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Nightmare Fuel / Healin' Good♡Pretty Cure

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned!

  • In General
    • The Bjögens' goal is to poison the entire planet, making it devoid of life. Just the thought of seeing your planet become an uninhabitable wasteland is scary in itself.
    • Though, at first, the Megabyögens aren't played any differently from the normal Monster of the Week, Latte begins to become sick once they appear.
    • King Byogyen. For most of the show, he's an Orcus on His Throne who does mostly nothing, but is sometimes doing creepy faces. Whe he starts acting however...
      • 1) As seen bellow he kills Guiwaru in a creepy way.
      • 2) He reveals that he was planning to sacrifice his generals to become more powerful more quickly right afterward.
      • 3) He tells Daruizen that he's going to absorb him too, which will cause his death and that he can die willingly or not. This causes Daruizen to run away.
      • 4) After absorbing (read : killing) Daruizen, he tries to psychologically break Cure Grace by telling her than Daruizen died because of her.
      • 5) Temporarily poisons Earth successfully.
      • 6) He fuses with Earth while sporting a Slasher Smile.
      • 7) Every scenes he has after becoming Neo King Byogyen involve him making a Nightmare Face.
  • Episode 1
    • Early on, we see a brief state of the Healing Garden after the Bjö gens' invasion. Many of the inhabitants are lying face down all over the place, suggesting they were stricken down by disease.
  • Episode 10
    • The girls are on a field trip to an art museum, and Princess Latte and Co decide to follow them all the way over. The villains are also conveniently there too. Yes, villains - all three of them attack simultaneously this time at different locations, which initially causes the girls to split up. Up to this point, there has only been one Megabjogen at a time - now we get three of them. And as they progressively infect things, they become much stronger. The three girls end up splitting up temporarily and are all overwhelmed until they decide to take things one at a time. Even though the episode ends with a minor victory (one of the three monsters gets taken out), it's still showing that the series is getting quite serious - and terrifying - fast.
  • Episode 11
    • The last scene features the Megapathogerm's seed from earlier in the episode infecting a coypu note  by using its creepy-crawly legs to force itself through the coypu's mouth from behind. The "Psycho" Strings that play during the lead-up and intensifying during the act does not help matters. We then get a close up of the coypu, who seems to be dying rather realistically as the seed glows and germinates from within its stomach. Fade to Black and cue the cheery ending theme! The next episode's trailer essentially confirms that it became a new Pathogerm general.
  • Episode 21
    • A relatively minor example, but Asumi's Really Was Born Yesterday antics get a bit less funny when she wanders into the street and is nearly hit by a car.
  • Episode 23
    • A puppy named Pochitto almost falls victim to the Megabyo's attack right in front of the cures, much to their horror until it's rescued by Cure Earth.
  • Episode 27
    • Daruizen forcefully shoving a Mega Part into Cure Grace's body as she collapses on the ground in pain, all while he laughs sadistically.
  • Episode 28
    • The Reveal that Daruizen was actually the "sickness" inside of Nodoka. Considering she got struck by a Mega-Byogen as a really young child, it's very unsettling to know most of her life was ruined because of it.
  • Episode 31
    • Upon transforming herself, Shindoine attempts to infect a little boy she encounters. However, his dad covers him and gets hit and infected while his son is forced to watch the whole thing.
  • Episode 41
    • As much as he deserved it for trying to become the new Big Bad, Guaiwaru's death by being absorbed into King Byo-gen's body must have been horrifying for him.
  • Episode 45
    • There's something unsettling about Queen Teatine stating that "she's prepared to purify humans when necessary", stating that although she has faith that humans can change the future, there might be a moment where the Healing Garden might actually go on an outright war with humans if things go south.