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Hoi hoi! Welcome to Takahashi Hiroki's TV Tropes page, nya!

Hot-Blooded? Total Jerkass? Idiot Hero boys? All that and more. Hiroki Takahashi (born September 7, 1974) is a voice actor with a good range of voices and personalities, such as Kenji Harima of School Rumble, Hisoka in Hunter × Hunter (1999), Japan of Hetalia: Axis Powers, or Hot-Blooded Katsuya Jonouchi from Yu-Gi-Oh!.

No relation to any other seiyuus named Takahashi, the singer Hiroki Takahashi, who sung the opening of the original Dragon Ball anime, nor Hiroki Takahashi, the producer of Gundam Build Fighters and Mobile Suit Gundam Age.

The notable roles of Hiroki Takahashi lie... in the heart of this article.

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