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In this season or future seasons one of the male villians will force a member of the Pretty Cure to marry him.
I know they won't do it because most of the girls' are underage but it would be interesting to see a male villian do a Scarpia Ultimatum in the finale and have the rest of the Cures save that member from being forced to marry the villain.

The tenth anniversary team will consist of characters that had been introduced in previous seasons.
It will consist of the following characters.

The Happiness Charge Cures will be able to change into past Pretty Cures, in a fashion similar to Kamen Rider Decade or Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
Like both series, Happiness Charge is a Milestone Celebration, the PreCards seem to resemble Decade's Rider Cards in appearance, and there will be PreCards for the past Cures (or at least the past lead Cures, as shown in a merchandise scan). If it doesn't happen in the show, it will at least happen in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3.
  • Jossed. There are PreCards for the All-Stars made, but they're for merchandise purposes only.

Megumi and Hime will, at some point, bond over fashion.
  • Happily confirmed. Megumi even calls Hime her "master".

The reason there is an air of mystery surrounding Cure Honey
We know she'll be in the next Pretty Cure All Stars movie, but it's clear the people in charge are trying to keep something about Honey hidden. What is it? PLACE YOUR BETS!
  • She's Evil All Along.
  • She's the daughter of an existing Precure.
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  • She's Ribbon in human form. — Jossed
  • There's just a Trolling Creator.
  • She's related to Megumi's childhood friend Seiji somehow (possibly his sister, with their parents being divorced, much like Miki and Kazuki).
  • Jossed. The only reason Cure Honey came across as mysterious was because she felt shy about revealing her true identity (as Megumi's old friend Yuuko).

In the middle of the series will be have an Fifth Cure with white color.
  • The fifth ranger will be Seiji.
  • ...or Mao
  • Close analysis of Cure Tender's uniform suggests that her color may, in fact, be white.
  • Jossed. The Sixth Ranger Iona's color is purple. Her costume turns white for her Innocent Form, but then again all the main cures have a white costume for their Innocent Form.

The friendship rock Hime throws at Megumi at the start of the story will be big enough to hit Megumi right on the forehead.
As per Pretty Cure tradition of leaders getting things thrown on their faces.
  • Partially confirmed. It hits Megumi on the back instead.

Yuko/Cure Honey's voice actress will turn out to be Ayame Goriki.
  • Jossed; her voice actress is the little-known Rina Kitagawa.

At least one of Cure Fortune's parents has turned evil.
  • Jossed; it's her sister who's turned evil, not her parents.

The "many other Pretty Cure" out there? The original 31 + 2
  • More or less jossed. Episode 8 starts off showcasing several all-new, Phenotype Stereotype Pretty Cure teams around the world, all with the standard dark blue vest worn by the protagonist Cures. On the other hand, right afterwards, we get the debut of Masuko Miyo, who could very well be related to Mika from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (see below), thus linking the season to its predecessors.

Blue is Hime's father (this will be revealed early, like in episode 2), and Queen Mirage is Cure Fortune's mother.

You know what, let's just put both theories together and say Cure Fortune is somehow Hime's long lost sibling.

Queen Mirage is not the final Big Bad
A scene in the opening shows her dark-haired and crying before turning into her blonde version we see in the show. It's likely that something bad happened in the past and she became Queen Mirage as a result. The one responsible will be the actual Big Bad.
  • Her overall appearance doesn't speak that she's the true Big Bad and it's very similar to Mephisto. Not to mention that Queen Mirage's skin, hair and eye colors are identical to the brainwashed Regina's, and both wear black.
    • Confirmed. The true big bad is Red.

The red-haired general is related to Blue
The red-haired general is the only villain not shown in the opening. But there's a silhouette which looks like him during the scene with Blue and a mirror.

He could be:

Bonus points if his name turns out to be a variation of, or literally "Red".

  • It's Phantom.

Megumi's mom is sick
She looked rather down compared to the average Precure parent.
  • Confirmed. Her profile in Asahi website said that she's born with a weak body.

The person who opened the Axia Box is currently trapped in it
  • Jossed. The person who opened the box, Cure Princess, is clearly not in it.

