanozoa can create electric shockwaves, channel lightning down its tentacles, and has an electrified shadow fog, whereas the original Gatanozoa had no electric powers.

Alien Zetton Maddock

Portrayed by: Kenta Matsumoto (voice)
First Appearance: A Heart That Won't Flee
An alien attempting to kill Orb using Hyper Zetton Deathscythe. He first carried out this scheme by luring Naomi into a trap as to bring out Gai to be defeated by his monster, knowing his feelings for Naomi. Later on, he returns into the body of a young woman named Maya and has resurrected his monster.
See Ultraman TV Series

  • Back from the Dead: Revealed in Episode 21 "The Girl with the Blue Ribbon" to have gotten a new body in the form of a young woman with no memories of her life.
  • BFG: Wields one referred to as an EM Wave Rifle.
  • Glory Seeker: Tried to kill Ultraman Orb because it would give him reputation.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Is defeated by Gai when the latter uses his Ultraman card to reflect his BFG shots back at him.
    • happens to him again when his new human body Maya ends up turning against him when she starts to gain a personality of her own due to being raised by the elderly Iwakis.
  • Master of Disguise: Is able to transform into a high school girl as a disguise.
  • Mythology Gag: His dissolving death is an homage to Kemur-Man in Ultra Q, who died in the same manner and whose suit was used to create the original Alien Zetton.
  • No Body Left Behind: Dissolved into foam when he died.
  • Sailor Fuku: Is the subject of one when disguising as a human girl.

Hyper Zetton Deathscythe

First Appearance: A Heart That Won't Flee
A more powerful version of Hyper Zetton hidden by Maddock to lure Ultraman Orb into a trap and destroy him. The creature would later reappear when Maddock was resurrected in a new body, this time inexplicably floating in the sky in suspended animation as the alien prepared for his new plans.
See Ultraman Zero

  • Back from the Dead: When Maddock returns, albeit now floating in suspended animation in the sky wherever Maya/Maddock goes.
  • Elite Mook: Hyper Zetton Deatchscythe is a more powerful version of Hyper Zetton (who is already a more powerful version of the original Zetton!). The only differences with the original Hyper Zetton is that Deatchsythe has giant scythe hands and lacks wings.
  • Make My Monster Grow: Maddock shrinks Hyper Zetton Deathscythe to 5 meters in height to hide it inside a factory. Once Orb comes out though, it returns to its original 70 meter height.
  • Playing with Fire: Alongside Zetton/Hyper Zetton's stock power of shooting fireballs from its "face", Hyper Zetton Deathscythe can also shoot fireballs from its "hands".
  • Sinister Scythe: Has scythes in place of its hands.


First Appearance: The Forbidden Forest
A Choju summoned by Juggler to attack Orb and the SSP when they came to investigate a UFO sighting (actually the Planet Invasion Union) at the gravesite of the legendary Tamayura-hime.
See Ultraman Ace


First Appearance: A Future Shrouded in Fog
A monster seen defeating Ultraman Orb during a mysteriously a fog-shrouded battle in the clairvoyant dreams of a girl named Haruka.
See Ultraman 80

  • Art Evolution: Hoe's eyes are now a deeper shade of blue.
  • Ominous Fog: This incarnation of Hoe is associated with it and is able to create the stuff from its neck for stealth attacks.

Ragon Family

First Appearance: The Urban Merman
A pair of Ragon, parent and child, who were hiding out in a warehouse after befriending a local fish salesman after being driven from the sea by Gubila's hunger.
See Ultra Q

  • Benevolent Monsters: They don't pose any threat to anyone, only playing harmless pranks on the fisherman who takes care of them.


First Appearance: The Urban Merman
A monstrous fish kaiju who comes on land in search of food after eating all the fish in the nearby waters, threatening the Ragon Family and the fishmonger they were living with.
See Ultraman TV Series

  • Non-Malicious Monster: It only attacks out of hunger, mostly to try and eat the Ragon child and when Ultraman Orb provokes it. Orb even leads it back to the ocean where it belongs after it has been worn out, instead of killing it.

