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An item, ability, or spell that enables the player character to move faster, possibly to the point of Super-Speed. It can be anything from a device or magical accessory that allows the player to run fast to an animal that can be ridden around. This can be one of the most useful items in the game especially if the character normally runs at the pace of an arthritic slug, and certainly no players are going to complain at being given the ability to complete tasks in a quicker fashion. Occasionally, it may be key to beating a Timed Mission that would otherwise be impossible. There may be a drawback in the form of the character now being Too Fast to Stop, which can be amplified if there are hazards to watch out for, like Spikes or Bottomless Pits.

This is generally the item's explicit purpose, but other times it may be an unintended side effect of something else. Players will invariably exploit this while conducting a Speed Run.

Compare Run, Don't Walk and Nitro Boost (for speed boost in vehicles). Also see Fast-Forward Mechanic for when you move faster through time.


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    Action Games 
  • Boot powerups function in this manner in Adventures of Dino Riki. Howeveer, getting too many will make him almost uncontrollable and increase his risk of running into an enemy, their projectile, or falling into water/a pit.
  • Crimsonland features the (temporary) Speed powerup, and the permanent "Long Distance Runner" perk.
  • In SAS Zombie Assault, applying the Machine Assisted augment to boots makes the player move faster while wearing them. Also, the Titan MEM Sprint is pretty much this.
  • ToeJam & Earl:
    • There are special sneakers that allow you to run really fast and beep like the Road Runner. To sweeten the deal, you start every game with four of these in your inventory.
    • There are also the rocket skates, which allow you to travel above water, so you can use them to find the hidden entrance to Level 0, where ToeJam and Earl can get extra lives and chat with some cuties in a hot tub. However, the difficulty in controlling the rocket skates (and the possibility of inadvertently activating them if you're opening presents at random) can make it feel a lot more like a Power Up Let Down.
  • Zombies Ate My Neighbors could also be considered the Trope Namer, since there is an item called Sprint Shoes in the game. Naturally, they allow Zeke or Julie to run at full tilt for a short time. This is especially useful in getting to victims before a monster does.

    Action Adventure Games 
  • In Clash at Demonhead, the Power Boots boost your running speed for a short time.
  • In Deadly Towers, Hyper Boots will increase your speed, but not while walking in any non-diagonal direction.
  • In The Goonies II, Mikey can find Running Shoes and Spring Shoes. Running Shoes increase his movement speed to not-glacial, while the Spring Shoes increase his jumping ability dramatically. Notably, the effects cannot be combined.
  • A Speed Cloak item in Hob, which boosts speed at the expense of maximum health and stamina.
  • During the first two Eras in Hype: The Time Quest, Hype can partake in a racing minigame proposed by Torras' shoemaker Jamous and later his son Wellet, during which Hype must test the Speed Boots they have been developing. When wearing these, Hype will run at tremedous speeds while shedding a myriad of golden glitters, and he cannot walk at a normal pace at all. After meeting Wellet one more time during the Third Era and completing a final race, the shoemaker deems his boots perfect at last and gifts them to Hype so he can use them whenever he wants.

    Fighting Games & Beat 'Em Ups 
  • Predating Jill, Bang Shishigami from BlazBlue has his Super Mode "Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan" that enables 8 way dashing multiple times.
  • features The Ninja Tabi, an equippable that passively raises the player's speed, with the power of the boost depending on its quality level.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom series
    • Wolverine has a Super Mode called Berserker Rage that increases his already considerably high speed for a short time.
    • In the third game, Firebrand has his Luminous Body for his Super Mode, which works similarly.
    • In a variant, Jill's Mad Beast hyper combo makes her stay in her special stance (where she can then dash quickly to a direction) for 10 seconds, allowing her to Flash Step around the stage.
  • The Bunny Hood from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask also makes an appearance as a usable item in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, where it increases jumping ability as well as speed. Ironically, due to the game's gimmick of forfeiting players who fall off-screen, both the official website and in-game trophy room describe it as an occasional Power Up Letdown in terms of maneuverability if worn by the fastest characters.

