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  • In the first movie a truly gigantic Zakenna is chasing three of the Pretty Cure 5 team (Go! Go! version), when Nagisa and Honoka annihilate it with a single kick each.
    • In fact in the movie they take down many monsters with Good Old Fisticuffs, not breaking out the magical attacks until they have to fight Fusion.
    • In the following movies, Nagisa and Honoka have the habit to show up for a Big Damn Heroes moment and do something that the main Cures of the movie cannot do. Like stopping a tanker ship-turned-train when eight Cures unable to do it previously.
  • All-Stars DX. Seriously, why were these movies only 70 minutes each? There could have been even more ass-kicking!
    • The Zakenna aeroplane. Which Black and White promptly kick into the distance (while said plane is still several hundred feet up)
    • Milky Rose punching the ground and leaving a LARGE crater for the Big Bad to slip in.
      • In the sequel, she briefly goes into mascot form to dodge an attack and roundhouse sucker punch her opponent back!
    • For most of the battle sequences, each team only fought strategically alongside their respective teammates, and "mixed combat" was more of a side-effect... until Cure Dream and Cure Bloom kick an Uzainaa butt TOGETHER! (While Egret and the rest of the Yes-cures are busy surviving.) The power of earth and dreams! UNITED!!
  • In the third movie, after the Precures get out of the trapped dimension, they start unleashing their attacks as their theme song plays out at the background, utterly obliterating the enemies. Bonus points for Love and Tsubomi calling out Black Hole for using the likeness of Toymajin (who is actually a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds in the default movie and helped out by Love) and Baron Salamander (who has been given a second chance to restart his life for good by the Cures) for evil. To top it off, it finishes with Hibiki and Kanade obliterating the Freezen Brothers... with just their very first attack (Passionato Harmony).
  • New Stage 3, you'd think that the one leading the charge in trying to save the day would be Megumi or Mana. Nope, it's Nozomi! She realizes the dream world she's in is just that, tells the students she's with that she's thankful to have the chance to live out this dream, and it ends up breaking her free.
  • Shishiki, the game-original villain from Zenin Shuu~GO! Dream Festival, induces some awesome in the final stage. Kidnapping eleven girls to fight in an unknown arena is pretty normal for a final boss, right? Wait, where exactly are they? Is that the Nightmare Corporation building? Yes, despite this being mainly a one-season game, Shishiki has transcended Eternal and claimed another deposed faction's turf.
  • The scream Hibiki's VA was able to produce at the end of the 3rd movie.
  • While it is downplayed in that only a few of them properly fight the Cures and they are all empty shells with no personality, Singing With Everyone features the revival of all the main villains up to Dyspear. You canít ask for a bigger battle than that, can you?
  • HUGtto! PreCure ♥ Futari wa PreCure: All-Stars Memories finally reunites all 55 Cures (Only Cure Echo did not appear) in one movie, and having all their voice actresses reprised their roles! Those mad men in Toei, they finally did it!
    • This feat actually won the movie a Guinness World Record.
    • There's also the insane fight between the All-Stars and the movieís Big Bad, taking full advantage of the CGI to make one beautiful and awesome moment.