Alien Babalou Babaryu

Portrayed by: Ryusuke Nakamura (voice actor and human form actor)

First Appearance: The Impostor Blues
A shapeshifting alien hired by the Planet Invasion Union to impersonate Ultraman Orb and betray the humans' trust by attacking them. However, when a real kaiju attacks, he is forced to chase it off and spend some time in a human disguise with some children who idolize him because they think he is Ultraman Orb's secret identity.
See Ultraman Leo

  • Becoming the Mask: Originally assumed Orb's form as a Frame-Up, but after having to fend off Telesdon and being supported by kids, he starts to genuinely want to remain and live as Ultraman Orb, ultimately makes a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Were it not for a Telesdon suddenly appearing to attack the city, Nostra's plans with Babaryu might have succeeded the first time. His protecting of children from its fire attack was also because he just happened to be in the way.
  • Evil Knockoff: The intention of him becoming an imposter Ultraman Orb, but ultimately ends up Becoming the Mask.
  • Good Feels Good: The reason he ultimately makes a Heel–Face Turn: he genuinely enjoys how it feels to make people happy instead of afraid.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Refuses to attack the kids who have been supporting him, and is nearly killed as a result when Jugglus unleashes a powerful kaiju at him.
  • Master of Disguise: As is expected for an Alien Babalou, he can transform into an Ultraman.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: He actually made up the name Baba Ryuji when he nearly revealed that he was an Alien Babalou to Jetta and had to do some Verbal Backpedaling, so the kids started calling him "Babaryu".
  • Redemption Earns Life: His boss naturally tries to execute him for his defection, but said defection results in the real Orb coming to his aid and saving his life.
  • Wimp Fight: In both his alien and faked Ultraman form, Babaryu's fighting patterns consists of flailing his hands uselessly at his targets and hoping it's effective enough to drive them away. Against Telesdon, it works, but towards Kelbeam? Not so much.


First Appearance: The Impostor Blues
A monster who unexpectedly appears when Babaryu first transforms into Orb, ruining the alien's scheme to try sully Orb's name.
See Ultraman TV Series


First Appearance: The Impostor Blues
A monster summoned by Juggler to fight Babaryu in his Orb disguise when the Planet Invasio Union's scheme to ruin Orb's reputation accidentally ends up making Babaryu a hero.
See Ultraman Mebius

Black King

First Appearance: Juggler Dies!
Another monster summoned by Juggler to fight Orb. This one was given to him from a Kaiju Card owned by Don Nostra as part of the Planet Invasion Union's scheme to get rid of Juggler and take his King Demon Beast cards.
See Return of Ultraman

