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Delayed Release Tie-In

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So you're at the store and notice something, be it a toy based on an upcoming plot detail in a Merchandise-Driven series or a food that's a tie-in with an upcoming movie. But then you realize something — the item in question is based on something that should have come out around the time you saw it, but even though the release got delayed, the merchandise tie-ins still came out on schedule.

This is an example of what's known as an Delayed Release Tie-In, when a work that has delayed still has merchandise come out when it was originally supposed to debut. This is usually caused by deadlines that merchandisers have to abide by in order for their products to be released around the time of the work they're trying to market. For this trope to take effect, these examples have to be released around the original release date for a film or work. Occasionally, this trope will cause plot elements to be Spoiled by the Merchandise.


Subtrope of Early Draft Tie-In and Early-Bird Release.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • When the Suite Pretty Cure ♪ episodes introducing the Miracle and Fantastic Belltiers got delayed due to the Tohoku earthquake, the releases of their toys became this.
  • The first season of Pokémon features several episodes which lead into Pokémon: The First Movie. However, due to the infamous "Electric Soldier Porygon" seizure incident, the show was taken off the air for a few months. The movie's release date did not move to compensate for the schedule delay, meaning the Mewtwo tie-in episodes ended up airing a few months after the movie had already come out in Japan.
  • Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland was released in 1989 in Japan, but not until 1992 in the United States, meaning that the 1990 video game tie-in Little Nemo: The Dream Master arrived in the States well ahead of the film.

    Film - Animated 
  • Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil and Sherlock Gnomes both had Burger King promotions released before the films they were promoting. In the case of Hoodwinked Too, the movie wouldn't see release until over a year later.
  • A Carl's Jr/Hardee's tie-in for The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature was released in May 2017, the month it was supposed to premiere, instead of August 2017, its' final release date.

    Film - Live-Action 
  • Two public service announcements featuring The Oogieloves aired on TV in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The former year was the originally slated release for their first movie, which wound up getting delayed to patent the film's interactive technology.
  • A significant amount of merchandise for Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) features the infamous original design for Sonic, though packaging and the like was changed to feature the redesign.
  • An exhibit in partnership with the Natural History Museum in London for the upcoming third Fantastic Beasts opened in November 2020 for the movie’s original release date even though it was pushed back twice note  before settling on a July 2022 release.

    Live-Action TV 

    Video Games 
  • Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, the third and final Sonic Boom video game was originally planned to be released in Fall of 2015, but Sega delayed the game to a 2016 release to allow more development time and coincide with the Sonic series' 25th anniversary. This didn't stop Carl's Jr. and Hardee's from having a kids' meal promotion for Fire & Ice around the time of the game's originally-planned release date.
  • Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne and The Calling were released ahead of Dragon Age: Origins to familiarize the players with the key setting and plot concepts of the new franchise. Similarly, Asunder and The Masked Empire were published in the lead-up to Dragon Age: Inquisition to foreshadow the two key conflicts that drive its second act.
  • Spy Hunter: Nowhere To Run is a 2012 reboot of the classic Spy Hunter arcade game that was supposed to be a tie-in with the Spy Hunter movie... except the film has been in Development Hell for nearly a decade. People unaware of the ill-fated film will no doubt be baffled at why this game has a far greater focus on on-foot shooting missions than the traditional driving sequences, as well as why the main character has the voice and likeness of Dwayne Johnson.
  • Fate/Grand Order: Servant Altera (aka "Attila the Hun") was supposed to be the star of another game in the franchise, Fate/Extella, with her being added here as a promotional tie-in. However, the latter game got delayed by almost a year, so FGO ended up being her "first" appearance.
  • The amiibo figure of Falco was supposed to be released alongside the newest installment of his home series, Star Fox Zero. But when the game was delayed, the figure wasn't.

    Web Video 
  • A Nintendo Direct was supposed to come out on September 6, 2018, but it was rescheduled for the following week when the Hokkaido earthquake struck on the morning of the original date. This didn't stop third-parties like Capcom from releasing new information meant for the Direct, however. In the case of Mega Man 11 (which was supposed to focus on the reveal of Bounce Man), the only new information the Direct provided was the amiibo compatibility exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version.

    Western Animation 


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