Iona has a sister
  • Confirmed. It turns out she inherited her powers from her older sister, Cure Tender

Hime is the one who opened the Axia Box
  • There have been a lot of nods towards past Pretty Cure series and I think this one would take the cake. There's probably a lot more to Cure Fortune's snapping at Hime for letting them lose ground. It's very possible that Hime opened the box and either won't fess up or people know it and are making her clean it up. The only reason Megumi wouldn't know is because they're probably counting on her to help fix the mess.
  • Confirmed.

Alternatively: Hime witnessed the moment when the Axia Box opened and has some idea who did it...
...Someone who is very close to her. Either this someone was also caught in a paradoxical situation like the Trump Kingdom's king was or he's just an Evil Uncle in secret. This would also explain why Hime keeps this Dark Secret away from everyone: It would bring shame to the Blue Sky Kingdom and herself by extention. Worse, she's worried how her new partners would see her after The Reveal since Cure Fortune already has a mean streak against her and apparently knows what this Dark Secret actually is.
  • Jossed.

A certain passing-through Kamen Rider will show up in some form, even if it's in a crowd shot.
Because he has shown up during the anniversary series for two other Toei series. Why break the streak now?

Hime might be a touch autistic
In episode 4, she's too shy to even croak her own name. She even ran away from the class twice because of everybody staring her down and asking her too many questions at once, probably sending her into a fainting spell that looks a lot like sensory overload. A more detailed elaboration/analysis on my LiveJournal page.

Queen Mirage was a Precure and she and Blue loved each other.
Otherwise, why he brought up the whole "Precures can't fall in love because Love Hurts"? Obviously he was talking from experience; how his love life with Queen Mirage failed hard and caused her descent into Dark Magical Girl.
  • Seems likely after Episode 13.
  • Episode 30 confirms this.

Future anniversary intro sequences...
Assuming this season will have the normal 50 episodes, then there is not enough episodes that will feature a Legendary Cure. Speculating time on who else will appear.
  • Michiru and Kaoru - They're like Cures, and have the Bright and Windy powers.
  • Regina - She sorta joined the Cure team at the end of DokiDoki.
  • Cure Echo
  • The protagonists of Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger and Kamen Rider Gaim. Since Pretty Cure is basically Sentai and Kamen Rider's "little sister" series.
  • Usagi/Sailor Moon (alone or with others) from Sailor Moon Crystal, as a nod from one Magical Girl series to another. Crystal's a Toei show, so...
  • The fairies

  • Jossed. After all the main Cures did intro sequences, there aren't any more and the episodes just run without them.
Megumi's mother suffered nearly from Death by Childbirth
So, she's born with a weak body, it's possible that's maybe happened.

Yuko has always been Cure Honey
.Episodes 9-11 focuses on Cure Honey and who she is, but she also appears in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3, which would come out two weeks before the episodes. How could this be? Simple - she's been active for quite some time, but because of her nature and the fact that she doesn't trumpet out her appearance like everyone else, she's kept such a low profile that she doesn't register on the radar.
  • Apparently confirmed. When Blue first scattered the crystals to create the Precure, Yuko was one such girl who found a crystal and became a Precure, but apparently hasn't been active since.

Miyo Masuko is related to Mika in some way.
Which could be a case of It Runs in the Family.

Cure Fortune tried to warn Cure Lovely to stay away from Cure Princess because she still doesn't think so highly of the latter's skill as a Pretty Cure.
Both times they cross paths, Cure Princess is on the losing side of the battle. Never mind that between those two encounters, she Took a Level in Badass; to Cure Fortune, Cure Princess is a risky partner for Cure Lovely because, as far as she knows, Cure Princess is a terrible fighter, and therefore a bad example of a Pretty Cure for Cure Lovely to be allied with.
  • After the events of Episode 20, this seems unlikely.

Cure Honey's singing is actually used as brainwashing.
Because why not. When she sings, everyone suddenly knows the words. Not to mention it makes Megumi and Hime hungry, and Cure Honey owns a food shop. She might be using her singing to manipulate the girls to buy food from her.