Maga-Orochi /Magata no Orochi
Click here  to see Magata no Orochi

First Appearance: Trouble! Mama's Here (As Magata no Orochi) The Great King Demon Beast Strikes Back
The Great King Demon Beast, whose power surpasses all other King Demon Beasts. It was sealed by the efforts of Zoffy and Tamayura-hime in ancient times, but Juggler revived it in the present with the power of the six King Demon Beast cards. It proved to be an enemy so powerful that Gai had to use Thunder Breatser Mode for the first time, but even after its defeat, the mightiest of the King Demon Beasts would soon turn out to be Not Quite Dead...
  • All Your Powers Combined: His final form, Magata no Orochi has the combined powers of all the King Demon Beasts.
    • Blow You Away: Has Maga-Basser's tornado generating ability.
    • Combat Tentacles: Can extend tentacles from all over its body, which is confirmed to come from the unseen Maga-Tanozoa.
    • Dishing Out Dirt: Causes earthquakes just like Maga-Grand King.
    • Energy Weapon: Has Maga-Grand King's Maga-Perforation laser, which is what it uses to win its first fight with Orb.
    • Light 'em Up: Can use Maga-Zetton's Maga Light Bullets.
    • Playing with Fire: Can use Maga-Pandon's fireballs. He also generated a heat wave like Maga-Pandon coming up to his reemergence.
  • Armless Biped: Its Magata form doesn't have arms, and uses two additional heads instead.
  • An Arm and a Leg: As a sign of how savage Thunder Breaster!Orb fights, Orb hacks off Maga-Orochi's tail
  • Attack the Tail: See above.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: The only way Orb and Juggular was able to do any form of damage to Magata no Orochi was thanks to SSP finding a weak point and VTL showing it for the giants to exploit. It was a weak point caused when Maga-Orochi crushed the holy tree with his body all those episodes back, which prevented some of its essence from reforming properly and left an opening in its armor.
  • Breath Weapon: Maga-Orochi spews streams of electricity from its mouth that are powerful enough to blast Orb off of his feet. It gets an even stronger one in its final form, along with Maga-Jappa's and any others the rest of its components had.
  • Eldritch Abomination: His final form is one of the most Lovecraftian, D-Reaper-esque monstrosities in the entire franchise, on top of the fact it was already a Planet Eater that's devoured countless worlds. His mere awakening causes aliens and what monsters can to flee in mass, and underground monsters to just die off.
  • Energy Absorption: It's final form is capable of this and eats Orb's Orb Supreme Calibur finisher.
  • Healing Factor: It even regenerated from Orb Burnmite's Stobium Dynamite!
  • Holy Burns Evil: Its final form is only able to be destroyed because a holy tree blocked a portion of its energy from going into the ground, leaving a gap in its otherwise indestructible hide that Orb and Juggler exploit to finally kill it.
  • The Juggernaut: Nothing less than Orb's Thunder Breaster form is capable of hurting it. In it's true Maga-Tano Orochi form, even that can't make it so much as flinch and it straight up eats Orb Origin's Orb Supreme Calibur attack. It only has one vulnerability that resulted from the holy tree blocking some of its essence and preventing it from properly reforming, leaving a gap in its armor.
  • Made of Iron: Maga-Orochi is sturdy enough to No-Sell most of Orb's finishing moves until Gai obtains the Thunder Breaster form. It gets an even stronger iron hide when it matures to Magata no Orochi. Nothing Orb did could scratch it. Its one weakness is a portion of its body which, due to its essence being blocked by the holy tree, didn't reform properly and left an opening in its armor.
  • Metamorphosis Monster: Destroying it's initial form for the first time isn't going to keep it down permanently, as it then matures into the a powerful form of Magata no Orochi.
  • Multiple Head Case: Despite what it's named after, it only has one head because it's in it's larval stage. It's adult form has multiple heads.
  • One-Winged Angel: Turns out that his life energy entered the ground upon death and was incubating beneath the city. In episode 24 as the much stronger Maga-Tano Orochi.
  • Orochi: Based off the legend, and in universe was implied to have inspired it. It's final form even has multiple heads.
  • Planet Eater: According to Juggler, this thing devoured countless worlds before it was finally imprisoned on Earth. It begins doing just this when it revives in it's adult form.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: It was trapped underground by Tamayura-hime, and further sealed by Zoffy's Ultra Fusion Card. Juggler's ultimate goal is to release it, which he eventually succeeds in.
  • Shock and Awe: Uses electricity prominently in its attacks, such as delivering electricity through contact and breathing lightning.
  • Superpower Lottery: Magata no Orochi has all its original powers, plus the combined powers of all of the King Demon Beasts, and a few powers unique to this form (including Energy Absorption). This gives it a LOT of powers to throw around, and due to the multiple places it can fire from, often at once.
  • Walking Spoiler: Let's just say Maga-Orochi hasn't reached his fullest potential when Orb first battles him...
  • Worf Had the Flu: When Orb defeated him, he was in his 'larval' stage. He returns in episode 24 in his much stronger adult form.


First Appearance: Rampage of Justice
A Humongous Mecha appearing from another dimension. It initially appears to be on a mission of peace, but upon assimilating Naomi it becomes obvious that its "peace" involves attempting to Kill All Humans and destroy nature to eliminate all conflict. The robot later reappears in The Movie in Hawaii under the control of Mulnau, where it battles Orb at start of the story, but is soon destroyed.

Galactron has proven to be a fairly popular monster, as it makes a number of reappearances afterwards, including in the followup series Ultraman Geed, where the monster was expanded upon quite significantly for The Movie of that series, including official appearances from its alien creators and new variations.

