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  • The first two episodes win THREE awards for defying the standard formula of the Precure franchise. First, having Mamo wait until Ira's Monster of the Week was taken down to throw her own into the ring. Second, As soon as both monsters are vanquished, rather than simply teleport away, both step into the fray to battle Cure Heart themselves. And just when it couldn't get any more awesome, she manages to hold her own against BOTH of them.
    • By the way, Cure Sword jumps backwards elegantly in slow-motion.
  • Bel breaks the rules as well in episode 6, when he sends the Precures to a different realm!
    • Makoto manages to cut through a cutting board with a knife. It's an accident, but still!
  • In Episode 7, rather than falling into despair at Bel's triumphant Evil Laugh at having (apparently) trapped the Precures in the ruined Trump Kingdom, Mana counter-Evil Laughs him and confidently challenges that if he can hop between dimensions, they will just beat him until he transports them back. Pure. Bad. Ass.
  • Episode 12, Mana was able to serve a mob of hungry students from overrunning the cafeteria lady, hearing and then matching half-a-dozen rapidly shouted orders of bread and refreshments, as well as matching the right change to each corresponding student. Even outside battle, Mana-chan is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Episode 13, Mamo manages to ensnare Heart, Diamond and Sword. She also believe that Rosetta is the weakest because she uses barriers. Rosetta then proceeds to use her martial arts skills and kick Mamo's ass.
  • Episode 18: In the words of the Final Fantasy VI fandom, Cure Heart MOTHA FUCKING suplexes a Jikochuu train!
  • Episode 19: During the soccer match, Cure Heart wants to shoot the Jikochuu ball, but it dodges, then she immediately performs a salto and hits the ball... unfortunately, the moment is ruined when the Jikochuu goal just closes its shutters.
    • During the bowling match, the Precures have to take hundreds of pins down to win the match. At Cure Rosetta's turn, she performs first a whirlwind pirouette and then she throws the ball so hard that the air is moving (and thanks to Cure Sword, the dodging Jikochuu pins getting hit). When Cure Heart throws nearly a gutter, Ai-chan just copies several balls that take all pins down.
  • Episode 21: Regina tries to commit a Heroic Sacrifice to save Cure Heart, but she is immediately caught by Cure Heart's legs before she had fallen in the pit of lava! Heart delivers a Badass Boast and then Regina regains her power, using her Flight ability to save themselves, and afterwards she sends the spider Jikochuu to the stars.
  • Episode 23: Cure Ace curbstomping a powered up Regina who was easily kicking the other cures' asses, then reassures confidence in Mana, and both kick the two monsters of the week's asses with ease.
    • And Mana fighting with two monsters using only her voice and an umbrella.
    • Cure Heart jumps backwards like Cure Sword in Episode 1.
  • Episode 25: Cure Rosetta vs Mamo alias Cutie Madame. Mamo attacks her with a Kamehame Hadouken and Rosetta blocks it with Rosetta Reflection. At the same time, she absorbs Mamo's attack and fires it back as her own attack. It's extra awesome for being her first offensive magical maneuver.
  • Episode 27: The four Precures activate their Battle Aura and defeats the Combined Jikochuu.
  • Episode 29: Cure Ace purifies the Combined Jikochuu from behind, at the same time the Precure quartet purifies its front.
  • Episode 30: The Pretty Cure fight Melan, a f*cking dragon! They fire their finisher moves Lovely Force Arrow and Ace Shot, but they fail because of Melan's barrier.
    • Cure Heart, Cure Diamond and Cure Sword give their powers into Rosetta's Rosetta Reflection, creating the new group attack Lovely Force Reflection. When Rosetta throws her shield, the three other Cures fly backwards as the immense shockwave hit them. The attack is so powerful, it breaks through Melan's barrier.
    • Cure Heart jumps towards Melan who fires her Breath Weapon to her. Despite being hit by that flame that has defeated the five Cures once before]], Heart still moves forward and she erases that flame. And then she throws a punch, even though she fails to hit Melan because of exhaustion, but the punch is so strong that it's creating an air shockwave.