Lovely Complete will be an actual form (possibly Lovely's Final Form)
The very first bit of Engrish in the Opening is "Lovely Complete". What's the last card-based series to heavily feature the word complete? Decade. Possibly this will involve the completed book of PreCards.

Cure Honey's "Shiawase Gohan Ai no Uta" was originally intended to be a commercial jingle for the Omori family business.

It's all in Cure Fortune's head.
In other words, she had a psychotic episode ever since losing her parents and sister to the Saiark. The Monster of the Week she fought are not Saiark, but innocent people. Also, it wasn't Cure Princess she's berating for being weak, it's some random civilian she doesn't even know of.

Blue is the one that opened the Axia Box, not Hime, and is the cause of the Blue Sky Kingdom's fall.
Blue said in episode 13 that it's his fault everything bad happened, even the capture of Cure Tender. Cure Fortune resents him, but knowing he's a God, she can't do anything about it, and instead chooses to blame Hime for everything since she's Blue's sister, and in her mind, she's guilty by association.
  • Could be jossed (at least the part concerning Blue and Hime being siblings is jossed), but there's always the possibility of Iona exaggerating things due to her uncontrollable hatred for Hime, and her flashback being merely an Imagine Spot of what she thinks had happened — after all, she wasn't there when the box was opened. Did Hime ever confirm she did it?
  • She did. In Episode 21.

Sooner or later, Cure Fortune will become an Asshole Victim.
And the fans would love it when this happens. In fact, she almost became one in episode 13.
  • She does become one in Episode 22, though how much of an "asshole" is debatable.

Megumi is actually a Stepford Smiler.
She constantly talks about love in a nauseous way and always helps people to make up for a past failure that cost her dearly.
  • Confirmed to an extent. With her mom being sick all the time and herself feeling that she doesn't have any particular talents, she always pushed herself to help others.

One of Cure Fortune's Change Forms will be River Dance Themed.
  • Jossed.

Blue's entire aim has been trying to make Queen Mirage do a Heel–Face Turn
If it really is his fault Mirage turned evil, he's recruiting teenage girls in hope of bringing Mirage back to the side of good without killing her, because he feels guilty. After all, as opposed to other people, teenage girls are more likely to spare villains, especially if they know they're not 100% evil. He also does that so Mirage might be reminded of her younger self if the Precure fight her, and that might make her finally reform.

What is Cure Tender's true identity?
We don't know much, but from the look of the opening theme, there's a possible story going here: Cure Tender got locked in a mirror (in the opening, there is a shot of a someone who looks EXACTLY LIKE IONA trapped in a mirror right before the shot where Iona cries). Alternatively, she locked herself in a mirror after a messy relationship (probably with Blue). Queen Mirage is the Saiark (essentially) resulting from that. Thus, the final battle may look something like Prétear: Queen Mirage will summon up/become the actual Big Bad (like the tree in Pretear) and lock the Cure Tender mirror in it like a power source. Our heroes then have to break Cure Tender first from the monster, then the mirror.
  • Episode 18 confirms that Iona's sister is named Maria.

Glasan will be Killed Off for Real at some point, before Iona joins the team.
There is no indicator that (s)he will get any merchandise with Cure Fortune.
  • Apparently jossed.

Cure Fortune will team up with the other three Cures by half-way through the series.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 22.

The more Popularity Power you have, the weaker you get.
It seems like a lot of the other International Cures, who tend to get a lot of media attention seem to be weaker, allowing Phantom to defeat them. On the other had, the Happiness Charge team (and Cure Fortune) haven't actively had that and Fortune's stated to be the strongest Cure.
  • Alternatively, the fame just goes to most cure's heads and Phantom exploits that

Related to two above theories, the mid-season Cast Calculus upgrade will look something like this:
Somewhere in the mid-20s, Cure Fortune will join the group, and Cure Princess's dark secret will be revealed. Using the information that Cure Princess has, they will be able to save Maria and she will join the Hacha Pre team as Cure Tender (Blue will give Iona powers of her own, presumably)
  • Partially confrimed. Cure Princess's Dark Secret is revealed and Cure Fortune joins the team along with getting some new powers, but she does not receive them from Blue and Maria/Cure Tender is still trapped in a mirror.

