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  • In the first episode of the anime, the knights trying to find the new Prétear. Mannan gets the (rather clever) idea of having Shin walk up to as many girls as they can find, look cute and take their hands. Unfortunately the poor boy is swamped by girls who keep wanting to pinch his cheeks, causing him to run away crying.
    • Goh, doesn't have much luck looking for the Prétear either.
    Goh: (while chasing after some girls) Hey wait! Why are you running away? I just wanna hold your hands!
    Hayate:! (throws Himeno off) Dammit, there are limits even to stupidity! You jump put of a bush, land on top of me and expect I wont mind the inconvenience? Damn your heavy. I thought I was gonna die.
    • Himeno then comes to the (incorrect) conclusion that he's a peeping tom.
    • When Himeno meets all the knights for the first time. She then notices Hayate, and gives him her custom Megaton Punch when she believes he'd brought his friends to attack her.
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  • Episode 2 "Let Me Hear Your Heart Flutter", starts off with Himeno being first confused, then squicked when she learns exactly how a Prétear is created.
  • From episode 3, "The Way of Becoming Prétear", Himeno's rather, unorthodox ice cream flavor of choice.
    • When Mannen snatches her ice cream from her and tries it, his faces changes colors three times before he keels over.
    • Himeno's vain attempts to master the kendama note .
    Himeno: (holding the kendama) You can test my concentration abilities with this?
    Hayate: Quit bitching and just do it.
  • Episode 4, "A Promise Made Under Sunlight" has Himeno, Mannen, Hajime and Shin (along with Mr. Tanaka) running all over the Awayuki Estate in search of a demon larvae. Soon enough the young knights get carried off by a gorilla. Himeno searches high and low for them for them, only to keep bumping into several exotic (and dangerous) animals living on the estate, and Mr. Tanaka gets carried off by a giant bird.
  • Near the end of episode 5 "Smile of Darkness", Sasame finds Mannen has fallen asleep while guarding Himeno. When he asks the boy where she is, Mannen's sleepy response is less than helpful.
    Mannen: (looking around, still drowsy) Where's Himeno?
    Sasame: Oh boy...
  • During episode 6, Mannen, Hajime and Shin take Himeno to Leafenia for the first time. While marveling at it's beauty, Himeno promptly falls off their flying ride and when she's rescued, she lands on her head.
    • Kaoru and Natsue's flirting.
  • In episode 7 "Can't Protect Anyone Anymore", in a tense moment, Hayate, Go and Sasame begin to argue over how to deal with the Princess of Disaster. Himeno suddenly takes matters into her own hands, separating Sasame and Go. She then proceeds to knock them both over, and follows up with knocking Kei (who wasn't doing anything) over as well.
    Kei: Me too?
    • Himeno walking around with a roofing tile on her head.
    • Himeno racing the family limousine, and running straight into a pole.
  • Episode 9, "Unreaching Melody", has Himeno's family (plus Mr. Tanaka) set out ghost hunting in the mansion, while wearing cosplay.
    • Mannen and the other boys prank the family using Shin's plant powers to make them think a storage shed is haunted.
  • In the finale, the guy's gape at Hayate, shocked that he's smiling.
    Go: He's smiling...?
    Kei: A great distaster is going to happen tomorrow!
  • Many of the anime's numerous Running Gag's.
    • Poor Mr. Tanaka is the consummate Butt-Monkey, Chew Toy and was probably Born Unlucky.
    • Anytime Mayune gets caught in one of her traps meant to humiliate Himeno. And the one time Himeno decided to humor her, and fall for one on purpose.
    • Mayune's tendency to Crash-Into Hello with the older Leafe Knights and drag them off to hold her towel for her while she gets cleaned up as a means of seducing them. Only to have said knight sneak off before she gets her chance.


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