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Cloudcuckoolanders are usually perceived as childlike and innocent, devoid of any sort of sarcasm and snarkery. Therefore when such a character all of a sudden delivers quips and witticisms, it is often a real surprise for the reader/viewer. It may serve as an indication that they are not as air-headed and naive as they may seem — and perhaps even deliberately pretend to be.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Zeno the Yellow Dragon Warrior from Yona of the Dawn is a Cloudcuckoolander of the Obfuscating Stupidity subspecies — he initially doesn't want to let on to his traveling companions that he is actually an immortal contemporary of their mythical ancestors from 2,000 years prior, and instead prefers to be underestimated (and spoiled) as a cute, cuddly 17-year-old boy with no power whatsoever. However, he's actually very intelligent, intuitive, and perceptive, and he was watching over Yona and the other three dragons for much of their lives, so he will occasionally let slip an affectionately snide remark. He has an especial talent for stating the obvious in such a way that it's both blunt enough to sound like his typical cheerful obliviousness, yet also pointed enough that it has to be sarcasm. Once the other characters learn the truth, his always-lovingly-meant snark becomes more open for a while, often tag-teaming with self-proclaimed big brother Jaeha to gently mock Kija, but the changing dynamic in the way the other characters view his powers (namely, the fact that his immortality causes him to be subjected to constant Gorn, which they all try to protect him from) begins to stress him out and makes him too irritable to snark properly. Thankfully, Shrinking Violet Shin-ah has been watching him all along and seems poised to pick up where he left off.
    Zeno: We have to fight the mister this time? Someone'll die. Probably us...
    Shin-ah: Zeno will probably live...
    Zeno: You're finally quipping back, huh Seiryuu?
  • The Comically Serious, common sense-less Sōsuke engages in this with increasing frequency as Full Metal Panic! progresses, the implication being that he's slowly developing an actual sense of humor as he rediscovers his other buried emotions. It's apparently subconscious on his part, however, as it's not until 5/6ths into the series that he deliberately tells his first joke (and completely bombs it because he Cannot Convey Sarcasm).

  • Princess Eilonwy from The Chronicles of Prydain seems like a Talkative Loon and an airhead at first, but turns out to be a real snarker (especially towards the protagonist). This is one of the first signs that she's much sharper than she may appear to be (actually one of the most intelligent characters in the series).
  • Jenny Wren from Our Mutual Friend is a complete Cuckoolander who lives in her imaginary world, sees angels and talks to herself; however, she is very smart, insightful and snarky when not engaged in poetic fancy.
  • Maia Fresia from Numero Zero has many quirks and childlike mannerisms, as well as a sarcastic wit.
  • Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter tends to do this from time to time, just to let the audience know that he's more aware of things than he comes off.
  • The quirky prophet Emmanuel from Sister Pelagia appears to be a Wide-Eyed Idealist, but sometimes demonstrates irony and comes up with witticisms.
  • Auri from The Kingkiller Chronicle is an ethereal, Luna Lovegood-esque girl who seems to be completely off her rails, rambling about keys that open the moon and stuff; however, all of a sudden she makes quips like this one:
    "I was wondering, Auri. Would you mind showing me the Underthing?"
    Auri looked away, suddenly shy. "Kvothe, I thought you were a gentleman," she said, tugging self-consciously at her ragged shirt. "Imagine, asking to see a girl's underthing." She looked down, her hair hiding her face.
    I held my breath for a moment, choosing my next words carefully lest I startle her back underground. While I was thinking, Auri peeked at me through the curtain of her hair.
    "Auri," I asked slowly, "are you joking with me?"
    She looked up and grinned. "Yes I am," she said proudly. "Isn't it wonderful?”''
  • Most wizards in Discworld to some extent. Rincewind and Ponder are exceptions (being almost purely snarkers) but Ridcully, the Bursar, and other members of faculty will bounce back and forth between saying something crazy, often by being Sidetracked by the Analogy and saying something witty.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The A-Team: Howlin' Mad Murdock is one of the kookiest soldiers of fortune around, whose quirks have included, but are not limited to, launching a society for the freedom of golf balls, having an invisible dog and taking on a number of different personas. He can also be quite snarky when he gets the urge.
  • Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, though Sarcasm-Blind, tends to make sarcastic (or Innocently Insensitive) quips at his friends and colleagues (and pretty much everyone). He's also a Ditzy Genius with an Ambiguous Disorder.
  • Brittany, the Genius Ditz of Glee, is definitely prone to this.
  • Doctor Who: The Doctor is genuinely odd, even by the standards of their alien culture, and quite prone to sarcasm. The stranger the incarnation, the sharper the snark. Four, Eight, and Thirteen are loopy even by Doctor standards with WMD levels of snark to dish out.

