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Recap / Go! Princess Pretty Cure

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This is the recap page for Go! Princess Pretty Cure. Warning: major spoilers ahead.

  1. I'm a Princess!? Cure Flora is Born!
  2. The Academy's Princess! Cure Mermaid Appears!
  3. Already Goodbye? You Are Not Allowed to Keep Pafu!
  4. Sparkling Kirara is Cure Twinkle?
  5. Three Girls Are Go! We Are Princess Pretty Cure!
  6. Lesson Start! Aim for Grand Princess!
  7. Reunion by Tennis! The Old Bully!?
  8. Absolutely Impossible!? Haruka's Dress Making!
  9. Raise the Curtain! The Longed-For Noble Party!
  10. Where where? A new Dress Up Key!
  11. Big big big pinch!? Pretty Cure VS Close
  12. Kirara and Idol! Ho~t Donuts Battle!
  13. A Cold Timbre...! The Black Princess Appears!
  14. The Form of Love! The Haruno Family's Dream!
  15. The Great Transformation ~roma! Aroma's Butler Test!
  16. The Oath to the Sea! Minami's Most Important Treasure!
  17. Too Bright! Kirara's Dream on the Runway!
  18. Secrets of the Picture Books! What is a Princess?
  19. Discovery! The Treasure Found in the Dormitory!
  20. Reunited with Kanata!? Going to the Hope Kingdom Now!
  21. Deliver the Feelings! Princess vs. Princess
  22. Flames of Hope! Her Name is Cure Scarlet!!
  23. Together For~ever! We are the Four Princess Pretty Cure!
  24. A Stiff Smile? A Princess for a Roommate!
  25. To Haruka's House! Her First Sleepover!
  26. Save Miss Towa! Fight, Royal Fairies!
  27. Go For It, Yuuki! Cheering Loud and Clear at the Summer Festival!
  28. The Heart is Together! The Light of the Sun that Shines on Pretty Cure!
  29. A Mysterious Girl? The Bequeathed Legendary Key!
  30. To the Future! The Crystal of Power, Princess Palace!
  31. The New Semester! A New Dream and A New Threat!
  32. Minami's Fiancé!? The Super Celeb Makes a Come Back!
  33. Teach us, Shamour♫ The Happy Lesson that Fulfills Wishes!
  34. Too Much Trouble~! Haruka's Princess Contest!
  35. Meeting at Last...! Kanata and the Lost Memory!
  36. The Tearful Heart...! The Thing Minami Wants to Protect!
  37. Haruka is the Star!? A Nonsensical Romantic Play!
  38. A Suspicious Trap...! The Lonely Princess!
  39. Time for the Flower of Dreams to Bloom! Flutter, the Revived Princess!
  40. Towa's Resolution! The Rainbow of Hope that Shines in the Sky!
  41. Yui's Dream! Thoughts Within a Canvas...!
  42. Dreams or Pretty Cure!? Sparking Kirara's Chosen Path!
  43. Kirara the Top Star! Toward the Stage of Twinkling Dreams!
  44. The Raging Feelings! Minami's Real Feelings!
  45. Feeling I Want to See! To the Ocean of Minami's Dream!
  46. Beautiful...! The Wandering Shut and the Snow Castle!
  47. Like a Flower...! Strong, Kind, Beautiful!
  48. The Approaching Despair...! The Princesses in Grave Danger!
  49. The Decisive Battle Against Dyspear! Birth of the Grand Princesses!
  50. To Our Dreams in the Far Distance! Go! Princess Pretty Cure!

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