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  • In her debut episode, Cure Mermaid doesn't let the Zetsuborg's projectiles deter her, even assaulting some of them and turning one into a makeshift surfboard.
  • Kirara hits a Zetsuborg with a crane... outside of her Precure form.
  • Yui has just learned that Haruka, Minami and Kirara are Pretty Cures, and now she (along with the girls, Aroma, and Pafu) are sucked into Alternate Dimension made by Dyspear. As soon as she learns from Aroma and Pafu the story behind the Pretty Cures and meets Prince Kanata, what does she decide to do? Run and find the Cures to tell them how to activate their new powers despite there being Zetsuborgs around. Without her help, the girls wouldn't have been able to get the Crystal Rods from Kanata and return home.
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  • The fight scenes as a whole are a massive improvement compared to the last few previous seasons, from the first fight in episode 1 to the fight in Episode 11 where Close goes One-Winged Angel and proceeds to beat the crap out of Cure Flora in a brutal way not seen since the Washio era and Heartcatch when it comes to main characters being put on the ropes. The animation used for this new form is VERY similar to Studio Trigger in overall style and animation quality. It makes the end result and comeback from the Cures all the better.
  • In Episode 12, even after collapsing near the end of the race and Kirara winning already, an exhausted Ranko still gets up and gave her all to finish the race. Even Haruka and the crowd cheered her on!
  • Episode 14 has Shut imprisoning Haruka's entire family to make a Zetsuborg. Haruka is understandably pissed, and she then proceeds to lead Minami and Kirara in a charge against the Zetsuborg with one thing in mind: payback.
  • In episode 16, Mermaid bringing the pain down on a Zetsuborg for having the audacity to pervert her Cool Big Bro Wataru's dream to bring people together with the beauty of the ocean, thereby willing up her third Dress Up Key.
    • Tina the dolphin shielding Mermaid from a blow, nearly at the cost of her life.
  • Episode 18: Princess Twilight finally gets to show off what she can do in combat by utterly curb-stomping all three of the Cures. Just when things are looking bleak, however, Flora receives her new Dress-Up Key and the Cures, with their new finisher, completely turn the tide.
  • Episode 20: Kanata pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment by saving Haruka against two Zetsuborgs... with only his staff and horse.
  • Episode 21: The entire fight between the Cures and the powered-up Twilight is awesome enough, but special mention goes to when Cure Flora engages Twilight one-on-one, complete with some of the best animation in the franchise to date.
  • Episode 22: Towa, free from the bonds of despair, transforms into Cure Scarlet and proceeds to lay down the hurt on Dyspear. Even more so, unlike Setsuna Higashi and Ellen Kurokawa before her, she decides to join the team at the very end.
    • However, Cure Scarlett wouldn't have appeared without Cure Flora, who decides to get into the tree of despair to try and free Towa. If it wasn't for her encourging words (and violin skills), the Cures would have most likely been defeated by Dyspear.
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    • Also, the way the Cures get Cure Flora to Towa deserves mention. The three pull off flawless teamwork and bring back previous finishing moves to prevent Dyspear from stopping them.
  • Episode 23: Flora, Mermaid, and Twinkle pull off a spectacular Big Damn Heroes for Cure Scarlett, ending with Scarlett officially joining the team.
  • Episode 26: After all their hard work and Epic Fails, Puff and Aroma achieve their dreams of earning the titles of Royal Fairy Maid and Royal Fairy Butler.
  • Episode 27: Flora delivering a much needed pep-talk for her former bully, Yuuki, by telling him off that abandoning his friends in self-pity just makes him totally uncool. Not only this is a subtle 'payback' for the years of bullying... it works, resulting Yuuki to get humbled and give a hard serve to the Zetsuborgs with a stone, enabling the Cures to finish them off.
  • From beach episode 28 :
    • Lock gets a clever idea to steal the girls dress up keys so they won't be able to transform. He succeeds. The only one who has her keys intact is Towa as Lock believed her keys to be "fakes".
    • Scarlet is left to battle Yui's Zetsuborg all alone because Flora, Mermaid and Twinkle are stuck fighting Lock's copies. After initial troubles, she realizes how important all of the girls are for her and beats the Zetsuborg to the ground. She is rewarded later by finding her last, Sun dress up key in Yui's sketchbook which Scarlet saved from being destroyed.
    • Special mentions goes to Yui (someone give the poor girl a break, it's the third time she was attacked in the series) for her struggling against getting her dream locked.
  • It must be admitted - Lock's idea on how to fill up the despair gauge completely was brilliant and his newest zetsuborg (Dysdark's flying castle!) makes quite an impression.
  • Episode 30: Starting from when the Cures take back their Dress-Up Keys without any special powers, Lock goes One-Winged Angel and proceeds to juggernaut his way through all of the Cures' attacks, including their most powerful finisher. But when things get rough, Cure Scarlett arrives in the nick of time and all four of the Cures use their new keys to obtain the power of the Princess Palace and defeat Lock.