    First Person Shooters 
  • The "SportBoost" tonic in Bioshock increases your speed. In Bioshock you got it for it's secondary effects (25%-50% faster swing speed for the wrench) instead of it's primary effects (2.22%-4.44% faster movement speed). It was nerfed in Bioshock 2 as it didn't let you swing any faster and the movement boost wasn't very noticeable.
  • Call of DutyModern Warfare and its sequel features this trope in multiplayer—your speed is based on what your primary weapon is for whatever class you select. (For instance, starting with a SMG gives you the fastest speed while a Riot Shield gives you the slowest speed.) Note that it's not affected by what weapon you're currently carrying, but whatever weapon you started with. Thus, you can ditch your MP5 for an M60 and still maintain breakneck speed.
    • Modern Warfare 2 adds a few speed-based features to classes - people with "Marathon" can run indefinitely (instead of having to slow down after a few seconds of running at top speed), and people with "Lightweight" get a 10% (now 7% speed boost.
  • Counter-Strike: Running with the knife out makes you faster. You run fastest with the knife and slowest with the M249, with pistols and SMGs on the fast end and rifles on the slow end.
  • The Steroids in Duke Nukem 3D.
  • In First Encounter Assault Recon, your movement speed is affected by how cumbersome the weapon you're currently carrying is.
  • Wielding a hatchet in Fistful of Frags will actually increase the player's base movement speed, compared to lighter melee weapons like knives and fists.
  • Halo: Reach introduces a sprint ability as one of several armor abilities. It's one of the less spectacular ones, but can be useful in a lot of different situations.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 has the Adrenaline Shot, an item that gives a small temporary health and speed boost. The item lets you run just fast enough to outrun anything but a Witch (even if your health is in the red!) and common infected can't slow you down if they hit you. You can also run through water instead of wading through it, eliminate melee shoving fatigue, and perform many actions (reviving teammates, activating a device, etc.) in literally half the time.
  • One of the armor upgrades available in Mass Effect 2 is the stimulator conduits - armored greaves incorporating beryllium-tungsten braces and micro-servos to support and enhance natural muscle movement. Equipping them modestly increases Shepard's running speed.
  • Running with your weapon holstered makes you go faster in the Medal of Honor games.
  • PAYDAY 2 has the Inspire skill that gives teammates a temporary boost of speed by simply yelling at them.
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • The Scout, already very fast, has the Baby Face's Blaster, which makes him faster the more damage he does, up to 173% of normal speed.
    • The Pyro having the Powerjack equipped and held out gives you a speed boost.
    • The Heavy Weapons Guy gets the Gloves of Running Urgently, which give a speed boost when wielded at the cost of taking 35% more damage while active and 3 seconds after switching away and the Buffalo Steak Sandvich, which boosts his speed even more than the Gloves when eaten, at the cost of only being able to use melee, and dealing and taking minicrits. Valve had to patch the game so that it wouldn't stack with the gloves' speed boost, mainly because it was a bit unfair for Heavies to be able to rush to the capture points as fast as Scouts.
    • The Demoman's Chargin' Targe allows you to charge forward once every 10 or so seconds, which can be used as either a mobility boost or an attack buff (or both). He also goes faster the more head's he's taken with a number of his swords.
    • The Soldier with the Escape Plan goes faster the lower his hit points; he can also make both himself and teammates faster by whipping them with the Disciplinary Action.
    • A Medic with an Overdose goes faster the higher the Ubercharge; or, equip a Quick Fix to go as fast as the class he is healing—finally, no more being ditched by rocket-jumping Soldiers and Demomen!

    Hack and Slashers 
  • A special cape found in the second dungeon of Brain Lord will increase your speed. The downside is that it is provides basically no defence, yet is worn in place of proper armor. Thus, you move fast, but you're vulnerable, unless you also manage to consume enough Defence Up Potions to compensate.
  • Devil May Cry:
    • The Dash Attack Stinger and its counterparts have this as their supplemental mechanic. Fun fact, if you use Stinger and jump off a cliff, you jump insanely far compared to a regular jump.
    • In the earlier games, Dante's Devil Trigger form could also increase his movement speed on certain conditions (equipping Alastor in Devil May Cry, using the Majin Form in Devil May Cry 2, equipping Rebellion or Cerberus in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening). In Devil May Cry 2, Dante and Lucia can also increase their movement speed when in Devil Trigger by equipping the Quick Heart.
    • Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May Cry 5 have the "Speed" ability which allows the player character to sprint properly after a bit of sustained strides. V's counterpart of "Speed" is named "Quickplay" and he rides Shadow instead of sprinting like the other characters.
  • Diablo II has quite a few things that qualify as this. The assassin has Burst of Speed. The barbarian has the Increased Speed passive as well as Frenzy. The druid gets a minor boost when in werewolf form. The paladin can use Charge for quick movement, or he can just switch to the Vigor aura and basically give his whole party the Bunny Hood effect. Characters lacking these, and many who DO, usually have some equipment that gives a speed boost.
  • Dynasty Warriors has two types: Equipment and a temporary boost item dropped by enemies. Horses allow you to move quickly and weapons or equipment with the Speed attribute allow you to both move and attack faster. Some characters become extremely twitchy with the right gear.
  • Boots of Mercury greatly increase the character's movement speed in Get Medieval. However, it's often more of a nuisance, as it's harder to control such a character.
  • While No More Heroes starts out with Travis already owning a very cool motorcycle to get around in, he also has the ability to learn to dash short distances.
  • God of War III has the Boots of Hermes which allow Kratos to dash and even run up walls.
  • The Knife of Counter-Striking in Magicka gives you double speed.
  • In Path of Exile increased movement speed modifiers appear on randomly generated boots and on some non-boot unique items. The Quicksilver flask and other flasks with the "of Adrenaline" suffix give a boost to movement speed during their effect.

    Maze Games 
  • In The Tower of Druaga, Gilgamesh can obtain winged Jet Boots on the second level to move twice as fast.

