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Headscratchers / Maho Girls PreCure

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  • How did the Headmaster talk Riko's parents into letting her go to the No Magic World? He is apparently keeping the mission a secret so, from their perspective, there is not a reason for Riko to go to other world and lose classes in her real school.
    • Episode 22 has made it clear that to some degree, Riko's father knows what is going on and also spends a lot of time in the No-Magic World. (Assuming that's who the Headmaster was talking to of course.)
    • According to episode 33, Riko’s father has been staying in No Magic World for a while already investigating the Big Bad, as part of Headmaster’s investigation into the disaster.
    • We also get that Riko’s mother is starring in some cooking shows in the No-Magic World. With Riko in Magic World she have only her elder sister and maybe her father looking after her. With her living in No-Magic World she get frequent visits from both her parents and the family of Mirai is also there to take care of her.
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    • Riko was properly transferred from the magic school to Mirai’s junior high too.

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