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Headscratchers / Yes! Pretty Cure 5

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  • The Aqua Ribbon has a secondary "sword" function, which Cure Aqua used a grand total of twice, and one of those was in The Movie. There are so many times when it would have been useful. Even if Karen didn't know she could do that until the episode where it happened, why did she not use it again in later episodes?
  • For that matter, why do none of the other Cures ever do anything similar? I suppose it wouldn't really work all that well with Lemonade or Mint, but the Dream Torch and Rouge Tact seem like they'd work really well with similar melee weapon modes.
  • Nozomi's position as the leader of Pretty Cure was an arbitrary decision made on the spur of the moment, and she was only even considered because Karen turned down the offer. It is also completely unimportant, as there is rarely any need for a leader at all, and when there is, it's just as likely to be Karen or Coco who takes charge. From episodes 1 to 23, there is absolutely nothing that makes Cure Dream different from the other Cures. But the Symphony Set (and as a result Pretty Cure Five Explode) is quite clearly designed around the idea that Dream is the most important of the Cures, and it's been in Milk's luggage since before anybody transformed. This doesn't add up.
    • Maybe all the weapons could have been used by any of the girls, but they gained their colours and abilities when the butterflies bonded with them. You never know.
  • In episode 5, we learned that Karen's parents come home on Christmas. In the Christmas episode, there was no hint of this whatsoever, not even an offhand mention. What the hell?
  • Does someone at Toei Animation have it out for Rin and her love life? The manga and early episodes set it up so that she might end up with Nuts, but apparently the Ryoureta fan club vetoed that or something. Then there's all the Ho Yay with Karen; that's pretty common in Pretty Cure, right? Common enough that it all got shifted to Karen and Kurumi. In promotional materials for season two, they OUTRIGHT STATED that Rin would finally get a boyfriend in Syrup, but Urara goes and gets in the way of that. What, is she going to have to go back to the ghost or something?
    • She could do a lot worse than that ghost.
    • Unless Mukadia comes back from the dead or something, as it stands she might have something with the accessory-wearing older brother of the little girl from episode 41.
  • Why do the nightmares often walk up to the cures and practically ask them to transform? why don't they snipe them or something before they transform? it's pretty obvious that they know who the cures are.
    • Because they aren't cowards.
    • Because if Girinma beheads Nozomi in her sleep, what stops her Pinky Catch from reverting back to butterfly form, disappearing, and seeking out some other girl to become the new Cure Dream? Whereas defeating her while she's transformed might take out the butterfly along with her.
  • Maybe this is just me, but why do so many people consider Komachi a Retasu Expy? What do they have in common other than the color scheme and bookworm-ness? Retasu is a shy klutz with water powers while Komachi is more outspoken, more proper, and uses a shield and earth powers.
    • Their hair styles when transformed are similar, as Komachi's ponytail seems to split into pigtails when she transforms into Cure Mint (and Lettuce/Retasu has pigtails in both forms). The fact that their power bases (earth vs. water) and personalities are different is a good point, though. It's also probably because people compare the series in general with Tokyo Mew Mew, especially with the fact that both groups say "Metamorphose!" to transform.
    • It's because they look very similar in their non-transformed states.
  • Is the power to take a human form exclusive to the Palmier princes or is it something all of the citizens have (except Milk until Go Go!)? On one hand, Milk refers to this ability that the princes have to be "amazing", but on the other hand, the despair mask'd citizens near the end of the first season seem to have taken on a human form (note that Milk did not under similar circumstances) and Milk did seem to have a complex about it when it first came up.
    • Milk did mention that she has utilized other forms in the past (specifically a puppy and a kitten, although we only ever see her fairy and human form), so it's likely that the ability to transform is common amongst all citizens of the Palmier Kingdom. The ability to transform into a human is likely specific to princes; the citizen's human forms while in Nightmare could have been caused by the masks they were wearing, as they went right back to fairy form when the masks broke. As for why Milk didn't turn into a human when she wore the mask, the masks might take a while to force a human form on the host.
      • If it's exclusive to princes,why does milk get that ability in Go Go!?


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