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Mikako Takahashi (born May 29, 1980 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese voice actress known for her soft voice which makes her the go-girl for sweet, caring girls. However, time by time, Mikako had her share in Emotionless Girl roles, though not in the frequency of Minori Chihara. She likes shopping, videogames and watching game shows. And she is a Terrible Artist.

Also she shares a few roles with Tomokazu Sugita, namely Official Couple Kusuha and Bullet, A Boy and His X Sadaharu and Gintoki, the two voices of Chrono Harlaown, and Yamada and Mayama.

Not related at all to Hiroki Takahashi, Chiaki Takahashi or Rie Takahashi.

Notable Roles by Mikako Takahashi:

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