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  • Generally, whenever Puff trips over her own ears and goes tumbling head over tail, after which she typically crashes into something. What makes this even funnier is that this keeps happening even though she can fly without any problems at all... and Haruka calls her out on this.
  • In episode 3, Cure Mermaid drops a Zetsuborg by hitting it with... a tiny ball of water.
  • Episode 4, when Aroma gives Kirara the Princess Perfume: "That parrot just talked! Oh, wait, they do talk."
    • Which becomes a bit of a Running Gag as everyone who meets him has the same reaction.
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  • Episode 6, Haruka epically failing at making even tea.
  • Any time Miss Siamour speaks. Nonon's distinctive voice plus Gratuitous Engrish equals hilarity.
  • Close's interactions with the director Zetsuborg in episode 9. After summoning it, Close starts his villainous monologue of how he will defeat the Princess Pretty Cure, only for the Zetsuborg to tell him cut.
  • Episode 11: After being sucked into Alternate Dimension by Dyspear, Yui notices that Puff is talking in her sleep. Seconds later, she starts to freak out. Aroma only makes the situation even worse by greeting Yui before realizing who she is. Cue failed attempts from Aroma and Puff to convince Yui otherwise.
  • From filler episode 12 :
    • Kirara is not really eager to work as a popular spot reporter...until she learns that said spot is her favorite donut shop and she can get free donuts, including flavors of those not released yet. She changes her mind in a flash!
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    • As the episode goes on, Haruka somehow has more and more clips and ribbons in her hair. Yui is the only one who notices this and constantly asks Haruka just where did she get all those decorations.
    • Ranka parodying Joe's death as she finally finishes the race.
    • Ranka's dream? To be a TV idol and wear bright, sparkly dresses! Cue a Flat "What" from the Cures, Yui, and even Shut.
      • The kicker? Shut initially thinks that Ranka wishes to be a comedian, to which Ranka corrects him. And Shut goes along with it!
    • Ranka turns out to be a student of the Noble academy AND she's two years older than the Cures. The only one not shocked by this is Minami.
  • The students' families come to visit the academy in episode 14 and Haruka's dad, the worrier that he is, passes out homemade dorayaki to every student he can find. Said dorayaki each have a message telling the students to take good care of Haruka. Haruka is understandably embarrassed.
    • And then Yui tastes one. It's so good it shocks her.
    • The dorayaki also has a picture of Haruka's face on them! If there were kids at the academy who didn't know Haruka before, they'll know her now!
  • In Episode 15 we have:
    • Haruka and Yui waking up to find a boy in their room, who turns out to be Aroma in human form, tasked to prepare morning tea for Haruka. Of course, that doesn't stop Haruka and Yui from throwing whatever they got at him. And then student authorities come in after hearing that there was a boy in the girls' dormitory...
    • Aroma's schedule for Haruka's day includes:
      • Taking Haruka to a restaurant for lunch. She is amazed by the fanciness and high-class at first, but then she realizes who has to pay for the food...
      • Horse-riding... which involves Haruka riding on a toy horse in the playground.
  • When Twilight finds her target in Episode 16 and calls for Shut and Lock, the latter pushes the former out of his way and proceeds to call him a slowpoke.
    • Really, the entire Inter Service Rivalry between Shut and Lock can be considered a comedy routine in itself, with the two constantly trying to one-up each other and suck up to Twilight. Of course, the princess herself hardly notices...
  • Episode 17 has Kirara introducing her friends to her mother. She then introduces Puff as a dog who is in the academy's care and Aroma as a bird who's pretty much there for no real reason. Cue Aroma reacting accordingly.
    • Kirara's mom is chock full of funny moments. Despite the fact that she's a famous supermodel, she's about as much of a Cuddle Bug as Cure Lovely and her house turns out to be anything but clean. It's no wonder that Kirara initially thinks of the two of them as a Wacky Parent, Serious Child duo.
  • Episode 21 has Shut gushing over Twilight's Elegant form. He states his excitement of having met her, right in front of Dyspear. He quickly moves away.