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Its creators built it as an instrument of peace, but Galactron decided the best course of action for bringing peace was to kill all living beings, so they tossed it into another dimension.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Just like Maga-Orochi, when Orb went Thunder Breaster, Galactron found itself being torn apart.
  • Arm Cannon: Can fire one from the same fist it uses its Rocket Punch if the latter ability has been used.
  • Back from the Dead: Mulnau reconstructs it at the beginning of The Movie.
  • Barrier Warrior: Galactron can create a shield of energy with its hands.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Has a huge energy sword built into its left hand that impales Ultraman Orb. Oh, and it shoots lasers.
  • Breakout Villain: Possibly the most popular monster from Orb's series, having appeared in the next series, Geed, as well as Geed's Big Damn Movie and later in Taiga, as well as showing up in plenty of video games and merchandise related to the series.
  • Chest Blaster: The Galactron Spark, a huge laser cannon of devastating power.
    • Taken for Granite: Mulnau upgrades the Galactron Spark to turn its targets into crystal.
  • Enemy Scan: Performs one on Orb, allowing it to figure out how to overpower him.
  • Eye Beams: Its main weapon. They create rings of energy at a targeted location before erupting into massive explosions.
  • Foil: To Thunder Breastar. Both Galactron and Thunder Breastar can be seen as a representation of justice out of control. However, Galactron has an orderly, composed and dignified air, whilst Thunder Breastar is a raging berserker. Appearance-wise, Galactron is designed with Gold and White Are Divine in mind, while Thunder Breastar has Belial's Red and Black and Evil All Over as his aesthetic.
  • Humongous Mecha: Obviously.
  • Instant Runes: Generates a lot of magic circles whenever it performs any kind of attack, suggesting Magitek origins.
  • The Juggernaut: So powerful that Orb had to use Thunder Breaster again in order to defeat it.
  • Leitmotif: Has a six-note theme that accompanies it during the monster's debut, as a Shout-Out towards Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The music seems to come from Galactron itself, as it plays its own theme to calm down Thunder Breastar.
  • Light Is Not Good: It's predominantly white and has a divine appearance, but its actions are misguided at best and omnicidal at worst.
  • Meaningful Name: A combination of two of its proposed names: Galaxy Dragon and Salvatron.
  • Name-Tron: Galac-tron.
  • Prehensile Hair: Not true hair, but Galactron possesses a large cluster of braided wires it can use to grab enemies.
  • Rocket Punch: Galactron is able to fire its right arm as a missile.
  • Shock and Awe: Its Rocket Punch can shoot lightning bolts, though they didn't do much against Orb Thunder Breastar.
  • Tractor Beam: Its chest can fire one, which it uses to capture Naomi and assimilate her mind in order to understand Earth and determine the right course of action in dealing with the planet and its inhabitants.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Its purpose was to bring peace to universe, but it believes peace can only be achieved by killing all creatures to prevent conflicts from ever starting in the first place.


First Appearance: An Unforgettable Place
A hybrid of Zetton and Pandon created by Juggler from combining their cards. He used this monster in an attempt to force Gai to use Thunder Breaster again, hoping that one last taste of its immense powers would draw him into darkness. The monster then reappears in The Movie where Juggler uses it to battle Deavorick, Alien Temperor Batistsa, and Alien Hipporito Callisto.
  • Attack Reflector: Inherited from Zetton, except Zeppandon returns fire with its force field.
  • Barrier Warrior: Like Zetton, it can produce a force field.
  • Breath Weapon: Shoots fireballs and electricity from its mouth. Additionally, the vestigial Pandon heads are able to spit purple bolts of energy.
  • Hybrid Monster: Of the two final opponents in their respective series, as well as Maga-Orochi's tail
  • The Juggernaut: To an even larger degree than Maga-Orochi. It literally catches and eats Orb's energy cutter.
  • Playing with Fire: Primarily uses its fireballs to attack, like its two component monsters. It can also intensify its own body heat, so when Orb's Slugger Lance made contact with it, the heat traveled up his weapon and forced him to let go.
  • Shock and Awe: Fires electricity with its fireballs to increase the destructive effect of its attacks.
  • Teleport Spam: Borrowed from Zetton.

Alien Shaplay Katarohi

Portrayed by: Shota Yamamoto (voice), Takaya Inoue (human form)

First Appearance: Hard Boiled Liver
An alien criminal who collected the life forces of women by selling them Slimtonium jewelry under the form of a salesman named Takahiro. His plan was to use the collected life energy to empower his Bemular.
See Ultraseven

  • Power Crystal: Was selling these. He claims these Slimtonium crystals help with weight loss, but in reality, they steal life energy which he can use to empower other beings, namely Bemular.