  • The MMORPG City of Heroes has "travel powers" (Super Speed, Super Jumping, Flight, and Teleportation) to this effect. They're considered so essential to getting around the city that it's a rare player indeed who doesn't acquire one as soon as it's available (or at all). Some power sets (best read: Kinetics, a buff set) also have various buff powers that can replicate Super Speed and Super Jumping for brief periods of time. Though this necessity has been somewhat alleviated by the addition of temporary travel powers in the form of jetpacks that can last a fairly significant portion of a character's career.
    • The two epic heroic archetypes, Warshades and Peacebringers, each get built in travel powers at level one.
    • Some players combine Ninja Run and Sprint to run faster without taking a travel power. It works, although not as well as Super Speed.
  • EverQuest has the Journeyman's Boots, which allow the player to apply a run speed buff when equipped - very handy in a game where mounts are prohibitively expensive. The quest to get the boots is an utter pain in the ass, however, meaning the players who risk insanity trying to complete it usually do so for the bragging rights, rather than the reward itself. The boots return in the sequel, as an iconic item reward for what is one of the most entertaining heritage quests in the game.
  • Final Fantasy XI has the Strider Boots, which boosts your overall movement speed when worn. The boots make an appearance in Final Fantasy XIV as a shoutout and increases the duration of Sprint instead of movement speed. However, the boots in XIV only work inside large cities.
  • In Free Realms you can get these powers temporarily, but only when doing a time-based mission or fighting in dungeons. You can get a more permanent speed boost by completely leveling up a pet, but they're bought with real money.
  • Wearing boots with higher level raises your speedin, along with Defence and HP.
  • The Champion class in The Lord of the Rings Online has a skill called Sprint which increases your run speed for a short time. It's also possible to find scrolls which temporarily increase your in-combat or out-of-combat run speed by five or ten percent or so. For long distances, horses can be rented or purchased—after you obtain the riding skill in the in-game store, in the latter case.
  • Nearly everyone in Nexus Clash gets some means of getting around faster eventually. Most angels and demons become Winged Humanoids, but there are quite a few that get some variant on this trope, which is actually better since one doesn't need to remember to take off and land. Some classes use more exotic means of getting around, such as manipulating Portal Doors or targeted reincarnation.
  • PlanetSide has the Surge implant, which allows a character to burn Stamina to get a burst of speed. Holstering one's weapon makes them run faster, as well as wearing lighter armor (Standard is faster than Agile, Agile is faster than Reinforced, Reinforced is faster than MAX suits) or activating Run Mode on MAX armors.
  • RuneScape has an interesting case in the Boots of Lightness. They don't make you run faster overtly, but what they do do is decrease your weight, which allows you to expend less Sprint Energy and recover it quicker, allowing you to run further in quicker intervals. Later on, the Graceful outfit was released with the same effect as the Boots of Lightness. While the Graceful boots are slightly worse (4 KG as opposed to the 4.5 of the BoL), wearing a full Graceful set makes your energy recover at a 10% faster rate when you're standing still, an effect shared only by the Lunar spell Dream. They can also be recoloured, provided you have a good enough relationship with the cities of Kourend!
  • Star Trek Online: in space missions, the player can set his ship to "Full Impulse" to travel at roughly twice the full speed otherwise. This has the rather dangerous side effect of draining power from other systems, so running into a battle zone at Full Impulse is generally not recommended. On ground missions, the player can run by simply hitting shift. Outside of combat, the running is a bit slower, but can be used for up to 30 seconds at a time with a short cooldown. In combat, the running is a bit faster, but only works for 5 seconds and has a similar length cooldown. Both of the aforementioned abilities, however, are available from the start—a straighter example would be the Slipstream Drive, which is available upon reaching Admiral. It doubles the travel speed in sector space, which is extremely handy.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • Mounts allow the players using them to travel faster. Same goes for the Druid's Travel Form, the Hunter's Aspect of the Cheetah power, and the Shaman's Ghost Wolf power.
    • Also, the Rogue's Sprint, which, when at a high enough level, actually moves faster than the basic mount speed.
    • The feral druid PVP set bonus imparts a 15% speed boost on top of the 30% speed boost from one of the basic talents. Throw in the Windwalk enchant and after a proc you'll <i>walk</i> about as fast as a mount (and never mind Dash, Stampeding Roar, or the Worgen racial for an even larger boost)
    • Warcraft also features the Engineering ability Nitro Boosts, allow you to transform any pair of footwear into Sprint Shoes for a short period. Of course, as with most Warcraft Engineering abilities, there is always a chance that they will simply explode instead.
  • The L-Sprint and Lost Sprint skills in Final Fantasy XIV gives you a massive burst of speed, but it only lasts for 10 seconds and they can only be used in specific instances.

  • Dota 2 has phase boots which give a short burst of speed, as well as a passive damage increase. Boots of travel give a significant, and more permanent speed boost plus the ability to teleport across the map. Boots and general give a speed increase to some degree.
  • League of Legends has, in addition to speed boots in general, Boots of Mobility which grant increased movement speed out of combat, and Boots of Swiftness which grant lots of movement speed plus resistance to slowing effects.

