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  • Since it got deleted, here goes again: Why do the girls use Rainbow Therapy only like, 3 times in 50 episodes? It serves as a 'purifier' for Zakenna-possesed LIVING beings, but why didn't they use it against Shadow Yuka, lacking a better term. and they DID use it against the island shrine's twin armors. It does not make sense, no it doesn't.
    • They also didn't use it against the vice principal when he got Zakenna'd. Instead, that Zakenna was destroyed by a ridiculous extension of the usual No Ontological Inertia which was never seen again and was contradicted later in one of the episodes where they did use Rainbow Therapy.
      • It is possible, however, that they actually did use Rainbow Therapy, but it wasn't shown. Why? Well I have drawn two possible reasonings.

1. The duo already used Marble Screw, and the creators did not want to show another 'finishing' move used immediately after another (and it would actually look pretty lame).

2. Rainbow Therapy was introduced in the episode right before this episode and they didn't want to seem repetative by using it again.

  • And speaking of human puppets, why did Poisonee NOT give the fake Pretty Cures.... I dunno, some... superpower? At least, the aforementioned Zakenna-possesed human had some sort of annoying ability: hiding among shadow copies...
  • Why did the Zakenna Butlers survive to appear again in Max Heart? Their masters were pretty much nuked by King Haaku. so they had no reason to keep existing... right?
    • The canon seems to be inconsistent on this, but if you ignore the vice principal (which, as mentioned, contradicts a later episode), there's no other evidence that Zakennas themselves have No Ontological Inertia. That, and we don't actually know where the butlers came from... perhaps they actually belonged to the Max Heart Quirky Miniboss Squad the whole time.
      • I'm positive that Max Heart's villains didn't exist until King Haaku split himself again, just like Hikari and her Heartiels.
      • That's the Seeds' schtick, though.
  • This is more a whine than a question: Why couldn't the girls find/recruit/make a Sixth Ranger (well, third) for Season One, just like Hikari in Max Heart? (I know... plot reasons) I only wanted to add Yuka Odajima is perfect for the job. I mean, she has Nagisa's skill and Honoka's smarts, and looks. Just lacks confidence. A friend calls her Queen of Games. Har.
    • Why no Sixth Ranger in general? Because that would have thrown off the linearly increasing Pretty Cure heroine count. (2, 3, 4, 5, and now 6. Check it out yourself!)
    • Why not Yuka in particular? Because when Yuka and Nagisa spent one episode together, they started seriously looking like lovers. Parents across Japan don't even want to imagine what would happen if you stuck them in a bedroom together every week.
      • I'm counting 3 episodes where Yuka appears, including Max Heart. And it is in the very last one when she 'confesses' her admiration towards Nagisa, as she can do all she wants without worrying about her reputation. Mmm, fanfiction fuel...
      • Technically she was in four episodes, the third one being the last episode of the first series. The only episode they really spent together, though, was her fourth appearance.
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  • This troper found it very grating that Nagisa got much, much more screentime and focus than Honoka (and Hikari). She does not prefer one over the other, mind you, she thinks that it doesn't make sense to have two main characters who are equally important only to focus on one.
  • Does the Queen have a name? I have not found one online, so I was wondering if there is any Word of God or All There in the Manual that mentions a name?
  • Why would a lacrosse uniform include a skirt?
  • Why is rainbow therapy never used in Max Heart?


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