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Heartwarming / Yes! Pretty Cure 5

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  • Urara's flashback in episode 19 to the first time she ate curry with her family, while her mother was still alive. The only thing more adorable than seeing baby!Urara eat, is seeing her father and grandpa watch baby!Urara eat.
  • In season 1 episode 20, The girls cheer for Urara who is rather nervous about debuting as a singer. The top comment in that video sums the moment well.
  • The ending of the first season. Despariah prepares for her Heroic Sacrifice, and even if she knew it wouldn't be enough for all the troubles she caused, she asked anyway. Coco, who's formerly trying to cover for the Palmier Kingdom citizens, eventually accepts her apology and handshake, finally granting her forgiveness.
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  • In Go!Go!, this actually happens for the villains: Scorp always treats Bunbee without any jackass intentions (unlike his past co-workers and future ones), and knowing that his time is coming to an end, he decided to die fighting. Despite Bunbee's warning for him not to go, Scorp goes on anyway, but what nails it is that Scorp admits that Bunbee is actually a kind man. Even if he's eventually beaten by the Cures, his last words was a fond farewell to Bunbee (unlike everyone else, with their screams of agony). Their Villainous Friendship is also something that's kind of heartwarming.
  • Usually the Precures doesn't even bother to remember or call their enemies' name, they just call them with whichever group they're affiliated with (Nightmare or Eternal). However, after Bunbee does his final Heel–Face Turn, Nozomi, for the first time, thanks him as 'Mr. Bunbee'. That's a good way to show how much Nozomi can forgive.
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  • The Big Damn Kiss in the Go!Go! movie between Nozomi and Coco. Also, doubles as a "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight.
  • The aftermath of the two-part in Go!Go!, "Danger! Five De Chances", give Milk a heartwarming moment. Milk as Kumuri is in sorrow for not appearing on the real "Five De Chances" eating the year supply of chocolate the group had won when the "Five De Chances" trophy arrives. Karen calls her over — and she's is surprised to see her human form's name on it. It turns out that Karen's butler had an old friend at the TV station — and pull some strings to get Kurumi's name added to the "Five De chances" trophy.

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