  • In A Hat in Time, Hat Kid can craft a Sprint Hat to make her run faster. A badge upgrade replaces the hat with a scooter, further increasing her mobility.
  • Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie feature the Sprint Shoes, which speed up your the duo's walk speed tremendously. Also, walking around with Kazooie carrying Banjo is faster than Banjo walking about with Kazooie in his pack.
  • Bubble Bobble has shoes you can pick up to run faster. A bit of a Power-Up Letdown, as there's no way (except death) to stop moving faster, and the speed means you need ridiculous reaction times.
  • Speed Shoes can grant the player super speed in Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble. The shoes themselves look awfully familiar to a certain game icon, given the consoles the game has been released on.
  • Bunny's Dash Boots in Bunny Must Die, which allow her to dash, and thus run much faster than her usual walking speed.
  • Crossbow Warrior - The Legend of William Tell: Eating chocolate bars grants William Tell a temporary speed boost.
  • The Castlevania games have had several different mechanisms for speedy movement; the current trend is to give the player something really fast, but not until late in the game. On the other hand, you usually start out with the ability to "backdash" out of harm's way.
  • Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped: Crash can get the Running Shoes powerup after defeating Neo Cortex. It doesn't automatically change your running speed, but you have to hold R2 while running. It helps for acquiring the Relics, which require you to do a Time Trial in completed levels. In the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the powerup is added to Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back after beating the game.
  • In Donkey Kong 64, Lanky Kong can learn an ability that allows him to use a magic barrel that turns his standard Orangstand move (walking upside down with his hands) into Orangsprint (walking upside down with his hands very quickly).
  • Super Head doubles Dynamite Headdy's speed, as well as doubling his jump height and head-firing radius.
  • Funk Unplugged: One power-up Ampy can grab will send him running forward.
  • The vanilla milkshake lets Garfield break into a dash for a short moment in Garfield: Saving Arlene.
  • Ironsword features the Seven League Boots, which are for this function. The Seven League Boots are a classic Public Domain Artifact from English folk tales. They don't actually increase your speed, they increase your stride; as the name implies, they let you walk seven leagues in a single step.
  • In Jazz Jackrabbit you can grab a pair of shoes or shoot a cardboard with the picture of one to increase your speed.
  • Acquiring the Boots in La-Mulana increased the player's movement speed by 50%, which was necessary to climb slopes.
  • Mega Man:
    • Mega Man X gains the ability to dash in his first game (it's built-in thereafter). Various other speed items are found throughout the franchise; one game even has an item that makes you climb ladders faster.
    • In Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, Vile, who can't dash, can acquire the Speed Devil enhancement from Storm Eagle that increases his normal running speed.
    • The Mega Man Legends games let you build, refurbish, or otherwise find ancient boot attachments that serve this function while also serving as an Unexpected Gameplay Change and turning the dungeon navigation into a driving game. For your information, Mega Man steers like a brick.
    • ROM Hack Rockman 4 Minus Infinity has Hell Wheel, which lets you move incredibly fast.
    • Mega Man Zero: in the third and fourth games, you can acquire powerup chips that enhance Zero's running speed.
    • In Mega Man ZX Advent, 2 of your acquired forms are well-suited for faster movement: Buckfire (the very first form you gain) by default runs at "dash" speed and can become slightly faster when he uses his own dash, and with Argoyle form, you can simply hold the dash button and you'll dash infinitely. Note, however, that they're not as "agile" (as in, they're not so good at maneuvering) as your Mega Men forms.
  • Metroid:
    • The Speed Booster is one of the most powerful examples. Once up to full speed Samus becomes virtually invincible, destroying everything in her path as she plows through at breakneck speed. The player can also harness this energy, a technique referred to as Shinespark, to send Samus rocketing through the air in a straight line, again invincible and destroying everything in her path until she hits a solid wall. Super Metroid gives the latter ability a tradeoff by draining Samus's life in the process, but later games remove this restriction. However, in Super Metroid, the shine spark ability has an effect of creating two damaging echoes perpendicular to Samus upon crashing that deal a lot of damage. Later installments don't feature this, although Metroid: Zero Mission lets the player spark in ball form.
    • The Metroid Prime Trilogy replaces the Speed Booster upgrade with one more manageable in 3D, the Boost Ball. It's weaker, but still gets you around fast and damages enemies.
  • Getting a sunflower in Saboten Bombers allows you to move faster, complete with a Wheel o' Feet effect.
  • Secret Agent has the shoes powerup, which allows you to run at lightning speed and, more importantly, jump for great distances. It's always critical to completing the level, so if it runs out before you do the important things you need to do with it, it's level restart time. There is also an inversion - a rare "powerup" that looks like a 1/2 fraction and slows you down 50% for a while.
  • In Xbox and PC versions of Shovel Knight, by defeating the Battletoads you get rewarded with an armour that lets you replicate several moves from the original Battletoads, including dashing by double-tapping the movement buttons.
  • Many Sonic the Hedgehog games have the Power Sneakers, a monitor item with a single shoe floating inside it. Breaking the monitor that holds them grants a few seconds of extra speed.
  • Spyro: Year of the Dragon: Spyro can sometimes get a powerup that makes his running Horn Attack much faster, allowing him to chase quick targets, race in the Racing Minigame, and break cracked walls.
  • Yoshi already provides increased running speed in Super Mario Galaxy 2, but he can also ingest hot peppers that allow him to run at super-speed for a short time, making it possible to run up slopes, onto walls, and across water.
  • Strider (2014) has the Plasma Catapult, a power-up which allows Hiryu to perform high-speed dashes in mid-air, usually to reach places and/or items. Later upgrades allows him to use the trail of plasma the dash leaves behind as an offensive weapon against enemies.

    Puzzle Games 
  • Speed boots in Chip's Challenge 2 doubles Chip/Melinda's speed once they wear it.
  • In WizOrb, the orb speeds up when it hits wooden boxes. Mushrooms make it change direction and increase the speed by a considerable amount. The fast orb curse will do this to make it very difficult to control. Unsurprisingly, one of the best upgrades is slow orb, which decreases its speed and makes it easier to control.