  • Sir Joseph Porter in Gilbert and Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore. One moment he's inanely rabbiting on about how all sailors should dance hornpipes, another moment he's dropping shade like this:
    Captain Corcoran: I am the last person to insult a British sailor, Sir Joseph.
    Sir Joseph: You are the last person who did, Captain Corcoran.

    Video Games 
  • Liz Allaire from The Next Big Thing by Pendulo Studios, described by the authors as possibly "the most outrageously insane main character in the history of all graphic adventures". She is also a very talented young journalist who often delivers brilliant quips (especially towards her colleague Dan Murray, due to obvious reasons).
  • The witch Magilou from Tales of Berseria is extremely quirky, and also very sarcastic and teasing.
  • The Sith Inquisitor from Star Wars: The Old Republic is clearly a little "off" sanity-wise, but snarks off enough to put Blackadder to shame.
  • Edér from Pillars of Eternity. He has a dry, pitch black wit, but also tends to come up with strange ideas, especially in the presence of anything fluffy. Perhaps the whiteleaf is to blame.
  • Rei of Ensemble Stars! is a member of the Five Oddballs, and constantly acts as though he is a hundreds-year-old vampire living among humans, but he is plenty snarky, especially where Koga is concerned; sure enough, he is actually very intelligent and quite a dangerous enemy.
  • Merrill from Dragon Age II delivers some pretty crushing remarks when pushed far enough by antagonistic party members Anders or Fenris, showing she is fully aware of how grim their situations are. The rest of the time, she has her head in the clouds wondering how Qunari scratch their heads and cooing over vicious guard-dogs.

    Western Animation 
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: It is rare, but Cloudcuckoolander supreme Pinkie Pie can snark if the situation calls for it.
    • For example, in "Non-Compete Clause":
      Twilight Sparkle: Who better [than Applejack and Rainbow Dash] to model the importance of working as a team?
      Pinkie Pie: Um, Rarity, Fluttershy, me, Spike, this flower pot...
    • Or in "A Trivial Pursuit":
      Twilight Sparkle: ...we still could've had fun. I'm so sorry for not realizing it. I got so obsessed with one thing, I forgot what really mattered.
      Pinkie Pie: [heavy with sarcasm] No! That doesn't sound like you at all!
  • Panchito in Legend of the Three Caballeros, who is now more cuckoo and ditzy, can be surprisingly sarcastic, mainly towards Donald.
  • Total Drama:
    • When resident Cloudcuckoolander Izzy finally finds herself as the Only Sane Woman.
      Izzy: I'm surrounded by loons!
    • Shawn the Zombie-Conspiracy Nut spends every other moment spouting nonsense about how a Zombie Apocalypse is impending, but he's prone to be the snarky Only Sane Man just as much.
      Shawn: I can't hear you over your insanity!
  • Gir in Invader Zim can occasionally drop a snide remark in-between all the raving incoherently about food.
  • Futurama: Philip J. Fry has his moments.
    Hermes: Get ready for fun, Fry. Nowadays we have a type of game played entirely on video.
    Leela: We call it a "video game".
    Fry: [holding it together] ...A video game, you say? Well, golly gee. You mighty spacemen of the future will have to show me how it works.
    [cut to Fry laughing maniacally as he outguns them all]

    Real Life 
  • Oscar Wilde, renowned eccentric and a Gentleman Snarker known for his sharp witticisms.
  • Historically, this is probably how many jesters acted. Jesters are thought to be very strange people who played up their cuckoo-ness so they could get away with mocking the nobility. A jester could even play a good role as an adviser by pointing out the flaws in a plan via mocking the idea or by delivering bad news that no one else dared to.
  • Vinny of the streaming group Vinesauce is both incredibly sarcastic and incredibly eccentric. He has no shortage of snark, yet at the same time this is a man who used rubber dildos to play the drums in a gesture recognition game, amuses himself by aggressively shouting "spin" in a vaguely Slavic voice for no particular reason beyond it being inherently funny-sounding, comes up with words like "clussisimo" and "klump-skumping," and created a detailed backstory for a random earthworm puppet from an MSN commercial just because it looked silly.
  • Jason Cook, a champion baker from Holiday Baking Championship and now a Food Network baking show judge is a very odd duck with his Impossibly Tacky Clothes and southern fried Good Old Boy humble background. And in every appearance he makes, he doles out some kind of weapons-grade snark either as self depreciation or at the expense of some contestant who is getting a bit ahead of themselves.
  • This is Norm Macdonald's whole comedic persona.


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