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"Riley was supposed to be Mr. Joe Guy. We were gonna do dumb things like hold hands through the daisies going tra-la-la!"
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "Goodbye Iowa"

A type of walk where the character swings their arms back and forth while skipping. This is a visual cue indicating that the character is young or immature. Characters that walk like this are most likely a Cheerful Child or a Genki Girl. If it is not the character’s default walk it is sign of joyousness. Almost always done exclusively by females. Bonus points for whistling while doing this.

Related to Girly Run.



Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • The Smurfs: The Smurfette often does this when she joyfully has a walk in the forest, in various albums of the series.


  • The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion.
  • In the film of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Luna skips. This is never mentioned in the books, but it fits her character perfectly.
    • Bellatrix also does this briefly in the same movie, right after murdering a named character.
  • Buddy does this in Elf.


  • The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. Tatiana on several occasions, to the delight of her Love Interest who's rather turned on by her innocence.

Live-Action Television

  • Doctor Who: The little girl in "Remembrance of the Daleks" skips around town when she's not plugged into the Dalek battle computer. She's not exactly "innocent", though.
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  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Rascals" Guinan's reaction to being turned into a little girl due to a transporter malfunction is to skip merrily down the corridor.


  • Lindsey Stirling's dances often include skips and jumps as she plays her violin, grinning.

Professional Wrestling

  • AJ does this. She's not innocent.
. Video Games

Web Video

  • Adam lampshades this trope in his review of Cool Cat Saves the Kids.
    Adam: ♫ I'm a child and I like to skip, I don't walk normally because I'm a child! ♫
Western Animation
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Pinkie Pie's usual gait is the quadrupedal version of this trope: pronking (hopping up and down with all four legs) around with small *sproing* sound effects.
  • Charlotte from Making Fiends. Only in the TV show.