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Nightmare Fuel / Pretty Cure

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Toei Animation is no stranger to making shows both aimed at young girls and littered with terrifying moments, and this magical girl anime is no sloth in this department. But it has one major difference: instead of adapting a Shojo manga, Toei decided to make it a full-blown Cash-Cow Franchise in-house. God help us all...

Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned!

Futari wa Pretty Cure

  • The Seeds of Darkness's death is very unsettling. Also, once their fused body is absorbed by the Dark King, their faces can be seen contorted in pain and horror as they disappear. Must have been a terrible experience for them despite how much they deserved it.
  • I think that a giant hole where everything falls into (trains, trees, oceans, possibly humans...) isn't exactly something you'd expect to see in a show like this.
  • And it might be unnerving to see Black and White in the middle of said hole, on the only solid space, chatting normally like nothing is happening, meaning...they gave up.

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star

  • In Episode 24, after Midori tells Saki she doens't know who Kaoru is. Other than Saki's reaction, the sound effect is truly terrifying. It's brief but intense.
  • Ah, isn't just nice to see the world turned into a desolated landscape with nothing to see but a withered tree in miles and miles? Well, no. And I'm pretty sure the Cures will agree.
  • And after that the world is destroyed by Goyan, leaving only floating fragments behind... Things get better but that scenary is haunting.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5

  • Kowainas are pretty creepy for being Monsters of the Week. Especially their mask.
  • Kawarino's Despair Mask just look plain creepy and haunting. Not to mention every non-named Nightmare members are wearing one, and at one point, all Cures end up wearing one, to the point that Nozomi in Go!Go! used that event as 'something she doesn't want to happen again'... Well, they ain't called "Nightmare" for nothing.
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  • And when Nozomi broke that off thanks to Coco, she dove in to her friends' mind... and found her friends first acting normal, but later revealed to have Dull Eyes of Unhappiness. Pretty chilling.
  • None of them are nice people, but Nightmare employees' defeats are enough to make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Okay, who thought it was a smart idea to have Nuts accidentally cause a bleeding injury to Coco with a Miracle Light during the premise of the movie? In all seriousness, it might have been for comedy but...apart from Coco's rather disturbing reaction and that being one of the very few moments where blood appears in the franchise, there was really nothing comical about it. Well, at least when it was first aired in the cinema it scared children enough so that they wouldn't play around with their lights.

Fresh Pretty Cure!

  • The Blackboard Nakewameke can make anything disappear as long as a photo of it is inserted in it, including people.
  • Infinity!Chiffon. Those eyes. Those eyes.
  • Whatever happens to Eas when she summons a Nakisakebe. It involves strangling. And thorns.
  • And the less we speak to what happened to France once Moebius got a hold of Chiffon the better.
  • Northa. Anything she does is creepy. Heck, even the original Terrible Trio fears her.

HeartCatch Pretty Cure!

  • The Desert Devils.
  • Try watching episode 41 when you are in the supposed target age range. Because you are mean in class, your kindergarten teacher turns into a huge dinosaur with mean claws.
  • Dark Pretty Cure's defeat is unsettling. Not the one where she disappears in the light, but the one where she collapse with her body twisted in an odd way and with open eyes staring ahead, while the camera zooms away. It's like watching a corpse.

Doki Doki! PreCure

  • The destruction of the Trump Kingdom and the fate of its citizens. The younger kids probably won't understand what it's like to lose your home and your folks, but it makes the older kids (and the older audience) cringe.
  • King Trump is this as well. His internal conflict in Episode 46 is unsettling at best, like his expression when breaking the seal. Then it becomes worse when the Proto Jikochu possesses him and turns him into King Jikochu. The black mass envelops and make him suffer so much that he smash the window and then falls off the balcony, all the while screaming in pain. And then he turns into a giant monster. That's not something you usually see in a kids' show.
  • While we're at it, King Jikochu resembles a giant demon, with a skull-like face and horns. Proto Jikochu is like him, but also with six arms, wings and with a mouth on his stomach. Thankfully, he's not as big as King Jikochu, but still...
  • Also, Bel might not have been a good person, by a long shot, but you may feel unnerved when the black mass twists his body enough to make him cry for help (and be promptly ignored).

Maho Tsukai Pretty Cure

  • Dokurokushe is perhaps one of the creepiest characters in the franchise. He's literally a skeleton and it's not a cartoonish one, but a real one. And it's what remains of Kushe. Yep, you read that right. It's whatever remained of him after using the dark arts too much. You know what that means right? Dokurokushe is a literal human skeleton.
  • Everything about Deusmast is haunting if this picture is any proof. And if you're wondering, then yes. Those are planets.