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  • In the first episode, some of the girls from Himeno's class insult her father by claiming he's a Gold Digger, believing he only married Natsue for her money. Himeno gets so angry that she crushes a classroom desk, with her bare hands.
  • At the beginning of the second episode "Let Me Hear Your Heart Flutter". Himeno and Hayate's first battle against a demon larva, when she summons the wind sword for the first time.
    • The next day Himeno gets Sasame to help her practice being Prétear, together they use the power of sound to utterly demolish part of the Awayuki estate.
  • Episode 3, "The Way of Becoming Prétear", Himeno's training session with Goh against Mannen, Hajime and Shin.
  • In "Secret of Rouge", Himeno practices her "breaking techniques" utterly smashing several sets of concrete bricks.
    • She does it again in "Can't Protect Anyone Anymore", this time with industrial strength roofing tiles that an elephant isn't supposed to be able to break. She doesn't break the tile, but it lands on her head, and she doesn't notice it till it slides off while she's bowing.
  • Near the end of episode 8, "Moment of Awakening", Himeno regaining the ability to become Prétear.
  • From episode 12, Natsue, Kaoru and Mayune trying to save Mawata from the Tree. We see them pulling on the vines over and over again. Even when they get physically attacked by lightning, and they haven't made any progress with the vines, they still don't give up. And when you consider Mayune and Kaoru have been comic relief characters up to that point, it makes it even more awesome.
    • Followed by Himeno's You Are Not Alone words to Mawata, which finishes the job magnificently — and sets the mood for Himeno redeeming Takako aka Fenrir also with kindness and understanding in the next episode.
  • The All Your Powers Combined Himeno uses to make the huge Combined Energy Attack to stop the Big Bad in the finale, alongside Hayate reviving Himeno, who has died as a consequence of said Combined Energy Attack, with a True Love's Kiss.