Empowered Bemular

First Appearance: Hard Boiled Liver
A more powerful version of Bemular, with two horns summoned by Alien Shaplay's life-filled Slimtonium jewels.
See Ultraman TV Series


First Appearance: The Demon Inside Me
An updated version of a monster from Ultraman Cosmos, Gurenki is a vengeful spirit that envies happy couples born from a love-lost couple from the Sengoku period that was sealed away inside a wishing stone for married couples, only to be freed in the present by Naomi's jealousy for her friend getting married.
See Ultraman Cosmos

  • Art Evolution: Renki is given a drastic visual update here, now donning a suit of red samurai armor and a somewhat more robotic appearance. Also, the mask, hair, and arrows stuck in his body are now removed.
  • Blade Time: Gurenki was able to do this on Orb Hurricane Slash's Trident Slash.
  • Heel Realization: Has one when Naomi asks if all those years he granted couples romantic fortune he never had in life meant something to him. It turns out it did.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Hits like a truck and can move like a Formula One racer, and is the first to give Orb Origin one hell of a fight.
  • Master Swordsman: Shows off its swordsmanship by standing toe-on-toe with the Orbcalibur.
  • Meaningful Name: Gurekni means "Crimson Lotus Knight" in Japanese, playing upon the original Renki's name meaning "Love-Demon".
  • Mercy Kill: Allows Orb to exorcise it with the Orb Water Calibur, purifying him into a rainbow.
  • Near-Villain Victory: One of the few Kaiju able to go toe-to-toe with Orb Origin form without breaking a sweat. If not for its last minute Heel Realization, it probably would've effortlessly killed Naomi's friend, and probably Orb himself.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Is a demon born from the envy and hate of a pair of Star-Crossed Lovers.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Was imprisoned by a monk inside the wishing stone until Naomi accidentally releases him.
  • Super-Speed: Briefly displayed this ability while dueling with Orb.

Commander Black

Portrayed by: Soichiro Akaboshi

First Appearance: The Unmarked Cafe
The owner of a mysterious coffee shop called Black Star Cafe that's not on any map but rumored to serve the greatest coffee in Shinjuku. he is in fact a retired Galactic Conqueror, specifically an updated version of the Big Bad in the final twelve episodes of Ultraman Leo.
See Ultraman Leo

  • Adaptational Heroism: The original Commander Black was a monstrous piece of work, and dies in the finale. This version, while still trying to take over the world, is much more friendly and retired from being a supervillain long ago. He also doesn't die like his original incarnation.
  • Chef of Iron: Makes delicious coffee and ramen, but is also a retired alien conqueror.
  • Friendly Enemy: Is friends with Gai/Orb despite being a retired alien invader. Even when he briefly comes out of retirement, he holds no ill will towards him and seemed to just want one last fight before retiring for good.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Used to want to take over the Earth, now he makes coffee and later on ramen.
  • Retired Monster: Sincerely wishes he is this. In the past he considered conquering the Earth his dream, but now just runs an alien coffee shop. When Nova goes on the rampage, he goes along with it, but ultimately has no ill will towards anyone and genuinely did enjoy being a coffee shop owner. After Nova's destroyed, he opens a ramen shop.
  • Supreme Chef: Both his coffee and ramen are apparently immensely delicious.
  • They Don't Make Them Like They Used To: Is of this opinion about Kaiju, feeling monsters today are 'too busy' and prefers Simple, yet Awesome kaiju like Nova.
  • Truce Zone: His establishments. When an alien tries to pick a fight with Orb, he tells them to take it outside because conflicts between good and evil aren't allowed.


First Appearance: The Unmarked Cafe
Commander Black's monster companion, usually disguised as a red Teru-Teru Bōzu the retired alien conqueror keeps around his coffee shop as a good luck charm. But as Earth's secret alien population begins fleeing the planet due to sensing a dire evil, Nova sees one last opportunity for Commander Black to seize Earth.
See Ultraman Leo

  • Fighting Clown: This incarnation of Nova acts a lot sillier than previous ones. It even squeaks like a toy when Orb tries to squeeze its head!
  • Teleport Spam: A new ability to Nova in this series.

     Kaiju and Aliens (Ultra Fight Orb


First Appearance: Ultra Fight Orb
The first of many kaiju revived by the sorcerer Reibatos.
See Ultraman X


First Appearance: Ultra Fight Orb
The second monster resurrected by Reibatos, sent to assist Juda in destroying Ultraman Zero.
See Ultraman Zero

  • Villain Team-Up: With Juda, replacing the role usually filled by Grand King as the villain's robot-dino-kaiju.