  • Ancient Domains of Mystery has the Seven League Boots which greatly decrease the time it takes to move, especially on the world map(unless they're cursed, in which case they slow you down and good luck taking them off).
  • Crypt Of The Necrodancer used to have The Boots of Speed, which allowed you to move twice as often per beat. However, they were removed from the game for being overpowered.
  • In DRL, every armor and set of boots has a movespeed modifier, which can be positive or negative. Particularly useful are a set of phaseshift armor and boots, and antigrav boots. Stacking armor, boots, the Hellrunner trait and the Berserk effect can bring movespeed to ~800% of normal.
  • In FTL: Faster Than Light, defeating KazaaakplethKillik's crew and then saving him from death nets you an augment that makes your crew move 25% faster. The same augment is pre-installed on the cruiser unlocked in the same event and its variants. There is also a similar augment which gives the same speed boost to your on-board drones.
  • This is one of the upgrades in hets, which literally uses the pictogram of a shoe.
  • NetHack has several ways of becoming faster (some permanent, some not), including speed boots. As the game is turn based, this means you get an extra turn every so often.
  • Tales of Maj'Eyal has a number of items that increase movement speed, either directly as a percentage, or by granting some talent that increases movespeed (Rush being the most common of those). Since effects from these items and any passive talents stack, it's possible to be fast enough to outrun shot arrows.
  • The Ninja and Hyper sash items in 20XX. Then, Boltdash augment halves the duration of your dash, but doubles the speed output, letting you go ridiculously fast.

