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Tear Jerker / Maho Girls PreCure

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  • Episode 49 had a few. Like when Riko has to return to the magical world, she casts a spell to ensure they will meet again, similarly to the spells Kotoha and Mirai cast in episode 23.
  • The one that takes the cake is post-timeskip, when Mirai attempts to use magic to see Riko once again after 6 years, to no result. With each Cure Up Rapapa, you can see Mirai slowly but surely break down into tears.
    • If that scene didn't make you cry already, the use of "Two wishes" from the movie's soundtrack will.
    • Then there is the one-two punch of a tearjerker in the reunion when Mirai triggered another miracle bringing the worlds together again. Just as you wiped away your sad tears, you are crying happy tears. The scene feels like a family reunion after years of not having any news from each other.
  • The movie has tons of heartwrenching moments, particularly at the second half.
    • Kumata/Dark Matter's backstory. He is just a bear who wants to have friends, however, everyone fears his power and shunned him for god knows how long. No wonder he became who he is now.
    • Mirai herself is a walking tearjerker machine in the movie. It is very surprising considering how she is usually portrayed in the TV series…
      • After Mofurun gets abducted by Dark Matter, Mirai is so visibly heartbroken that she decides to go search for Mofurun by herself. And this is the girl who always goes on about how wonderful it is to be with her friends.
      • Several scenes later, we are treated the view of Mirai's desperate pursuit of Mofurun. We see her flying with her broom, visibly tired and exhausted from finding Mofurun all the long time. Not to mention how she can only mumble, "Mofurun…" during her search.
      • As if that wasn't bad enough, the next one had Riko trying to stop her from going alone. Mirai outright screams at her in desperation just to emphasize how broken she is from losing Mofurun. This is the last thing you would expect a normally cheerful girl to do.
      • There is a funny moment that involves a magical fruit from the Magic World. The girls were laughing from the mischief they caused with the fruit. Then Mirai sees her side and imagines Mofurun laughing, only to realize that she is not there anymore. Way to cause a Mood Whiplash here, Mirai…
      • Overlapping with Heartwarming Moment, we are also shown the montage of Mirai and Mofurun remembering their childhood and the times they spent together.
      • Then, there is the moment in the movie's last minutes. Cure Mofurun, after hearing out Kumata’s backstory, was touched and jumped to hug him, only for him to punch her so hard that it broke the Wishing Stone on her chest, causing her to detransform and return to a normal teddy bear (which basically means she was killed when it happens). After finding out about this, Mirai gets Blank Face of Shame and breaks. Sure, Mofurun does get revived at the end of the movie, but this moment is still painful to witness.

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