  • Episode 31: After Cure Heart's massive Tear Jerker moment, she cheers herself quickly up by smacking herself on her cheeks. She smacks herself so hard that the air waves.
  • Episode 33: Cure Rosetta's whole battle against the helicopter Jikochuu is awesome. And she proves again that shields and barriers are not only for defense.
  • Episode 35: Cure Sword vs the caries Jikochuu. It attacks her with a drill. Not only that Sword overcomes her fear of drills, she stops it with barehands. She holds it so hard that the Jikochuu begins to spin itself.
  • Episode 36: Rachel defeats a Blood Ring Jikochuu by his own. He's empowered by The Power of Love and uses his full force to gives the Jikochuu an epic head-/cheekbutt while being in his Commune form and dragging Cure Diamond's body. It also looks like an epic Ass Kicks You of her. Also a Funny Moment.
  • Episode 39 brings us a villainous example: Regina pulls out the Miracle Dragon Glaive when all of the other Cures except for Cure Ace couldn't do it, making her that much more dangerous.]]
  • Episode 40: Cure Sword catches the Dragon Glaive one handed, in the middle of a transformation sequence, and holds it in place without even struggling while singing.
  • Episode 44: Cure Heart is separated from the others...and they still kick the villains' butts. More awesome for Rikka announcing that they're winning because Mana is still with them in their hearts. And then there's her Kirk Summation to Regina.
  • Episode 47: The Cures defend the town from the recently revived King Jikochuu. What ensues is the following:
    • Cures Diamond, Rosetta, and Sword facing off against Ira, Marmo, Bel, respectively.
    • Cure Heart and Cure Ace holding their ground against Regina and King Jikochuu.
    • Regina makes another Heel–Face Turn, and unlocks the full power of the Miracle Dragon Glaive.
    • And on a non-Cure-related note, all of the characters that the Cures helped throughout the series come Back for the Finale to help evacuate the citizens of Oogai Town.
  • Episode 48. Good god, where do you start?
    • Rosetta using Rosetta Balloon to summon a giant version of Lance is both this and a Funny Moment
    • Diamond using a new attack, Diamond Blizzard, which encases her in a giant diamond]]
    • Cure Rosetta again. She and the giant Lance summon the biggest Rosetta Reflection ever as a decoy to their Death from Above attack.
    • Cure Sword getting the final hit on King Jikochuu. She's finally strong enough to take out the one who destroyed her kingdom.
  • Episode 49. Cure Heart obtains her Parthenon Mode and subsequently proceeds to utterly destroy Proto Jikochuu. Special mentions go to Cure Heart kicking the baddie up into the stratosphere and all Proto Jikochuu can do is make an Oh, Crap! face as he kicked back down to Earth.
  • Non-Serial Movie. As every other Non-Serial Movie in Pretty Cure has their own share of asskicking, Doki Doki's one does too!
    • Sebastian and Alice save Mana and Rikka from the Tractor Beam Marsh launched. How? Rams Precure Mobile to the ship and creates blinding gas thick enough to buy time to do the rescue.
    • Davi, in her human form, skydives to Marsh's Cool Airship alongside the other fairies and Bebell in order to save the Cures from their Memory Worlds. And then she fights two mannequins with her bare hands along the way.
    • Cure Diamond and Cure Rosetta's tag-teaming against Purple Buggy and Silver Clock. And they finish them with an elaborate uses of Diamond Blizzard and Rosetta Reflection Double Crush.
    • Cure Ace and Ai-chan's pulling a Big Damn Heroes in Makoto's Memory World. The following scene is great too, if only for the build-up moment of Cure Sword's Ultima Sword.
    • Cure Rosetta summoning Rosetta Reflection big enough to protect the whole chapel in which Mana's wedding is held. And it doesn't break. This was the biggest shield yet before the one from Episode 48 took its place.
  • The fact that every episode is plot relevant. It's unprecedented in Pretty Cure. See more for its own page.