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Nightmare Fuel / Prétear

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  • Episode 4, Mannen, Hajime, and Shin's encounter with the maid Mikage becomes a great deal Harsher in Hindsight. When it's later revealed that Mikage was the Princess of Disaster in disguise.
  • Episode 5 begins with Himeno standing alone on an empty bridge, where an ominous figure of a woman in black calls out her name. The figure sicks a swarm of black butterflies on Himeno, that then appear to dissolve parts of the poor girls' body. Thankfully it's All Just a Dream, but still.
  • In episode 8, at one-point Himeno has a vision of all the living things around her being dead, trees, grass, even the fish.
  • The Princess of Disaster and what happened to her to make her that way. What if the girl once tasked with saving the world... fell into despair and could not save herself? And then turned to villainy because she couldn't cope? And even worse, what if she tries to inflict despair on her successor and her sisters? How broken inside do you have to be to do that?