    Role Playing Games 
  • In BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm, Catie is awarded a pair of Speedy Shoes after clearing the tutorial dungeon. If equipped, they allow her to sprint by holding down the Shift key.
  • Rand from Breath of Fire II works as your Sprint Shoes with his world map ability. He rolls up and you steer a quick-moving ball around. You are free from Random Encounters while using this, but the moment you crash into something (trees, a cliff, a town) you get an encounter. And there really are a lot of trees...
    • Also after Mina turns into a giant bird. While flying on the bird you moved even faster than dashing and could move anywhere with no random encounters. But alas, you can no longer use her after Habaruku pretending to be Father Hulk break the Gates unleashing demons preventing her from landing.
    • Thankfully, the GBA port added in a dash button to make up for the original's horrifically slow walking speed, which made dungeons a little less painful. Unfortunately, the egregiously high encounter rate kind of counteracts that.
  • Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter has a particularly painful version. Using D-Dash too much fills the D-counter and causes a Non-Standard Game Over. Thankfully using it in short bursts to charge through the Pre-existing Encounters to avoid fighting them hardly increases it.
  • Chrono Cross has an interesting variation in the Time Shifter, which you receive automatically at the beginning of a New Game Plus. If you hold down R2, it literally fast-forwards everything- you, your enemies, dialogue, the environment, etc., both during and outside of battle (with the exception of pre-rendered cutscenes and, thankfully, the background music). It can also slow everything down in a similar manner, which is the easiest method of completing the feeding mini-game's hardest difficulty.
  • In Dark Cloud, there's an item called Dran's Feather (Dran being your hometown's winged protector) that allows the player to run much faster in dungeons. They break after excessive use, and it's very annoying if you don't have spares with you when it happens. In towns, one can "teleport" from a place to another by using the Georama view.
  • Deus Ex had a fast running nanoaugmentation, which not only allowed for swift running, but high and long jumps, surviving high falls, and crawling much faster than normal. It and regeneration are two of the most powerful augs in the game.
  • Completing both of the "race the Gold Goblins!" quests in .hack//G.U. Vol. 3: Redemption rewards you with an accessory called "Demon Safe Shoes". It comes with two abilities—one boosts the character's movement speed by 25% (in both towns and battle areas), and the other stops enemies from noticing the party, which makes it possible for the party to Surprise Attack the enemy mob all the time, so long as an active member is equipped with it. Extremely useful in the Forest of Pain.
  • The sustained spell Haste in Dragon Age: Origins, similar to Force Speed in KotOR, gave your entire party a 30% running speed boost, making backtracking a lot more bearable. In the sequel, however, the movement speed bonus was traded for an even bigger attack speed bonus.
  • The great sabrecat in Dragon Quest VIII.
  • Earth Bound features the Skip Sandwich item, which temporarily boosts the party's walking speed when eaten.
  • Faria has three types of Hyperspeed items. All of them make you walk faster in battle; the difference between the types is how long they last. The permanent type is permanently missable.
  • The DS remake of Final Fantasy III borrowed the famous B Button Run.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Morrowind:
      • The Boots of Blinding Speed are a pair of enchanted boots which give a huge boost to your movement speed, but also blind you. These may seem like a Joke Item, but equipping them while under some form of Resist Magic negates the blinding effect.
      • Other items with similar effects include the Ten Pace Boots (based on the Seven League Boots) which boost your movement speed and apply a Slowfall effect, allowing you to survive high falls. The Boots of the Apostle have a strong Levitation enchantment, allowing you to fly through the air and over obstacles. You can also self-enchant footwear of any kind with effects that increase your movement speed.
    • Oblivion:
      • Horses aren't themselves much faster than a running player character, but have a speed multiplier. Giving them a magical speed boost has some dangerous, yet hilarious results.
      • The Boots of Springheel Jak. While these didn't directly influence your movement speed, they gave a considerable acrobatic boost that makes leaping around the fastest (unmounted) traveling means.
  • Named after the Sprint Shoes in Final Fantasy VI, which had to be equipped in order to run. Essentially, you trade one valuable relic slot for the ability to actually play the game at any decent pace. The Anthology version of the game made the Circle button a Run button, preventing one from having to make the trade. Combining it with Sprint Shoes makes for very high speeds.
    • The Advance version of Final Fantasy V also makes use of the trope. All one needs is a Thief with the "Dash" ability and you can zip around any map or dungeon like crazy. This doesn't slow down the chance of Random Encounters, but it's still fun to watch.
    • The Final Fantasy series has had Chocobos available in many games which serve the same function as the Sabrecat example below—you move faster, but they also tend to eliminate random battles while being ridden (while the sabrecat of DQ8 only moves faster, but does not eliminate encounters). This counts for all Final Fantasy's from II to XII.
    • Final Fantasy XI has these out the nose. From renting or breeding Chocobos to ride on, to the White Mage Teleport and Recall spells and Black Mage Retrace and Warp spells, to the Bard's 'Mazurka' songs, Dancer's 'Chocobo Jig', and Thief's 'Flee'. There's even pieces of armor that increase your movement speed as well. Of course, some pieces of armor invert it as well (One of the most illogical being a high-level tier of armor that grants Haste (increased attack speed)... but decreases movement speed as well.
  • Gothic has the running jump, which propels you faster than a straight-up run. Interestingly, once you learn the Acrobatics skill, it becomes harder to pull off, since your standing jump becomes easier to trigger accidentally and has a longer recovery time. Gothic 3 also has sprint mode.
  • Spirits of Wind in I of the Dragon provides Barroth with faster flight for a relatively long period of time. Actually pretty useful as it allows the dragon to outmaneuver some otherwise unavoidable homing spells later in the game.
  • Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days: The Haste ability increases the player's running speed slightly while equipped. Leveling it up increases the bonus.
  • The LISA games and their Fan Sequels play with this as they see fit:
    • The child's bicycle in LISA: The Painful allows Brad to travel at increased speed and jump gaps.
    • DLC expansion LISA: The Joyful stars Brad's adopted daughter Buddy. She is capable of traveling at increased speed and jumping gaps via dashing alone.
    • Subverted in LISA: The Pointless: Alex gets a skateboard! Too bad he has no idea how to use it.
    • LISA: The Hopeful is similar to Joyful: Beltboy / Lanks / Cyclops can dash under his own power from the very beginning of the game.
  • Lunar: Dragon Song had a B button run. Why is this important? Because in Lunar DS, running hurt you, dang it. It's quite possible to run yourself to one hitpoint and get insta-killed by random enemies.
  • Every core Pokémon game gives you various means to travel between towns more quickly:
    • In most games, the player acquires a Bicycle at some point after gaining two badges, which can be used in any outdoor area to travel several times faster than walking.
    • The Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald games allow the player to choose from two bikes: the "Acro Bike", and the (aptly-named) "Mach Bike", both of which can traverse specific obstacles.
    • The first two generations of the series can be connected to Pokémon Stadium and even played on the N64. Beating Pokémon Stadium's challenges unlocks a "fast forward" option allowing the player to walk at double or triple the normal speed (which can still be combined with the bicycle for even faster travel).
    • Starting with the third generation, the player receives "Running Shoes" nearly from the beginning that allow them to move at twice the usual speed, even in areas where the bike isn't allowed.
      • Referenced in Pokémon Adventures. Ruby is issued a pair as a birthday gift by his father (one of the few things he takes with him when he runs away). Even though he's not in that good a shape (especially not compared to Sapphire), activating the shoes accelerates him to Super-Speed levels.
    • In HeartGold and SoulSilver, running or cycling actually increases the Random Encounter rate, because the extra noise flushes out wild Pokémon. (Not that it's a bad thing when you're hunting for elusive Pokémon on a time limit.)
    • Pokémon X and Y give you three forms of the trope: the actual Running Shoes that allow you to run, but still limit you to grid-based movement, Roller Skates that allow you to go much faster, move more fluidly and even grind to otherwise unreachable areas, and the classic Bicycle that remains the fastest way of travelling.
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon replaces the Bicycle with the Pokémon Ride feature, specifically Tauros Charge and Stoutland Search. The former even has a Nitro Boost that also breaks boulders in its path.
  • Sailor Moon: Another Story allowed the player to run (read: cover twice as much distance while apparently still walking) by holding one button (B/Yellow) and to sprint (four times as fast, which is twice as fast as the cars in the city) by holding L or R. The catch was that this would inevitably mean your next Random Encounter would happen that much quicker as well.
  • The Jaguar Ring boosts the player's speed in Secret of Evermore.
  • Star Ocean: The Second Story has Bunny Shoes, which makes your characters zippy in battle but otherwise doesn't effect your speed.
  • Star Wars:
    • The speed line of Jedi forces in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.
    • Jedi Outcast turned Force Speed into Bullet Time in the single-player game. Although more useful for actual fighting, it was worthless for getting somewhere faster—as in multiplayer, you did get an overall speed boost, but you rarely had anywhere to go.
      • In Jedi Academy, the Force Speed slows time down AND makes you faster.
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Paper Mario features the party member Lakilester, whose purpose outside of battle is to carry Mario on a cloud over hazards. However, you actually move much faster this way than walking. There is also the speedy spin badge, which allows you to twirl around the map at a much faster pace than even Lakilester would allow.
    • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has a kid Yoshi. Riding around on him is faster than walking.
    • Super Paper Mario has both Carrie, who works similar to Lakilester in the Paper Mario example, and Dashell, who lets you go ridiculously fast when running. He isn't much in the way of time saving, though; you have to go down a hundred-level dungeon and beat the Superboss to get him.
    • Early on in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, the three characters obtain the ability to run much faster by jumping then holding X.
  • The Suikoden series' version is known as the Godspeed Rune, whose name has an interesting history of mistranslation...
    • Everyone tries to recruit Viki ASAP due to her ability to teleport players anywhere (which is especially good for Suikoden III where you can't just walk to another town because of the overworld map system).
  • Equipping jet shoes in Tales of Phantasia allows you to run by holding the "cancel" button.
    • In Tales of Symphonia, you can equip characters with EX gems that do various things. If you equip a "personal" gem to Lloyd, you move significantly faster in "dungeons and towns" (read: anything that's not the overworld map). And on the overworld map, you can activate "long-range" mode if you've found the appropriate map, and later on you get flying vehicles which are much faster, can go anywhere, and subject you to no enemies.
    • Lloyd's personal skill is even more similar to the FFVI Sprint Shoes by the fact that, in order to have it equipped, you must give up a Exsphere slot that could otherwise be used for something else. And it is rather jarring to start a new game and not have that skill anymore.
      • Unlike the Sprint Shoes though, Lloyd's Personal skill can react with his other three possible skills to create new ones that may or may not be useful to you.
    • Tales of Xillia 2 lets you learn to how to dash to get around the overworld much quicker. However, colliding with an enemy while dashing will put you at a disadvantage in the ensuing battle.
  • In both TaskMaker and its sequel The Tomb of the TaskMaker, the player may acquire "Boots o' Speed" at any armor shop or as an item drop. These allow the player two turns for every one turn made by an NPC, but stats such as Food and Spirit will deplete much faster (unless the player has additional armor items which counteract this). In the first game, there is also a Haste spell which temporarily bestows a similar speed boost (but obviously, does nothing if the player is already wearing the Boots o' Speed).
  • Somehow, in The Witcher running with your silver sword out in fast or group style will make you run faster. Additionally, running with any weapon out will make you move full speed when intoxicated.

