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Fanfic / The Friendship Asylum

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Sing to me, muses. The anger of Gentaro Kisaragi, and the fall that was brought by the bitten Forbidden Fruit.

The first tale of the "Alternate!Gentaro" story arc, and the second one chronically.

Gentaro Kisaragi was once a kind and noble God from the House of Friendship. Unfortunately, a series of events have corrupted the friendly Kamen Rider and shall begin to corrupt the entire Pantheon from within. Who is behind the madness? Which kind of heroes will solve it?


A list of tropes relating to The Friendship Asylum, a story associated with Project: Alternate!Gentaro. The tale and its six volumes can be found here. Note that progress in the tales is still being made to clear plot holes.

The Friendship Asylum provides examples of:

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