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Acceptable Feminine Goals and Traits

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"This movie has done for feminism what The Birth of a Nation did for equal rights."

In our culture, there are certain careers, goals, and traits that are considered "feminine". This naturally bleeds into fiction, where we expect a female character to have at least one of these traits or goals. If she doesn't have any of them, she may be criticized as being too masculine or because No Guy Wants an Amazon. If she has too many, she may come under fire from the Real Women Don't Wear Dresses crowd.


Note that while this can be gender stereotyping, which is a bad thing, it can also be a way of rounding out a character. Real people, even an Action Girl or a Wrench Wench, can have interests outside kicking ass or fixing machines. A strong female character isn't any less strong if she's also a Supreme Chef.


Alternative Title(s): Acceptable Feminine Goals