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Awesome / KiraKira★Pretty Cure la Mode

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  • In episode 11, an all out war between the Precure and the Kirakiraru Thieves ensues at the Sweets Festival, and the fight is evenly matched until Gummy and the other thieves fuse together. Then the Cures manage to defeat him by gathering the Kirakiraru residing inside everyone's hearts which combine into the Precure's new power, the Candy Rods, which the Cures use to defeat Gummy, breaking the belts that were controlling him and the other thieves.
    • In the middle of the battle, Ichika's father knocks out a powered-up Fueru with a well-aimed kick.
  • Episode 12 has Julio's first battle against the Precure, and this is one for both him and Ichika—his for easily matching his enemies, and Ichika's for using the technique that he taught her to defeat him in a Beam-O-War. It is also one of the most visually pleasing close combat fights in the show even by normal Precure standards.
  • In Episode 14, Aoi not only defies Mizushima by performing her new debut song "Soul Believer", but when Julio takes the crowd's kirakiraru, Aoi takes Mizushima's and creates a brand-new move to counter his new weapon.
  • Yukari's Batman Gambit to trick Julio into inadvertently revealing he's Rio in episode 16. It was such a good act that even some viewers were fooled!
    Yukari: Oh? Where did you hear I had a sister?
    Julio: From you of cou-!!!
  • Akira breaking out of Erisio's spell through the power of an Anguished Declaration of Love in episode 25.
  • Episode 28: Despite her initial nerves, Himari manages to provide useful input when preparing the cake with Professor Tachibana and cooks it properly. The only reason it failed was in the weight distribution. During the battle, she uses her newfound confidence to give the Cures science advice to help them combine their attacks and take down Glaive's Nendos.
  • In Episode 29, it's Yukari's turn to break out of Erisio's spell through sheer willpower, this time spurred on by Akira calling to her, not by her Cure title, but her actual name.
  • In Episode 30, Erisio targets Akira with a Sadistic Choice, by strapping her schoolmates and her younger sister Miku into a device that drains their Kirakiraru and forcing her to choose who to save. Akira responds by flooding the device with her own Kirakiraru, an act which Erisio implies could easily have ended up a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Episode 39: After finally awakening from his Convenient Coma, Pikario gets his own Big Damn Heroes moment: he saves the girls from Glaive's attack, he makes a plan how to free the town from Glaive and saves the Precures from a pinch later again. Unfortunately, his wand gets shattered by Glaive and he loses his powers episode later. But even when shattered into tiny pieces, the wand still turns out useful by summoning all animals from Ichigozaka to help the fairies.
  • Episode 40: Animals and fairies work together to put Pikario's plan of overriding the dark kirakiraru with regular kirakiraru into action after precures get their ingredients tainted. Bonus points for Bibury for distracting Glaive long enough for the fairies to finish making the sweets and give precures enough kirakiraru to make their newest power-up item, the Sweets Castle.
  • Episode 49: Cure Yell shows she means business by actually kicking the Post-Final Boss into submissionnote .
  • In Precure Dream Stars, the cures transitioning from 2D to 3D animation was a spectacular sight.