Juda Spectre

First Appearance: Ultra Fight Orb
The Big Bad of Andro Melos and Ultraman Story resurrected by Reibatos alongside Mecha-Gomora to destroy Ultraman Zero.
See Ultraman Taro

  • Villain Team-Up: With Mecha-Gomora due to Reibatos resurrecting them together.


First Appearance: Ultra Fight Orb
One of six monsters resurrected by Reibatos to destroy Ultraman Orb and Zero.
See Return of Ultraman

  • Villain Team-Up: With Birdon, King Joe, Twin Tail, Hyper Zetton, and Vict Lugiel.


First Appearance: Ultra Fight Orb, Echo (Orb Origin Saga)
One of six monsters resurrected by Reibatos to destroy Ultraman Orb and Zero. It also appears in Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga as one of several kaiju victims of the Bezelbs' Kugutsu, battling Orb and Ultraman Dyna and later teaming up with Bemstar to catch Queen Amate.
See Ultraman Taro

  • Mythology Gag: Is killed by Zoffy in Ultra Fight Orb — an ironic flip on what happened when Zoffy originally encountered the monster back in Ultraman Taro.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: Has this reaction in The Origin Saga when Dyna turns into Strong-Type and hits him.
  • Villain Team-Up: With Gudon, King Joe, Twin Tail, Hyper Zetton, and Vict Lugiel in Ultra Orb Fight; and with Bemstar in The Origin Saga.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: In The Origin Saga, Birdon is seen alongside Bemstar in the attack on Earth but never shown being cured of its Kugutsu or being killed.

King Joe

First Appearance: Ultra Fight Orb
One of six monsters resurrected by Reibatos to destroy Ultraman Orb and Zero.
See Ultraseven

  • Villain Team-Up: With Gudon, Birdon, Twin Tail, Hyper Zetton, and Vict Lugiel.

Twin Tail

First Appearance: Ultra Fight Orb
One of six monsters resurrected by Reibatos to destroy Ultraman Orb and Zero.
See Return of Ultraman

  • Villain Team-Up: With Gudon, King Joe, Birdon, Hyper Zetton, and Vict Lugiel.

Hyper Zetton

First Appearance: Ultra Fight Orb
One of six monsters resurrected by Reibatos to destroy Ultraman Orb and Zero. Not to be confused with Hyper Zetton Deathscythe from the series proper.
See Ultraman Zero

  • Villain Team-Up: With Gudon, King Joe, Twin Tail, Birdon, and Vict Lugiel.

Vict Lugiel

First Appearance: Ultra Fight Orb
One of six monsters resurrected by Reibatos to destroy Ultraman Orb and Zero.
See Ultraman Ginga


First Appearance: Ultra Fight Orb
The final monster summoned by Reibatos.
See Ultraman Taro

  • Hold the Line: His job is to hold off Ultramen while his master Reibatos collects souls of monsters from the Monster Graveyard.

     Kaiju and Aliens (Ultraman Orb: The Origin Saga


First Appearance: Glittering Star
One of several kaiju to fall victim to the Bezelbs' Kugutsu poison. Psychi uses it and King Gesura to show off the power of Kugutsu to him by having the two fight each other to the death. It later appears alongside Vakishim and some Bezelbs to destroy the Tree of Life.
See Return of Ultraman

  • Spared by the Adaptation: This is the first instance in which Earthtron isn't killed, as Cosmos purifies both him and Vakishim of their Kugutsu.
  • Villain Team-Up: With Vakishim in the final assault on the Tree of Life.

King Gesura

First Appearance: Glittering Star
One of several kaiju to fall victim to the Bezelbs' Kugutsu poison. Psychi and Queen Bezelb use it and Earthtron to demonstrate how Kugutsu works to Shinra by Earthtron kill Gesura.
See Ultraman TV Series


First Appearance: Relation
One of several kaiju to fall victim to the Bezelbs' Kugutsu poison. Gai and Juggler encounter it on the planet Rurin and pursue it into space, where they soon run into Miccot and Ricca when the monster attempts to devour their spaceship. A second one later appears alongside Birdon in pursuit of Queen Amate.
See Return of Ultraman

  • Eat Me: Orb destroys the first Bemstar in this manner.
  • Villain Team-Up: With Birdon as Psychi sends the pair after Queen Amate when she decides to come to Earth.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: The second Bemstar is seen during the assault on Earth but never shown getting destroyed or being cured of the Kugutsu.


