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  • Any of the girls' form changes, but especially Lollipop Hip Hop/Cure Lovely's Hip Hop Sonic Attack, which ends with gigantic music notes crashing onto the enemies, and Macadamia Hula Dance's Hawaiian Alohaloway (courtesy of Cure Princess), which pacifies everyone. Think the incident in HeartCatch Pretty Cure! where Cure Blossom hit Cure Marine with a Pink Forte Wave and expand it as an Area of Effect attack.
  • Episode 4: Hime's introducing herself to the class, only to flip out, trying to escape and the teacher catches her in a split second like she performed a Flash Step!
    • Then when Hime decides to escape school, she uses a NINJA FORM CHANGE, which says NIN-NIN-NINJA!!!
    • Awesome as it is, Lovely saving Princess by using Mooks as a weapon!
  • In Episode 7, Hime decides to decorate the cake Ribbon and Megumi made with a rather...interesting design. Even better with Megumi's and Ribbon's reactions.
  • When the reporter in Episode 8 shows up onto the battle scene, she completely stops the entire fight to interview the newly-revealed Olesky. Olesky doesn't know what to think at first, but soon uses this opportunity to practically advertise the Phantom Empire.
  • Cure Honey's song in Episode 9 makes everyone in the surrounding area start to sing along and wave like an audience at a concert. The fact that Olesky and the Saiark do it as well make this even funnier.
  • Hime's reaction to whenever someone sings Cure Honey's song in front of her in episode 10. You have to see it to believe it.
  • After Phantom flees in episode 13, Cure Lovely dives to hug Cure Fortune. Fortune nonchalantly dodges her.
    • Hime dressing up as a princess to watch a romantic drama. She even starts speaking Gratuitous English.
      Hime: My Prince!
  • In Episode 14, after one of the kids the girls are looking after is pretending he's a superhero, Megumi says she's also a superhero. Called Megumiman. She even mentions her Eye Beams.
  • In Episode 15, the Form Changes' attacks fail to purify any of the Choiarks, though several are still hula-dancing because of Hawaiian Alohaloway's effect. Olesky boisterously shouts that it's useless at their level, before it's revealed that he too is caught hula dancing.
  • Episode 17 involves Seiji getting ready for a karate tournament. Megumi and Yuko decide to cheer for him in a way that could best be described as a military drill, complete with Hime complaining about the routine, Megumi and Yuko acting like drill officers, Ribbon playing the drums, and Blue playing a tambourine...while drinking tea.
  • Cure Fortune's reaction to the effects of Macadamia Hula Dance's Hawaiian Alohaloway in Episode 18, especially since Fortune appears to be the only person thus far to be immune to the attack.
  • Episode 23: Cure Lovely and Cure Honey turn up and do their introduction poses...only to realise that they arrived too late and the others already beat the Monster of the Week.
    • Also, Hime's reaction to her getting the Precure card that she wants, which takes fangirl squeeing up to eleven.
    • The fact that Iona takes shopping so seriously made this troper laugh.
  • Episode 24: Iona's training camp quickly devolves into what looks like a group of girls pretending to be Pretty Cure.
  • Episode 26: Hime and Seiji getting left behind by the train is funny enough, but the reason the two are left behind is even more hilarious. Basically, they keep winning the lottery at a station vending machine and keep getting free drinks. The train then leaves without them.
  • Episode 27: Hime confesses that she is in love. Cue Iona dropping her plate, followed by a freakout from both her and Ribbon. It's funny because...well, it's Iona.
  • Episode 28: Cure Marine. That is all that can be said.
  • Episode 31: Yuuko's love story. It's a dog!
  • Episode 33: The Choiarks' Oh, Crap! reaction to a ticked Lovely. They just run away without even trying to attack her!
  • Episode 35: How good is Oomori Gohan's cooking? IT NEARLY PURIFIES A CHOIARK.
  • Episode 39: Ever wanted to see Iona go Clingy Jealous Girl over her sister? It happens.
  • Episode 40: The entire scene at school is this in general: Hime starts glowing (and her voice drops an octave) when impersonating Blue, Yuko's smile creates a relaxing breeze and lights up a room, and Iona is teased about her new relationship with Kaido...
  • Episode 44: The pajama party scene.
  • Episode 49: Blue decides to leave Earth to help Red bring life to the Red planet once again. Everyone is worried who would take on Blue's responsibilities...except for Cure Honey who is worrying whether Red, Blue and Mirage will remember to have "five daily meals"!
  • What's Phan-Phan doing now after the finale? He now works for Oomori Gohan, where he cooks food that earns even Yuuko's praise! Hime then gets the idea of hiring Phan-Phan as a potential chef for her kingdom.