  • Episode 31: The return of Close. Not only does he sport a new look to appear more menacing than ever, he's also more stronger, being able to defeat the Cures without flinching. And with Lock out of the picture, he becomes Dyspear's new Number Two. We've come a long way since he was just a Punch-Clock Villain.
    • To add to the above, Close boasts that he came back from the depths of Hell just to fight the Cures again. Let us reiterate: he's such a Determinator that not even death can stop him.
  • Episode 33: Miss Shiamour defends Yui and Kuroro from Shut's attack with such grace and elegance that even Shut is impressed. A while later, Shut admits to Shiamour that he's upset because of his string of bad luck and he feels that nobody treats him seriously; in response, him a special make up lesson to cheer him up. Because no matter friend or foe, a proper lady should treat everyone with kindness and respect.
  • Episode 36: It's only a minor character moment, but even if he's a Non-Action Guy, Minami's dad deserves props for resisting the order to run away from Yui, insisting that it's his duty to protect the ship, then calling out the Zetsuborg without care about what kind of creature it is or the fact that it could hurt him that instant. And if you notice, before Mermaid saved him from the Zetsuborg's attack, he didn't even flinch.
  • Episode 39: Haruka pulls herself together after remembering how many people supported her dream to be a princess and how many friends she made on the way. She transforms on the spot and curbstomps Close's army of Zetsuborgs (which was made of EVERY citizen in Yumegahama!)
    • The teamwork in this episode also deserves mention - the girls work together in perfect sync and force Close to change into his crow form. It didn't help.
    • Grand Printemps: Single-handedly one of the flashiest and prettiest finishers in the franchise.
    • The animation quality for the fights skyrockets again this episode, looking EVEN BETTER then Episode 30 was at times, and that one was seen as having some the best animation in the franchise to date.
      • The original transformation sequence also needs to be noted - it's one of the few non-stock footage moments with a transformation and it just adds to the moment.
    • Special mention must be made to Cure Flora Dual Wielding Mermaid's and Twinkle's Crystal Rods, with her Rose and Lily keys equipped. The resulting beam would've been visible for miles.
  • Episode 40 : After much-needed talk with Kuroro, Scarlet gains a new attack and singlehandedly defeats one of Dyspear's most powerful monsters. Then, she uses all four of her keys to drive away a large part of the Despair Forest which results in uncovering and activating a fourth princess temple.
  • Episode 41: Yui is attacked again, but she doesn't go down without a fight. Through sheer willpower, she manages to snap out of her own despair and weaken the Zetsuborg enough for the girls to finish it. And she does this while inside the cage.
  • Episode 43: Cure Twinkle takes a page from Cure Mint and Cure Rosetta by using her Full Moon Humming barrier as a projectile, but instead of throwing it, she kicks it. While in midair. Before blasting the Zetsuborg with a Galaxy Chorus. All set to this.
  • Episode 47: Haruka pulls a Cure Dream and gets out of Dyspear's Lotus-Eater Machine by herself. She may want to become a princess, but she'll become one by using her own strength.
    • Dyspear's successful gambit. First, she attempts to defeat the Cures by separating Cure Flora from the rest via a Lotus-Eater Machine. It doesn't work, and the Cures manage to return the Hope Kingdom back to normal. With her power expelled from the Hope Kingdom, Dyspear conquer the Cures' world instead.
  • Episode 48: Yui is attacked yet again (along with the rest of the academy), but once again, she doesn't go down without a fight. Eventually, she one-ups her moment in Episode 41 by breaking out of her despair cage through sheer willpower before helping everyone else to break out of their despair! Everyone (including Close!) is stunned by her feat.
    • Shut gets his own Big Damn Heroes moment: he saves the girls from Close's attack, lands a well-deserved punch to Close's face (Close is so shocked he doesn't even defend himself), and helps the girls purify Lock's Evil Coat.
  • Episode 49: This episode gave several moments for several characters.
    • With Dyspear reigning supreme over the Earth and the Cures defeated, all hope seems lost. Then Yui and the rest of the Noble Academy join their dreams to give Haruka and the others the strength to get back on their feet.
    • As the Cures are running to the doors that appeared out of nowhere, multiple characters team up to prevent Dyspear from interfering, including Puff, Aroma, Miss Shamour, Kanata, Shut, and Kuroro, who manages to join forces with Lock.
    • The Princess Pretty Cures, at long last, achieve their goals and become Grand Princesses. They then proceed to purify Dyspear with the golden key from the opening in their final attack: Grand Liberation.
  • Episode 50:
    • Dyspear's major chessmaster gambit. She fused herself together with Close so in the off chance that she was defeated by the Cures, her powers would immediately transfer to Close.
    • Cure Flora and Close have one last fight of visually-amazing epic proportions before Flora talks Close into leaving. That is all.
    • The epilogue where we see the girls in the future: Yui has released her book about the Cures, Minami works as marine biologist, Kirara supposedly stays in Paris and is a successful model, and Towa is the Hope Kingdom's new queen. In the end, they really did achieve their dreams.


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