Phantom will give Cure Fortune "The Reason You Suck" Speech for her Aloof Ally behavior.
  • He does give her a speech in Episode 22...but it's a Break the Badass speech as he reveals she's the reason why her sister is trapped in a mirror in the first place.

It's Blue's fault that Hime opened the box.
  • It will turn out that Blue offhandedly mentioned to Hime that his lost love or something was inside the Axia Box, prompting her to open it.
    • Likely jossed. Hime tells Iona that she opened the box because she heard a voice coming from it. It's possible that the above theory holds true anyway, but it's unlikely.

Blue's gaming the entire Precure/Phantom Empire fight for his own gain.
Blue's acting incredibly hypocritical and mysterious with recent events. It's highly possible that the "no Precure in love" rule, Cure Tender's defeat and Cure Fortune's loss of powers is just a way to set things up so he can win on his rules and not because something powerful like love can save the day.

If Queen Mirage is not the Big Bad, it must be Deep Mirror. It was quite obvious that the shadow inside looks like Blue.
  • With the mirror theme in this season, maybe the three Phantom generals used to be citizens of the Blue Sky Kingdom before they got sealed like many other Precure and the mirror is able to extract the shadow and make them into what they are now.
  • Maybe Blue at the time is quite indecisive to Mirage's love and Deep Mirror is hypnotizing Queen Mirage into what she is now. The voice that Hime heard is either Queen Mirage indirectly asking for help or Deep Mirror tricking Hime (maybe).
  • It is possible that Phantom is a projection of Deep Mirror to make his puppet loyal, the puppet being Queen Mirage.
  • The Axia Box was probably used to seal Deep Mirror and was opened sometime in the past. Somehow the Phantom Kingdom got sealed again by some force from the Axia Box and the kingdom makes their royalty pray to the Axia Box as gratitude.
  • Keep in mind that back in the last season, Toei trolled the audience HARD, so the above theory may be proved wrong in the future.
  • Confirmed for Deep Mirror being the big bad. Also for the hypnosis part.

Blue will be stripped of his powers at the end of the series
Hime's revived family will invite him to live with them, thereby making him her official Cool Big Bro.

Phantom was originally Cure Mirage's fairy companion
Also, both Mirage and him will end up doing a Heel–Face Turn. Bonus points if his real form is dog-like and Yuuko adopts him at the end of the series.
  • Confirmed in episode 41, though Phantom's true form is similar to that of Ribbon and Glassan rather than a dog. He does, however, seem to be adopted by Yuuko in the end.

At some point the bad guys will take advantage of Seiji's feelings of jealously towards Blue
Because it's too good an opportunity to pass it up. It's highly unlikely Deep Mirror hasn't already noticed it. He might even temporarily become an enemy.
  • Confirmed to some extent.

Deep Mirror's true name isn't "Deep Mirror".
Considering the similarities between him and Blue, it would probably make much more sense if his name was something like "Red".
  • Confirmed as of episode 45. According to Blue, Deep Mirror's real name is Red.

The members of the Phantom Empire represent the Seven Deadly Sins.
Match-ups are as follows:
  • Pride = Oresky: he frequently talks about how great he is, and in one episode, it is shown that he started a fan club dedicated to himself.
  • Sloth = Namakelder: he regards virtually everything as being too much of a hassle, and often complains about how he'd rather be sleeping.
  • Gluttony = Hoshiewa: she has a major sweet tooth, and in one episode towards the end, she even declares that she wants to eat all the sweets herself, and doesn't care if she makes herself sick in the process.
  • Envy = Queen Mirage: Mirage is jealous of the Cures and how close they are to Blue, something Deep Mirror takes advantage of to spur her towards evil.
  • Wrath = Deep Mirror/Red: Red's jealousy towards Blue has long-since turned into outright hatred, and he intends to end all life on Earth.
  • Lust = Phantom: Phantom's devotion to Queen Mirage borders on the obsessive. Also, in Episode 31, there are some moments where it LOOKS like Phantom and Honey are getting intimate with each other. (They weren't.)
  • Greed = Madam Momere: ...Yeah, I'm not sure on this one. The other sins were taken, the other characters were taken, so I put what was left together.

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