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Headscratchers / Kirakira★PreCure a la Mode

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  • Why doesn't Ichika recognize Rio's voice when he's Julio? It's not like he's even trying to cover up his voice.
    • Speaking of such, Rio doesn't do exactly a good job at trying to act normal at times. Yukari seemed suspicious, but why didn't the others?
    • And a new villain appearing shortly after a new transfer student appearing, on the same day no less? The new transfer student walks a student home, then said student is found unconscious with the villain right next to her and the transfer student suddenly gone?? Can't anyone put two and two together?!?
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    • Well, Julio at least tries to look like ordinary human boy. Close failed even at that and yet no one except Towa was suspicious of him. Especially not Haruka.
  • So what happened to Saito?
    • The boy that Julio stole kirakiraru from in Episode 12. Is he okay since no one went to his rescue. A new villain in the making??
    • Well, consider this plothole unsolved, as it never gets brought up again. Episode 48 makes everyone affected get back their Kirakiraru, so unassumingly Saito possibly as well.
  • So, do boys get to become Precure too in this universe, since Pikario mentioned that was both his and Kirarin's goal? If it was a Gender-Restricted Ability, he most likely wouldn't have, or he would've resented Kirarin for having the possibility he couldn't get.
    • Pikario was more angry about the fact that Kirarin was better than him to become Precure. It seems likely that male Precures in the Kirakira Precure universe is theoretically possible, but considering it is Precure, we won't see it happen.

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