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Memes that have to do with Fire Emblem Fates.

  • The units in Fates have actual, visible feet, rather than the bizarre hooves characters had in Awakening. This has prompted a wave of posts among the likes of "Feet confirmed!" To take it further, the protagonist Does Not Like Shoes, emphasizing the prominince of feet.
  • Comparison to Code Geass. To make it simple, Leo is Lelouch, Takumi is Suzaku, and Azura is C.C.
    • Not a good explanation? Watch these three videos. They're Code MENT, so they don't use actual sound clips from the original, but they're accurate.
  • With the second reveal trailer showing the Nohr side includes a woman named Camilla with... notable assets, "I pick Nohr for boobs" has become a common rallying cry.
    • Camilla as a whole has become memetic on GameFAQs, with the vast majority of topics in the Nohr version's board (Which even most of the people siding with Hoshido use) being related to her in some way or form.
  • Also, BLOODLINE v. LOYALTY for the two opposing factions.
  • Hoshido: The Land of Moe. Explanation 
  • Within minutes of the reveal that Book Bro's name was Leon, Nohr has become the land of communism for the fanbase (due to (Karl) Marx and Leon (Trotsky)). Thus, many fans are planning to name their Nohr-route Avatar Josef or Vladimir, or speculation that the young troubadour's name will be something like Frida or Anastasia to keep up the theme... right up until said "troubadour" was revealed to be a Rod Knight named Elise.
    • And the moment their names were changed to Xander and Leo in the localization, the fans started joking about NOA being "too capitalistic".
  • "Oniichan! (Big brother!)" "Niisama... (Big brother...)" Explanation 
  • Elise, Sakura, and Midori have also become memetic for a different reason. They're some of the few obviously underage characters the player can marry without some sort of justification (Nowi in Fire Emblem Awakening being Really 700 Years Old, for instance). Cue the Lolicon jokes.
  • During a Famitsu reveal (that also revealed the Butler class), Gunter's Great Knight class was misread by some sources as "Great Butler", which immediately went memetic.
  • Many fans have noticed similarities in design between Arthur and Gaston, to the point where he has been nicknamed "Blond Gaston". This comparison has also led to images like this being made.
  • The Avatar's dragon form has generated quite a fair amount of memes. For example, some people think it looks like a cross between Dialga, Arceus, and Xerneas. Cue the Pokémon cracks.
  • #BlameTakumi / #PraiseTakumi note 
    • #BlameIago note 
    • While we're on hashtags, #BlameTeamB note 
    • Related to the above, #PraiseTeamA note 
  • Ever since his reveal, Benoit has been subject to some rather... crass jokes on account of his very unfortunate name. Even creepier, the game's release date (June 25th, 2015) happened to be the 8-year-anniversary of the events in question. (It's no wonder that his name was changed to Benny in the localization.)
  • Fire Emblem saved Gay Marriage. note 
    • Related, Instant Bisexual.note 
  • Rinkah's abs are painted on note 
    • Related: Players found out her strength growth is actually lower than Sakura's, which surprisingly has inspired less jokes about how weak Rinkah is, and instead more about how strong Sakura must be.
    • Another joke regarding Strength growths: as soon as Azura's strength growth (60%)note  was found to be higher than both the Path of Radiance (50%) and Radiant Dawnnote  (55%) versions of Ike, much joking ensued.
    • Related to Azura's STR growth being higher than Ike's: this image was created once her high STR growth was realized and has become very popular among the fanbase.
  • Felicia having a large rear end. note 
    • Azura having a nice butt, after Kozaki drew a birthday picture for her that had her in a pose with a very prominent emphasis on said posterior.
  • Flora and fire/hot jokes, and comparing her to Sigurd. note 
  • It's become common to refer to Ryoma as "Lobster Lord" because of his bright red armor, status, and due to a joke from Awakening made towards a similarly red-armored characternote . The Beach Brawl picture of him underwater catching fish with his bare hands doesn't help either.
