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SAS: Zombie Assault is a famous series of Shoot Em Ups by Ninja Kiwi. Currently, there are four main games (Five if you count Insane Asylum) and a Tower Defense Spin-Off. Alternatively, the guys down at the SAS Zombie Assault Wiki have created a list of tropes for SAS 4 which can be accessed here. So far there are 4 parts of the game made in the following order: SAS 1, SAS 2, SAS 3 and SAS 4.

Tropes across the entire series include:

  • Affectionate Parody: The first games were this to Nazi Zombies, but it then became a full-blown franchise.
  • A.K.A.-47: MASSIVELY averted. Every weapon that you can find in Real Life has its real name. Except for the M249 SAW, but that's just what the Yanks with Tanks call it, so it doesn't count.
  • Art Evolution: The first game's graphics was good for its time, but the zombies looked rather unrealistic. The second game did get improved graphics though. On the third / TD games, the graphics and the zombies appeared to be more realistic. It culminates by the fourth game, where everything appears to by hyper-realistic. Oh yeah, and it's subtle, but you finally get to see some legs when anyone is moving.
  • Big Bad / Final Boss: Averted. Even though the Ruin or Necrosis are very strong, there is no zombie leader, as far as declassified SAS reports go.
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  • Cool Guns: Lots and lots of them.
  • Dead Weight: Bloaters in SAS 2, Insane Asylum, SAS 3, SASTD, and SAS 4. Also, Regurgitators in SAS 4.
  • Excuse Plot: The first two games and Insane Asylum have a plot that runs like "You are in a church/military base/insane asylum that is being attacked by zombies. Survive." The third game had a plot that was All There in the Manual. (If you look at the loading screens, you can get some info as to what the story is about.
    • Averted in SAS 4. The missions clearly tell you what the objectives are and the story of the game.
  • Improbable Use of a Weapon: Sniper rifles work differently in these games from other ones. Instead of charging up for Boom, Headshot!, they perform a One-Hit Polykill on each shot.
  • Money Spider: Played straight in SAS: Zombie Assault 4, where you can clearly see some killed zombies dropping stacks of SAS Dollars.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: The first two games and Insane Asylum feature Flesh-Eating Zombies, but the rest of the series has Plague Zombies, with a few Parasite Zombies.
  • Sentry Gun: Every game has them.
    • The first one featured sentries referred to as Light and Heavy Sentries.
    • The second game featured the Vickers Sentry and the Area Denial Weapons System.
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    • The third game features the GECAL50 and the Area Denial Weapons System.
    • SASTD and SAS 4 feature a ridiculous amount of them.
  • Standard FPS Guns: Despite not being an FPS, there are some here.

Tropes specific to SAS: Zombie Assault here:

Tropes specific to SAS2 and Insane Asylum here:

Tropes specific to SAS3 here.

Tropes specific to SAS 4 here:

  • Obvious Rule Patch: You can only have up to 2 (3 via masteries) active sentries at a time, so you can't just overpower the zombies.
  • Oh, Crap!:
  • Power Equals Rarity: Nantonium Strongboxes. Even more so with Black Strongboxes, but the latter has a catch: you can only hold up to 5, and every one of them requires a Black key.
  • Purple Is Powerful: The Savage Devastator has a hint of purple on it.
  • Retraux: Setting the graphics to Low makes the gameplay look something like this.
  • Schmuck Bait: The Meltdown Mission has one, but it's really subtle. When you see a hole that has zombies appearing, then disappearing immediately, it looks like it's bugged, right? Nope. If you enter it, a swarm of zombies will appear and they'll maul you to your death if you don't react immediately. You do get rewards for killing them all, though.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: In Ice Station, if an HVM soldier takes too much damage, they'll retreat until all of the zombies have been killed. The HVM Captain's way of saying this?
  • Shoot the Bullet: Averted. The Zombie Mech's missiles only explode when it hits a wall.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Sprint Shoes: You can apply the Machine Assisted augment to any boot. Also, the Titan MEM Sprint is pretty much this.
  • Timed Mission:
    • The mission Vaccine. You have to extract the vaccine before the jolt ships, sent by the Trans-System President, who didn't know about the vaccine, destroy Thera
    • The mission Meltdown. Shut down all the nuclear reactors and head to the main computer. The timer resets after shutting down the first two reactors and stops completely when the last one is shut down.
  • Token White: Inverted. There's a yet to be used character icon of a black official.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The HVM Captain and his Soldiers invoking He Knows Too Much, which could usually lead them to underestimating you, provided that you kill them before they kill you.
  • Turns Red:
    • Sure, you may think that the Devastator is a joke at first, but then it gets dead serious when it's close to dying. During this phase, it moves and attacks faster, becomes resistant to everything, and it hits hard.
    • When reaching higher levels, weapons, armor, and support weaponry both play the trope straight and literally turn red. Mostly red stripes to be exact. And yes, they're stronger.
      • Even better, their [BLACK] versions are ridiculously powerful, especially when augmented correctly. Pistols and support weaponry don't have this, unfortunately. There are files for them, however.
  • Up to Eleven: The achievement Goes up to 11 requires reaching level 11 with a character.
    • Elite Augment Cores allow one more augment upgrade or augment slot for a weapon or armor.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Every Nightmare Mode map has them.
  • What the Hell, Player?:
    • See Breaking the Fourth Wall.
    • Averted in the Survivors mission, unless you're playing this mission in multiplayer. No matter how many survivors get killed, you won't be penalized by anyone. In the case of multiplayer however, deliberately letting the survivors get killed may cause your teammates to scold you in chat.
    • In the V.I.P. mission, shooting the furniture or collecting anything while escorting the V.I.P. will cause him to start complaining. Your SAS soldier will be annoyed by this, saying...
    "I'm this close to putting a bullet in the guy's face..."
    • While the game's on Holiday Mode (where the V.I.P. is Santa instead), the soldier will instead say
    "I'm this close to being put on the naughty list..."
  • The Woobie: Can be invoked during the meltdown mission by allowing your character to collect three radioactive medkits.


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