First Appearance: Dawn
One of several kaiju to fall victim to the Bezelbs' Kugutsu poison. It was sent alongside Vakishim and the Bezelbs to attack Planet Kanon in Psychi's assault on the planet.
See Ultraman Ace

  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Is last seen being beamed onto Psychi's ship when he decides to head for Earth, but doesn't appear during the final assault on the Tree of Life.


First Appearance: Dawn
One of several kaiju to fall victim to the Bezelbs' Kugutsu poison. It is first seen alongside Velokron in the initial assault on Planet Kanon, and later joins Earthtron and some Bezelbs in an attempt to destroy the Tree of Life.
See Ultraman Ace

  • Spared by the Adaptation: This is the first time in the series Vakishim doesn't die as he has no connection to Yapool this time.
  • Villain Team-Up: With Earthtron in the final assault on the Tree of Life.

     Kaiju and Aliens (Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!

Alien Gapiya Sadeath

Portrayed by: Koichi Yamadera (voice)

First Appearance: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!
Mulnau's bodyguard. Sadeath had encountered and been defeated by Gai thousands of years ago when Ultraman Orb was on Planet Ganun Api. Then he had been in the service of a different villain, but now working with Mulnau, he is eager for a rematch.
  • Affably Evil: For a bloodthirsty warrior who enjoys fighting for the sheer sake of it, he's also quite cheery and friendly with his enemies.
  • Arm Cannon: The Gapiya Snake mounted on his right arm.
  • Barrier Warrior: Can make a small force field to block attacks.
  • Blood Knight: Oh yeah, he loves fighting. He loves it to the point where he applauds his own death as being awesome.
  • Cyborg: Due to the fact that his last battle with Orb ended with him being thrown into a volcano, he is now outfitted with various mechanical parts.
  • The Dragon: To Mulnau, he shares the role with Juggler, Callisto, Batista and Doppel but used to serve as one in Chapter 2-3 towards an evil aristocrat named Count Orlock.
  • From a Single Cell: Regenerates from being blown to pieces at one point.
  • Graceful Loser: Shows excitement in his final moments raising two thumbs up towards Orb before perishing.
  • Gratuitous English: Its subtle but he injects some of it in his speech.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Dies this way, although Sadeath only explodes instead of literally splitting into half.
  • Healing Factor: Sadeath can regenerate or reconstitute from most wounds, but Orb's Trinitium Kourin puts him down for good.
  • It's Personal: Treats his fight with Ultraman Orb as a revenge for his defeat back in Chapter 2-3 after surviving from a fall into a volcano.
  • Large Ham: Boy he is.
  • Master Swordsman: Uses his personal sword the Sadestein for melee combat.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: His name is a combination of "sadist" and "death" to form a pun on the Japanese word for "discrimination" (sabetsu).
  • Sword and Gun: Uses the Sadestein sword in combat but also has an arm mounted Gapiya Snake on his right arm.
  • This Cannot Be!: One half of his last words.
    Sadeath: "Impossible! But that's awesome!!"
  • Too Kinky to Torture: Apparently he do have some sense of pain but seemingly shows no discomfort of being defeated by Orb.
  • We Can Rebuild Him: Survived a fall into a volcano before he was remodeled into a Cyborg, and since then can resurrect himself by reforming his scattered body parts.

Alien Temperor Batista

Portrayed by: Otake (voice)

First Appearance: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!
One of three aliens summoned by Mulnau with Kaiju Cards to assist Sadeath and Deavorick with destroying Ultraman Orb.
See Ultraman Taro

Alien Hipporito Callisto

Portrayed by: Hirohisa Ota (voice)

First Appearance: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!
The second of three Kaiju Card-summoned aliens. He was sent out with Batista and Doppel to help Gapiya and Sadeath destroy Ultraman Orb.
See Ultraman Ace

Alien Guts Doppel

Portrayed by: Shinji Saito (voice)

First Appearance: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!
The third alien summoned by Mulnau with Kaiju Cards to destroy Ultraman Orb. While initially teamed up with Batista and Callisto, he splits off from them to pursue the SSP, but later returns to join them in the final battle.
See Ultraseven