    Sports Games 
  • Backyard Hockey has a pair of shoes you can pick up to move faster.
  • In the Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis, you can unlock Light Shoes, which let you run faster but reduce your traction.

    Survival Horror 
  • SCP: Secret Laboratory has two items capable of improving the player's mobility:
    • Adrenaline refills the stamina bar and gives 8 seconds of infinite sprint when used.
    • SCP-207 gives infinite sprint and increases the player's speed when drunk, at the cost of draining health depending on how fast they move. The effects can stack up to four times, and last until the player dies or consumes SCP-500.
  • Some charms you can buy from the merchant in Betrayer will increase your running speed.
  • Dead Rising has skateboards and a certain blend of drinks which boosts your movement temporarily.
  • The Propulsion Boots and the hoverbike from Notrium.
  • In Resident Evil 4, you run faster while wielding grenades, or eggs.
  • Downplayed with the unlockable Walking Shoes in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which do noticeably increase Ethan's walking speed, but it's still slower than his running speed, which they have no effect on. Players who are in a hurry are better served by simply running where they need to go and keeping the extra item space the shoes would take up.

    Tower Defence 
  • Equipping the right set of Biped legs allows your Trench to sprint in Iron Brigade. Handy for when you need to get to the other side of the field, but you can't turn.

    Turn-Based Strategy 
  • Disgaea has Shoes as an available equipment piece, giving extra Move, Jump, and SPD. The Accelerator and Barefoot X are among the most well-known items, granting +3 Move and ~24-30 Jump, and thanks to the Item World, these could be enhanced even further. The Game-Breaker example goes to the Hyperdrive / Warp Engine, an item that grants infinite Move and Jump to its wearer! Catch is, you have to earn this item.
  • La Pucelle was the first instance of the Warp Engine, and you earned it by entering the Dark World and killing a Level 500 Demon Lord. Before which, you could purchase Shoes at the shop depending on the surveys you filled out (and some even decreased Move and battle stats).
  • Makai Kingdom has Shoes, but they had to be earned from either the bonus list or a dungeon crawl. For vehicles, there are special engines that grant more Move and Jump.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and its sequel has shoes called...well what the trope name is. Sprint Shoes boosts your units' Move stat by 1. The upgraded version, the Ninja Tabi, lets you move up 2 extra spaces. In A2, there is a clan ability that boosts Move for the party by 1 that can be upgraded to increase it by 2 and it does stack with the Sprint Shoes/Ninja Tabi. The Green Mage in A2 can learn Leap, which temporarily boosts a unit's Move by 1 and also their jump height. Since the highest base stat for Move is 5 (Adelle's unique Heritor class; for everything else it's 3 or 4), combine this with a Ninja Tabi, the clan ability ability Move +2, AND using the Green Mage's Leap ability, you can almost cover half the map by moving 10 spaces!
  • Several advanced Powered Armor suits in XCOM: Enemy Unknown give the wearers a movement bonus: Skeleton Suit and Ghost Armor give +3 squares to movement range, while Psi Armor gives +2. Also, the Support class' "Sprinter" ability extends the soldier's movement range by another 3 squares.

