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Heartwarming / HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!

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  • Before the opening of every episode, a past Cure will introduce the episode and thank the fans for sticking with the franchise. Many fans have found it heartwarming and tear-jerking to see their favourites again, especially characters from the older seasons and those who haven't been given a lot of spotlight in the All-Stars compilation.
    • Extra-nostalgic: Doremi switched to colour-coded subtitles for these segments, just like Arienai, the sub group that did Futari wa, Max Heart, and some of Yes. Seeing Nagisa again: aww. Seeing Nagisa again with her old orange font colour: awwwwwww!
  • Episode #2: Hime thanks from Megumi for the first time to get the first PreCards and happy together from this.
  • Episode #4: Hime finally makes a friend in Yuko.
  • Episode #5: Megumi and Hime talking about their wishes after completing their folder, Hime wants to free her family from the mirror and Megumi wishes to cure her mom.
  • Episode #12: Namakelder actually playing fair in his Terribad's baseball game against the Precure. Considering that he's a villain that doesn't usually play fair and it was a good game, its rather sweet.
    • Hime defending Megumi about her helping other people to make them happy.
  • Episode #13: Megumi cheers up a troubled Blue, who then proceeds to hug her with blue light in the background.
  • Episode 20: Megumi and Yuuko understand that Hime didn't mean to cause the Phantom Empire to appear because of opening the Axia box and still consider her a friend. They help cheer her up in the following episode.
  • Episode #22: After the hell she's been given, Hime gives up her gathered cards to allow Iona to regain her powers.
  • Episode #23: Hime and Iona finally become friends and fight side by side. Hime also doesn't take no for an answer when Iona tries to reject their invitation in joining the Happiness Charge Precure.
  • Episode #30: The other girls managing to snap Megumi out of her Heroic BSoD by talking about what they like about her.
  • Episode #31: Yuuko's story of the boy who inspired her love of rice and bringing people together with good food. The fact that said boy was a stray dog does little to lessen the sentiment.
  • Episode #36: Megumi actually offers Oresky to share and celebrate their birthdays together! While he ultimately refuses, Oresky was actually considering it. It also adds a bit of Tear Jerker, since Oresky thinks that she'll betray him.
  • Episode 38 has Iona finally achieving her goal of rescuing her sister. Everyone is moved to tears.
  • Episode 43: Queen Mirage is finally restored to her true self. After purified Mirage changes back into her miko form, Blue admits that he loved her all this time and still loves her. And then they kiss...
  • Episode 44: The Phantom Empire has been defeated and the Blue Sky Kingdom is saved. Everyone who was trapped in a mirror is now free, and we get a couple of freeze-frames showing the reunion. And then there's the long-awaited reunion between Hime and her parents...
  • Episode 49: Red finally reconciled with his brother, Blue - and decides to try to revive planet Red so it could be as beautiful as Earth. Blue and Mirage decided to help him because "even God can have his doubts if he's lonely"
    • Phantom continues to live with Yuko and is working on becoming a chef to help out the Blue Sky Kingdom. Hime chooses to stay with everyone until graduation. Nakame got a job even if he's hilariously pursued by Miyo Masuko. Hoshiwa became a teacher raising kids who offer and share her sweets. Meanwhile, Oresky became a police officer helping old ladies cross the street. Everyone got their Earn Your Happy Ending after all.