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Tear Jerker / Kirakira★PreCure a la Mode

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  • Ichika's introduction in episode 1, she's baking a strawberry shortcake for her mother as she's about to come home, as she got on a phone with the latter, Ichika learns from her mother that she can't come home because of a medical casualty at the airport in the middle of the phone conversation quickly and has to delay it. Hearing this, Ichika immediately becomes sad and starts to cry which is even worse as she nearly finishes baking the shortcake for her when it occured.
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  • The revelation of Julio's backstory.
  • It goes by fast, but in Episode 25, there's a moment where Ciel is telling Akira how important even small words of affection and praise can be to others. As she says this, a look of sadness flits across her face for a brief moment, most likely because she's thinking of herself and her brother.
  • Even without the glimpse of Bibury's backstory in Episode 26, seeing her so lonely and distraught over the idea that Noir had abandoned her made the villain surprisingly sympathetic.
  • A surprising amount of Episode 29, but especially everything that happened to Yukari when she stepped in Elysio's mirror. Yukari's mental battle was shockingly dark for a Precure show, but it thankfully ended with tears of a different kind.
  • Most of episode 31, in which Ichika's mother, Satomi, finally does come home. The episode reveals Ichika is always smiling because she didn't want her mother to see her sad, even smiling telling her mother to go help people in remote places instead of staying with her, as shown in a flashback dream in the middle of the episode. However, all the feelings of sadness Ichika has been hiding start taking a toll on her after her mother comes back unannounced only to have less than a day to be with her family, and making Ichika unable to make the cake she wanted to make for her mother since the first episode. This culminates into Ichika having a breakdown in front of her parents, apologizing for the cake while trying to hold her tears. This doubles as a heartwarming moment after her father pats her head and leaves them alone after noting Ichika must have held back her tears for a long while and leaves so they can talk alone. Satomi then hugs Ichika and apologizes for leaving her alone, which causes Ichika to break into tears after saying she was always smiling so Satomi could leave with a smile, all while her father is hearing the conversation from outside the house. Ichika is then finally able to make a proper cake for her mother.
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  • Bibury's realization that Noir was the only reason she was ever alone in the first place. The poor girl is completely devastated.
  • In episode 42, Aoi starts breaking down after she feels as if her dream of becoming a rock star would never come true. It didn't help that Erisio silenced her audience, trapped her bandmates and fellow Cures in another dimension, and locked Aoi in a box that silenced her voice. Thankfully things worked out better in the end.

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