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Nagisa and Honoka became lovers some time before DX 1
After all, their power increase with their feelings and friendship for each other, and from the first movie onward they became strong enough to one-shot Zakennas and equivalents without even using magical attacks...

Pretty Cure All Stars takes place prior to the finale of Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star.
Thus, Michiru and Kaoru weren't part of the teamup because they weren't Pretty Cures yet.
  • Jossed: In the one scene she's in, Kaoru's eyes appear human, putting it after the finale. Before the twins' Disney Death, they had freaky-looking eyes to show that they were Artificial Humans.
    • Or the animators screwed up and no one caught it before The Movie was finalized.
      • DX3 proves that Gohyan was already killed by them.

Pretty Cure All Stars DX3 won't be the last All Stars movie.
After that, the All Stars movie series will take a small hiatus, and in a few years, come back in full force with Pretty Cure All Stars DX4ever Pink, which will be the most badass movie of the franchise.
  • Sorta confirmed. There will be another All Stars movie, All Stars New Stage.

Cure Echo is actually the result of the Décor Miracle Lights' power.
During the climax, acknowledging Ayumi's desire to become a Cure herself, Candy and the other mascots wave their Miracle Lights in order to grant her wish. The power of the Miracle Lights not only makes the Cures stronger (like always), but also forms the white Transformation Cure Décor, which allows Ayumi to temporarily become Cure Echo and fight alongside the others. This explains why she isn't present in the ending dance: she loses her powers after Fusion is defeated.
  • Jossed. The Miracle Lights were to show the Cures and later Ayumi the way to Fusion/Fuu-chan. In the next All-Stars movie, it is explained that a Cure needs to combine her powers with that of a fairy, which is exactly what happened in the subsequent film, which marked the return of Cure Echo.

The pre-Fresh characters being Demoted to Extra in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage is an attempt to keep the movies from turning completely into Forever Pink.
Let's face it. Looking at past performance, Love, Tsubomi, Hibiki, and Miyuki are probably already going to be a Spotlight-Stealing Squad. Throw in Nagisa, Saki, and Nozomi, and the writers would probably forget anyone else was in the movie.

Sailor Moon will have a cameo in the next All Stars movie.
This would be to promote the upcoming Sailor Moon remake. Pretty Cure has crossed over with Toei's tokusatsu franchises, so crossing with another Toei magical girl anime is possible. If Toei decides to bring back Ojamajo Doreminote , we may also get a Doremi cameo.

Similar to Pretty Cure All Stars, there will be crossover between Toei's magical girl series in the style of Kamen Rider X Super Sentai Superhero Taisen.
The crossover would feature characters the following animes, listed in order of the original air date:

The entire premise of New Stage 3 is a Take That! to Moral Guardians.
Look at it. The main villain is a mother tapir who wants to protect her shy and sensitive child from all bad things, but ends up putting people in danger while being extremely overbearing and overprotective, and eventually, she has to face the fact that she can't hide bad things from her son anymore, as he's already found out about them. Doesn't this sound like a very thinly veiled potshot against soccer moms who preach "protect the children"?

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