    • Possibly an Ascended Meme in the localization. Orochi calls Ryoma a "lobster on a bad hair day" in one of their supports.
  • It's also become common to call Corrin (the Avatar's default name in most localizations, and their name in Super Smash Bros.) "Corn". "Corinne" has also become a rising Fan Nickname for female Corrin.
  • With the reveal of Zero's name being changed to Niles in the localization, fans are making jokes about other characters named Niles in relation to the character. Several Edgeworth jokes have popped up, too.
  • "Leo x Tomatoes" note 
    • This seemingly has received a Fandom Nod in the English translation, where "Loves Tomatoes the Most" was upgraded to "Objectively loves tomatoes more than anyone else could."
  • "My spell hand twitches!" Explanation 
  • "We've got trouble!" Explanation 
    • "What did Felicia say (insert whatever has an answer that is a variation of "We've got trouble")?" Explanation 
  • "Nohrian scum!" Explanation 
    • This meme is even more often used for Takumi.
  • (groans of increasing discomfort) Explanation 
  • "Ancient gods... What's up?" Explanation 
  • "technically an adult" Explanation 
  • "..." Explanation 
  • the b a b y r e a l m Explanation 
  • Similarly to the above, ever since the exact nature of the child units was discovered, the Deeprealms have often been referred to as the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
  • "backflip away from your problems" Explanation 
  • "STRENGTH IS EVERYTHING!" Explanation 
  • "Bring me my booty!"Explanation 
  • "Emo Dragon Poetry"Explanation 
  • "TALLBERT" (Spoiler-iffic) Explanation 
  • For some reason, there seems to be some obsession in the fandom revolving around Man Cleavagenote .
  • Xander and his Gold Digger Explanation 
  • Shigure is a Disney Princess Explanation 
    • Similarly, a common joke amongst Corrin/Azura shippers is to accuse Shigure of being overdressed, as both parents and Kana go barefooted.
    • Another joke amongst Corrin/Azura shippers is to say Shigure wears shoes, unlike his parents and sister, because he's going through his rebellious teen phase.Explanation 
    • Kiragi the anti-Disney Princess. Explanation 
  • A Running Gag has popped up amongst the fanbase where Xander actually named his son, Siegbert, due to a Line-of-Sight Name with his sword Siegfried and a picture of Bert. There's also expanded versions that show Xander being... hilariously uncreative with names, such as naming his horse Sieghorse, and his spear Siegspear.
  • ALL of Takumi's son Kiragi's critical lines have become memes, for how he manages to be an extremely Keet Nice Guy even when delivering Pre-Mortem One-Liners, resulting in Mood Whiplash like "HAVE A NICE DAY" (BOOM!) and "WAR IS HECK!"
  • The second Fire Emblem Explanation 
  • Multiple videos have begun circulating on YouTube where comedian acts are reenacted by the cast of the game, almost always with Takumi as the one narrating. A few notable examples.
  • Boots is my favorite character. Explanation 
  • Emperor Corrin Explanation 
    • YOU ARE THE OCEAN'S MISTAKE Explanation 
    • YOU ARE THE OCEAN'S GAY WAVES! Explanation 
  • So, you know the thing about Va[Disappears] Explanation (SPOILERS) 
  • Rallyman believes in you! Explanation 
    • On the note of capturable units, who can forget good ol' defense daddy Haitaka? Explanation 
  • "You abandoned your family... and Hoshido... Now pay, for your betrayal!” Explanation 
  • Photoshopping a noose over the flower garland Elise is holding in her Beach Brawl CG to express disappointment.
  • Because it's possible for Odin/Owain to become a grandfather in this game if the Avatar marries Ophelia, fans sometimes joke about Lissa dealing with the shock of being a great-grandmother while still in her teens. Sometimes applied to Cordelia or Olivia as well.
    • On a related note, Elise and Selena are often used as Odin/Owain and Subaki's wives in pictures featuring these memes, since fans quickly realized that it makes Ophelia and Caeldori nearly identical to their grandmothers.

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