    • After Twilight reverts back to Towa, Shut is horrified and demands to know who is that girl on the floor. The best part, Lock tells him boredly that Twilight is gone and has turned into a normal girl. Shut's reaction after that is hilarious.
  • Episode 23: Towa's various misadventures as she goes through town on her own turns into one giant guessing game of chaos as she learns the hard way just how tough life outside the kingdom is to understand and experience.
  • Episode 24: Towa continues to be an Fish out of Water as she introduces herself to her classmates as a resident of the Hope Kingdom and attempts to call Puff to bring her tea in the middle of class. She also thought that "attendants" are going to bring her food in the school cafeteria and just as Kirara tried to explain to Towa that she needs to get the food herself, two girls actually do bring Towa food!
  • Episode 25: In preparation for going to Haruka's house, Minami brings with her not one, not two, but three suitcases. However, the real kicker comes when one of the suitcases is filled to the brim with melons and another is packed with fireworks. Seriously, just how and why is she able to pack such things in a suitcase?
    • A mild example is Shut's reaction to seeing Cure Scarlet for the first time. "So pretty! Curses! I hate you even more now!"
  • Episode 26: It's too hot for Shut to find any suitable human victim so he chooses...a cicada sitting on a nearby tree. And changes her into a Zetsubug.
  • Episode 30: When the castle abruptly disappears, Cure Twinkle is the only one of the group to show the appropriate action of flailing her arms while falling through the air.
  • Episode 31 marks the debut of Stop and Freeze. Though they act dead serious and are practically (and possibly literally) robotic, their constant ridiculous posing is both cool and hysterical at the same time, especially when they do it in quick succession.
  • Episode 32: Kimimaro (beliving himself to be Minami's fiance) nearly faints four times during the episode as a response to Minami acting more careless than before.
    • Kimimaro also orders his guards to keep track of (insert: stalk) Haruka throughout the day, only to be met with Haruka continuing to be the klutzy ditz that she is. Kimimaro appropriately wonders just what does Minami see in her.
    • Also his Imagine Spot of Devil!Haruka and Angel!Minami.
  • From Episode 33 : Shut gets interrupted by Close while applying his make up and has to face the cures with one eye with his trademark blue markings and another one bare. Shiamour immediately scolds him for appearing in such state. Later, as Shut admits he is feeling unhappy due to his recent bad luck, Shiamour gives him a special make-up lesson to cheer him up. Gets even funnier when inspired by Shiamour Shut appears near Close, Stop and Freeze with a completely new look. Their only reaction is "Who are you?"
  • Episode 35: While trying to bring Kanata's memory back, Pafu and Aroma show him the Music Crystal Palace, mentioning that it is his home. Kanata is obviously confused.
  • Episode 39 : Shut tries to enter the battle between Close and the Cures, only to get blasted into the sky by Scarlet the second he came.
  • Episode 40: Towa going full-on younger sister mode, so much so that it freaks Yui out. It is justified since this is the first time the siblings have interacted in years.
  • Episode 42: Kirara is about to dive in to her donut when a fan asks her for an autograph. She reluctantly does so, only to find a whole line of people waiting for an autograph. The look on her face clearly displays her lamenting the fact that she won't be able to eat her donut for a while.
  • Episode 43: The fashion show. Even though it's a heartwarming way to get Kirara back on the runway, there were still some humorous moments.
    • Haruka (as a flower princess) walks down the stage elegantly, only for her to trip over and fall on Yui when she passes by her.
    • The cheerleading squad trying to get a reluctant Yuuki to walk on the stage.
    • Ranko's bombastic appearance and attempting to sing, only to be beaten by a group of judo club members before she can do so.
  • Episode 44: Aroma clinging on to Puff for dear life as she runs across the beach.
  • Episode 45: The Christmas show has Ranko, again, bombastically trying to show off using the spinning umbrella trick... until someone loads more and more objects for her to spin, but she still kept it up frantically. Haruka was in awe, while Kirara accurately snarks at it.
    Haruka: Ranko is amazing!
    Kirara: What comedy...

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