    Wide-Open Sandbox 
  • Crafting the Walking Cane in Don't Starve makes the character using it move 25% faster.
  • In Minecraft, adding sugar to an awkward potion turns it into a potion that grants temporary speed boost when drunk. You can also corrupt it to make a potion that slows the drinker down instead.
  • Booster Hat in will raise speed by 16%, and it is a rare hat that has no negative side effects. Shadow Wings accessory raises speed by 10%, again with no side effects. Monkey Tail accessory raises speed by 35%, but does so at the expense of slashing melee damage by 80%, so it is only useful for those fleeing, or for the ranged weapon pros.
  • In Factorio, slottting the exoskeletons into the Power Armor makes the player run faster. Multiple exoskeletons can be used at once, potentially allowing the player to 'outrun the car, as long as they have enough power. There are also placeable movement speed-boosters in the form of brick and concrete floors.
  • One of the pieces of personal equipment you can unlock and build in Satisfactory is the Blade Runner, which increases movement speed and jump height and reduces fall damage.
  • The basic underwater variant in Subnautica are a pair of silicone flippers, which slightly increase the player character's baseline swimming speed and can be upgraded into Ultra Glide Fins. The straighter variant though is the Seaglide, which is a fancy DPV, or a propeller with handles. It comes with a local topography map and flashlight. It's also able to be recharged indefinitely with Swim Charge Fins (which may or may not change in future updates), but only when the topo map and flashlight are switched off.
  • Terraria has Hermes Boots which will double your max run speed. You can also find Flurry Boots in the Snow Biome which are essentially snow-themed counterparts. Both these Boots can be combined repeatedly with other items (like a pair of Rocket Boots, Anklets of the Wind, some Ice Skates, and an Aglet) to produce the Frostspark Boots, which not only speed you up, but have the flight of Rocket Boots and the ability to retain your control while accelerating even more on ice. As of 1.4, you can combine those with Lava Waders to make the Terraspark Boots, which have all of the aforementioned functions plus the ability to walk on liquids, immunity to fire blocks and a few seconds of immunity to lava.

  • BearZerkers: One of the Power Ups the Player Characters can collect allows them to move faster.
  • Fork Parker's Crunch Out: In the upgrade screen, you can purchase the $7,000.00 Wingtip shoes that unlock the ability to run, allowing Fork to see to his employees' needs more quickly.
  • Cooking Diary: The Turbo Skates booster, which greatly speeds up your movement for the level. Previously, it was an item you used and only lasted 30 seconds.
  • Meritous: As the official game page says:
    The metabolism enhancer increases the speed at which you can move around the dungeon, allowing you to run between rooms and evade enemy attack much more easily.

    Non-Video-Game Examples 
Anime & Manga
  • The Raika from The Law of Ueki is a Sacred Weapon in the form of a pair of skates that allow the user to move really fast, but negating the user's ability to jump.
  • In Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Misora has these as her artifact.

Comic Books

  • An Archie comic had the titular protagonist being gifted a pair by a magician, but he later throws them away since it was putting off his friends.


Music Videos

  • Radiohead's "There There" video has Thom Yorke steal a pair of glowing boots, which allow him to run faster. Unfortunately for him, they easily slip off after becoming snagged by vines.

Tabletop Games

  • Several spells in Dungeons & Dragons fulfill this purpose, including haste, expeditious retreat, and overland flight. the game also has an item called the "Boots of Speed."
  • Salvage Hidden Treasures :
    • The Fusion Reactor's Core, which forces the player owning it to move each of their boats each turn, and by three spaces instead of just one.
    • There are also the Barrels of Diesel treasures. They are regular treasures when salbaged, but the player might discard them at any time, and doing so allows the player to move their boats by two spaces instead of just one if they so choose for the rest of the game.


Web Original

Western Animation

  • In The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, Jimmy once invented a pair of speed shoes that he eventually lost control of, turning him into a sentient mass of purple gel at the episode's end.
  • Kim Possible featured an episode where Kim dons a pair of speed shoes in order to battle some super-fast robots. It not only makes her faster, but lets her break the laws of physics. (Not that realistic physics is a prime concern for the show).
  • Phineas and Ferb once made a pair of boots that allow the wearer to run to supersonic speeds. Their sister Candace wears the unstable prototypes by accident.
  • Wile E Coyote orders a pair of sprint shoes from Acme in one short. Of course they backfire and cause him to run off a cliff.

Real Life

  • Devices that can be strapped to the feet to increase movement speed (typically at the cost of maneuverability) include skis and roller skates, including inline skates. "Wheelie" shoes that have retractable wheels that can pop out at will generally don't let you move more quickly than a decent sprinter, but they're still just plain fun.


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