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Trivia / Healin' Good♡Pretty Cure

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  • Author Existence Failure: Yuuji Yamaguchi suddenly died while working as storyboard artist for this series.
  • Executive Meddling: The Pretty Cure mangaka duo Futago Kamikita tweeted their fanart of Cure Grace with Madoka Kaname along with their mascots Latte and Kyubey. Unfortunately it was deleted because Toei requested they remove it since they were concerned it would create misunderstanding that the artwork was an official collaboration.
  • Life Imitates Art: The theme of the show revolves around staying healthy and medicines, with the bad guys employing disease-related powers. Coincidentally, the show started airing right in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak. (Thankfully, there are no giant monsters for the WHO to be concerned about.)
    • Ironically enough, the Sunday Live! news broadcast that played before the second episode aired on TV Asahi spent a majority of its' time covering said outbreak in regards to a cruise ship.
    • Another example of this involved the show's "saving the Earth from danger" premise. When episode 5 premiered, most affiliates showed an earthquake warning regarding the occurrence of a minor earthquake in Nambu.
    • Funnily enough, two works related to Healin' Good were delayed due to the Coronavirus: the Pretty Cure Miracle Leap movie and two pieces of merchandise.
  • Name's the Same: While not exactly a name, but Nodoka's catchphrase Fuwaa~~~ Note:  shares the same pronunciation as the previous season Star☆Twinkle’s mascot fairy, which just ended on January 2020, and by extension, Kamen Rider Vulcan’s civilian identity, Isamu Fuwa. Seems like Toei is not letting that word go anytime soon…
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  • Promoted Fanboy: If their pre-series promotional interviews are anything to go by, the voice actresses for all three main Cures—especially Aoi Yuuki—are enormous fans of the franchise and were all overjoyed to be cast.
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  • Release Date Change: Because the toy was produced in China, the place where the coronavirus outbreak occured, the Healing Room Bag toy, as well as the Wonderful Juice Gummi cases, were delayed from a mid-March release to a late April one.
  • Spoiled by the Merchandise: Like past seasons, fans were able to find out info about the series before it aired by using push-pins on the toys that were released the day before it premiered.
    • The Latte toy is used along with the Wind Element Bottle as the Transformation Trinket for the Sixth Ranger, Cure Earth, whose civillian form is named Kin. It also reveals that she uses the Sound and Air elements to attack, but with a different item than Latte.
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    • Cure Grace, Sparkle and Fontaine get new solo attacks, along with a group attack called “Pretty Cure Healing Oasis”. There is also an Element Bottle that says Cure Earth's name. Also, the Wind Element Bottle causes the stick to glow purple, signaling that Cure Earth is a purple Cure.
    • A flyer handed out at the Pretty Store to people who purchased Healin' Good Pretty Cure items on the first day spoiled future element bottle names, including the three elements associated with Cure Earth.
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