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  • Follow the Leader: Unsurprisingly for a Toei production, DX 3's ending is somewhat similar to how Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger begins.
  • Role Reprise:
    • The DX trilogy brought back all the voice actresses for every Pretty Cure from the previous teams joining the cast for the incumbent season. Subsequent movies would have to cut down on this due to having Loads and Loads of Characters making it unfeasible for everyone to be voiced, leaving some as The Voiceless in certain movies and reprised in others. In general, it can always be counted on for everyone in the immediate preceding team to be reprised, as well as Blossom and Marine.
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    • In New Stage, the Fresh, HeartCatch, and Suite teams are all played by their original voice actresses, but none of the teams prior to Fresh are voiced.
    • New Stage 2 brings back the entire Max Heart team along with Cure Passion and Cure Beat. However, none of the other teammates for the latter two are reprised despite having been voiced in the previous movie. Cure Black and Cure White continue to be voiced in every All Stars movie from this point on, but Shiny Luminous is only reprised in this movie.
    • Starting with New Stage 3, every All Stars movie has at least the leader of each team being reprised by their original voice actress. Notably, Cure Bloom and Cure Egret as well as the entire Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! team have their original voice actresses reprising their roles in this movie, having been absent in the rest of the New Stage trilogy. In addition to the already established and recurring reprisals, Cure Peace and Cure March are reprised in this movie. Cure Echo is also reprised from her debut in New Stage.
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    • Spring Carnival♪: Cure Sunny and Cure Diamond are voiced in addition to those who are established to come back by the aforementioned patterns.
    • Miraculous Magic: Cure Sunny, Cure Echo, and the entire HappinessCharge! and DokiDoki teams are voiced along with the expected reprisals.
    • HUGtto! PreCure ♥ Futari wa PreCure: All-Stars Memories: Toei finally did what the fans wanted since New Stage, by having ALL 55 Cures voiced. Only Cure Echo did not appear in the movie.
  • Too Soon: A tsunami scene (the flood of various fairies from other worlds) was cut from DX3 due to the 9.0 magnitude Sendai earthquake and tsunami. It was later restored on the DVD release, however.
  • What Could Have Been: Teaser pictures for New Stage showed off a number of things including the Smile team under attack by Fusion over the city, Cures Peach, Blossom, Melody and Echo evading attacks by Fusion and a picture of Ayumi with Hibiki, Tsubomi, and Love hinting that Ayumi would have known who the Cures were. None of this happened.


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