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Nightmare Fuel / Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! The Movie: Happy Birthday in the Land of Sweets

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Not a pleasant fate...

  • Rin and Karen falling down through a Trap Door and down grape and orange juice waterfalls doubles as Nightmare Fuel and Ironic Hell, as orange and grape juice are their Trademark Favorite Food respectfully.
  • Urara and Komachi being eaten by the giant takiyaki is both scary and really out there.
  • In general, people turning into food as a whole does not seem enjoyable in the least, especially with the villains gloating about eating them. That last bit is rather morbidly hilarious, though.
  • Chocola getting blackmailed into luring the Cures to come to the Dessert Kingdom on the condition that Mushiban would hurt the Dessert Queen.
  • Evil!Coco attempting to pull a Forceful Kiss on Cure Dream is unsettling to watch.
  • Cure Dream being forced to fight Evil!Coco once she's aware of his identity is pretty disturbing.
  • The fakeout Gory Discretion Shot when Coco is Fighting from the Inside and brings his Dark Fleuret on Dream who had given up fighting back is quite shocking.
  • The castle being destroyed by Mushiban's tower rising from it and the civilians running in chaos is a surprisingly terrifying scene.
  • All the explosions in the background as Pretty Cure ascend to the tip of the tower to fight Mushiban make you question if nobody got hurt.