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Tomoyuki Dan (檀臣幸) (real name: Yoshio Tanaka) was a Japanese actor and seiyū from Osaka Prefecture. He was affiliated with Seinenza Theater Company. His blood type was O.

With his unique voice, Dan was best known as the voice of Cronicle Asher in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. He was a fan of the works of Akira Senjū. He usually voiced Butt Monkeys and Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains. But he was also Bruce Wayne, as well as the Shinkuro Isaka/Weather Dopant in live action.


He passed away at age 50 of complications resulting from aortic dissection in October 2013.

In an interesting note, his widow, Ryoko Gi, who is also an actress and seiyū, would later play a villain in a Kamen Rider series like he did.

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