First Appearance: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!
An enormous mechanical kaiju created by Mulnau with Juggler's Dark Ring. The cyborg abomination's entire purpose was to turn the entire Earth into crystal, and create as much chaos and destruction as physically possible in the process, acting as the most powerful of the space witch's minions.
  • Achilles' Heel: If the Dark Ring were to be banished, victims of Deavorick's petrifaction would be cured. So Juggler did just that.
  • Arm Cannon: Its left arm is a machine gun and its right arm is a laser cannon that turns its targets into crystal.
  • Beam Spam: Deavorick's body has hundreds of lasers cannons that shoot two types of beams — blue ones fired in random directions, and red ones that are directed at targets. They're typically fired all at once.
  • BFG: In addition to a variety of them strapped to his body, he has a mouth mounted one called the "Deavorick Cannon" that requires him to allow Sadeath to link up with him to lock on to the target and pull the trigger.
  • Cyborg: Was born this way.
  • Dragon-in-Chief: The most powerful of Mulnau's minions, and after he's destroyed her plans are ruined.
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Dies after being sliced by Trinitium Kourin.
  • Homing Lasers: The red lasers fired from its Beam Spam do this.
  • The Juggernaut: Highly, highly, highly resilient to almost every attack the Ultra heroes throw at it.
  • More Dakka: Firing his weapons indiscriminately in all directions is what Deavorick was quite literally made for.
  • Taken for Granite: Crystallizes the entire town and according to Mulnau, can do the same thing on a planetary scale.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Deavorick's most powerful ability is the Deavorick Cannon, a hidden laser cannon in its mouth that fires a massive, super-powerful energy beam capable of smashing straight through a force field.

Alien Kukaratch

First Appearance: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!
An insect-like alien who appears as one of Mulnau's thugs. Although pretty much just a background character, he gets recycled a fair bit whenever the Ultra Series is in need of an alien henchman.

Garmes Man

First Appearance: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!
Another one of Mulnau's minor henchmen. He bears a strong resemblance to Galkimes.


First Appearance: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!
Another one of Mulnau's minor henchmen.
See Ultraseven X

Cicada Woman

First Appearance: Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me the Power of Bonds!
Another one of Mulnau's minor henchmen.
See Ultra Q

    Novel-Exclusive Kaiju and Aliens 


A monster unleashed by Mulnau and Dr. Jiggle on the planet Cobol to obstruct Gai when he is in pursuit of the two.
See Ultraseven


One of three monsters awoken by Princess Salamni to destroy the Gibli and Shillock tribes on the planet Nuock.
See Ultraman TV Series


One of three monsters awoken by Princess Salamni to destroy the Gibli and Shillock tribes on the planet Nuock.
See Return of Ultraman


One of three monsters awoken by Princess Salamni to destroy the Gibli and Shillock tribes on the planet Nuock.
See Ultraman TV Series


A monster slumbering inside a volcano on the planet Ganun Api that Count Orlock sought to awaken.
See Ultraman 80

Balloonga Bomb

A highly dangerous entity sealed inside a Super Polymerized Gold Capsule that Juggler turned into a bomb to create a supermassive black hole.
See Ultra Q


One of six monsters conjured by the powerful brain waves of Biranki on Planet 484 (the other five are not identified).
See Ultraman TV Series


A monster used by Juggler in Ishtal when he established a cult for Maga-Tanozoa under the guise of Nuru Ra Hotep.
See Ultraman TV Series

Kingsaurus II

A monster that appeared from a thawing glacier in the East European nation of Rusalka when Gai came to the place in 1908 in search of Maga-Zetton. It is a distant relative of Kingsaurus III.
See Return of Ultraman

Super C.O.V.

A monster that Gai was battling while in Rusalka. Gai defeated alien creature, but was left in a state of amnesia afterwards, which led to him meeting Natasha.
See Ultraman Gaia


A monster that Gai battled while he was under the care of Natasha. Its appearance somehow allowed him to regain his memories after many months of amnesia.
See Return of Ultraman


A monster called to Earth by Biranki when she came in search of Juggler. It made itself at home in the Burlesque Archipelago of Latin America, causing plane and ship disappearances in the region.
See Ultraman Leo


A monster Gai battled at the Sevel Archipelago in the Arctic a few months prior to the TV show when he was trying to stop Juggler from awakening Maga-Basser.
See Ultra Q

Alternative Title(s): Ultra Fight Orb, Ultraman Orb The Origin Saga, Ultraman Orb The Movie Lend Me The Power Of Bonds