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Awesome / HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!

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  • Episode 1: Cure Fortune's Big Damn Heroes moment saving Cure Princess.
  • Episode 2: Cure Princess getting enough courage to save Cure Lovely from the Saiark.
  • Episode 3: Cherry Flamenco: "Ole!"
    • Seiji taking down a squad of Kindabads before being knocked out from laser beams.
  • Episode 4: Cure Lovely's Big Damn Heroes moment saving Cure Princess by using 2 Choiarks to punch the Saiark.
  • Episode 8: Cure Fortune's Big Damn Heroes moment: She saves Cure Lovely and Cure Princess, and then effortlessly defeats both Saiarks.
  • Episode 10: Cure Honey shows off what she and her baton can do in her first on-stage fight...and does so without raising a fist.
  • Episode 13: Starting off from Cure Fortune giving us yet another Big Damn Heroes moment, she and Cure Lovely team up to fight Phantom. The god Blue even gets one by using his powers to free Lovely from Phantom's bonds.
    • Phantom himself is one big CMOA for the villains. He goes around defeating Precure, which as we all know isn't necessarily easy, and he has ninja skills that rival Strider Hiryu's.
    • Really, anytime Fortune and Lovely team up usually leads to an awesome moment. The fact that their fighting styles are both relatively similar and both become in sync really helps. This happens again in Episode 20, and it's no less amazing.
  • Episode 14: Cure Lovely actually stays in her Cherry Flamenco form after performing the traditional attack and busts out a couple of new moves.
  • Episode 17: Seiji fighting the Choiarks alongside Cure Princess despite not having powers of his own.
  • Episode 19: After performing another Big Damn Heroes moment, Cure Fortune teams up with the Happiness Charge Precures to take down the Choiarks and Saiark.
  • Episode 21: Cure Princess saves Cure Lovely. In every other occasion, it happened the other way around. It just shows how much stronger Hime has gotten.
  • Episode 22: After spending nine episodes of making other Pretty Cures complete chumps, Cure Fortune finally turns it around on Phantom and nearly purifies him.
    • Special mentions go to the Cures returning the favor by performing a Big Damn Heroes moment for Fortune.
  • Episode 23: Cure Princess's Big Damn Heroes moment for Cure Fortune. Again, this just shows how strong she has gotten since the beginning of the show.
  • Episode 24: Apart from all four Cures finally fighting together as a full-fledged team, they turn Princess Ball, normally one of the most pathetic attacks in Pretty Cure history, into a devastating combination attack.
  • Episode 26: Seiji proves his worth as Badass Normal by defending injured Hime against a group of Choiarks. When he gets beaten up, Hime returns the favor: She defeats a Saiark, who was strong enough to fend of all Precure at once first, all alone. Don't mess with this princess' Love Interest!
  • Episode 32: Cure Fortune becomes the first Cure to awaken her Innocent Form, using its powers to easily thrash a Saiaku that had been giving everyone trouble, with an Animation Bump to boot.
  • Episode 37: The team nearly purifies Oresky with Big Bang, and then out of the blue, its broken by none other than a Brainwashed and Crazy Cure Tender!
  • Pretty much all of Episode 38: A kickass, episode-length fight with the Brainwashed and Crazy Cure Tender, with some of the best animation seen in the entire series, topped off by the Innocent Form Cures singing and then exploding her back to normal with their new attack, Innocent Purification.
  • Episode 40: The three generals join their powers and summon a whole army of Saiarks from everyone in Pikarigaoka. The Cures then proceed to lay an epic smackdown on them, like they were Choiarks. And they only changed into Innocent Form to deliver the Coup de Grāce.
  • Episode 43: Cure Lovely (in her regular form, no less!) took several blows from Queen Mirage, did that stop her from reaching to Mirage and asserting her that Blue still loves her? Nah. Even after Mirage was further brainwashed by the Deep Mirror (and blown down the whole palace!), Lovely managed to break her from that state by...hugging her.
    • Bonus points go to Queen Mirage actually taking part in a fight for the first time in the series, and she shows why she's the leader of the bad guys. At least, until Deep Mirror takes over...
  • Episode 44: After Cure Lovely recovers from Red's attempt at Mind Control / Mind Rape thanks to Seiji's help, she starts beating the everliving crap out of his Red Saiark, to the accompaniment of ""Where Courage Is Born," her insert song from The Movie. As with the last episode, she does this in her normal, non-Innocent form. Cure Roughly, indeed!]]
  • Episode 48: Summarized in the following phrase: The eternal love that illuminates the world! Forever Lovely!
  • Episode 49: Forever Lovely fighting par on par with Red and defending herself from all of his attacks. Then she finally defeats him by hugging him (fitting for the Cuddle Bug that is Lovely).