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Recap / Maho Girls PreCure

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This is the recap page for Maho Girls PreCure. Warning: major spoilers ahead.

  1. A Miraculous and Magical Encounter! The Magical Pretty Cures are Born!
  2. To the Exciting Magic School! Where's the Principal!?
  3. Shopping at the Magical Shopping Street! The Power of Ruby is Awakened!
  4. Magic Lessons Start! Search for the Mysterious Butterfly!
  5. Passing the Ice Island!? Friendship Connecting the Magic!
  6. Special Training! Magic Wands! The Teacher is Riko's Older Sister!?
  7. The Magic of the Mermaid's Village! Sapphire's Thoughts are Restored!
  8. Here we GO on Our Magic Brooms! Save the Pegasus' Family!
  9. Goodbye Magic World!? Mirai and Riko's Final Test!
  10. I'm Back! No Magic World! Wait, where's Riko?
  11. Mofurun's First School Visit? Getting the Exciting Topaz ~mofu!
  12. The Wide Starry Sky and Mirai's Memories
  13. A Fun BBQ! Finding A~Lot of Happiness!
  14. Everyone's Flower Circle! The Great Test Operation!
  15. Messed Havoc! Ha-chan's Various Changes!
  16. Long Time No See! A Visit From the Supplementary Mates!
  17. Crystal-san, Please Tell Us! The Person in Grandma's Memories
  18. Returning to the Magic World! Take Back the Linkle Stone!
  19. Exploration & Adventure! The Magic Door of Mysteries!
  20. Super Terrible Fall! The Emerald that is Born Within the Magic World!
  21. STOP! Dark Magic! Pretty Cure VS Dokurokushe!
  22. A Legend Has Sprouted! Cure Felice is Born!
  23. Together From Now On! Welcome Back, Ha-chan!
  24. An Exciting Renovation! Decorating Ha-chan's Room!
  25. Summer! The Sea! Frolicking! We Want To Eat Shaved Ice~!
  26. Everyone Has The Same Thoughts! Ha-chan's Cookies
  27. Let's Enjoy! Magic School's Summer Break!
  28. The Magic World's Summer Festival! Fireworks, Soar High!
  29. A New Magical Tale! Mofuderella is the Star!?
  30. The Magic Research Project! It Just, Won't End~!!
  31. Crystallised Feelings! The Rainbow Colored Alexandrite!!
  32. Full of Excitement! Ha-chan's School Life!
  33. Conflicted feelings! A Father and Daughter's Difficult Day!
  34. Heart Pounding! First Love Tastes Like Strawberry Melon Bread!?
  35. The Student Council President General Election! Vote for Riko!
  36. Mirai and Mofurun, At This Time It's Chikurun! Wait, Who!?
  37. Making a Decision With Magic? The Recipe of the Frozen Mandarin!
  38. Sweet? Or Not Sweet? The Magical Pumpkin Festival!
  39. Today is Halloween! Everyone Must Smile!
  40. Congratulating You With A Lot of Love! Riko's Birthday!
  41. Everyday There's Jewellery! Studying After School At Magic School!
  42. Deliver It To Chikurun! The Magic Pudding Filled With Feelings!
  43. To The Fairy Village! Magic World's Secret is Revealed!
  44. Mofurun's Greatest Struggle! Everyone Has Become Kids!?
  45. Feelings Beyond Time...! Forms of Friendship!
  46. A Magical Christmas! Mirai, Becomes Santa!?
  47. All Of Our Wishes! Which Way To Tomorrow?
  48. Never Ending Chaos! Deusmast's World!!
  49. Goodbye...Magical Users! Come Once Again, Miraculous Magic!
  50. Cure Up・RaPaPa! Tomorrow Will Become A Good Day Too!!

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