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  • During the first flashback in which Naruto defends Hinata from some bullies, he does the Shadow Clone Jutsu, at first it appears he succeeded but when the smoke clears, what appear are none other than...two miniscule Narutos that sound like chipmunks. Them daring the bullies to come at them only add to the hilarity of it all, to say nothing of Naruto's expression in that moment.
  • In the second flashback, Choji's comment that he wishes it would rain meat from the moon is hilarious.
  • The toy monkey Naruto finds in the Third Hokage's things is so... unexpected, to put it mildly. It's a wound-up stuffed monkey holding two cymbals, which can do monkey-like expressions and noises. Plus, it's wearing an outfit similar to that of the Third. As an added bonus, monkey is "saru" in japanese (as in: Hiruzen Sarutobi).
    • The box is full of such weird toys. Maybe Hiruzen was not as straight-laced as we thought.
  • Naruto and Konohamaru are taking a walk around the village. Every few meters, they are interrupted by fangirls who want to offer a gift to Naruto. The fourth time they're stopped, they're both already carrying a mountain of gifts and are about to receive just as many from the crowd of girls surrounding them. Their nearly identical "what the hell is going on here" expressions are priceless.
    • And then, just before the scene changes, a guy stops and gives him a present. It seems that Naruto has quite a male fanbase too.
  • Hinata's "Should I, shouldn't I" montage where she has to decide if she should give Naruto the scarf she knitted for him in the spur of the moment, or procrastinate until morning. You get the impression that she's been doing this for a while before Hanabi snaps her out of it.
    • Hinata's REACTION to discovering that her sister was watching her the entire time is even more hilarious.
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    • Hanabi gleefully kicking off her geta and leaving them where they fall.
  • Hinata practising to herself what she'll say when she gives Naruto her scarf. Predictably, Naruto shows up.
    • What's funnier is what happens immediately afterwards: As she is about to give Naruto her scarf her stomach growls loudly, effectively ruining the moment. It's an excellent example of a Brick Joke as Hanabi warned her to eat something before confessing.
    • This one's even more hillarious if you saw the omake of Shippuden Episode 166. It's Hinata's flashback to their first day in the Academy. After teaching is over and the students leave, Hinata prepares to call for Naruto as he passes by her, but gets interrupted by his growling stomach.
  • During Naruto's genjutsu memory-recalling dream where he sees his interactions with Hinata from her perspective and Hinata's conversations about him, he catches Sakura's comment about romantic love not being the same as loving ramen. His response of "It's not?" is both amusing and bittersweet.
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  • Sai is on a roll in the humor department in this film. After the squadron of Naruto, Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru and Hinata recover from their Genjutsu experience at the Genjutsu lake he "thanks" Sakura.
    Sai: I was having a fun dream with my big brother and you interrupted it.
    Shikamaru: That doesn't sound like a "thank you".
  • After Naruto promises to not let Hinata out of his sight, Sakura chastises him for looking away the second after he said it. Naruto is now the bashful one who can't look his Love Interest in the face.
  • In their dialogue over the Falling-in-Love Montage of their interactions, Hinata and Naruto converse over Naruto having stopped wearing his mother's scarf. He claims to not be cold, but then sneezes. Hinata's reaction sums it up.
  • In the abandoned village, Naruto and Hinata eat ramen in a empty house. Naruto gets up and gingerly tells Hinata that he has "to take a leak," before walking straight into a spider web (because he was looking at her instead of where he was going) and falling down a flight of stairs.
  • Naruto's Adorkable flustered backtracking on what he said when he accidentally confesses his love to Hinata is both adorable and hilarious.
  • After she leaves with Toneri to his base and "agrees" to become his wife, Hinata falls asleep and Toneri uses his ninshu in order to see what she is thinking, he sees an image of Naruto sporting one of his goofiest faces. Also a Heartwarming Moment as it demonstrates that Hinata loves Naruto for who he truly is, rather than the hero he is supposed to be. Toneri doesn't take it very well.
  • Sai's remark at Naruto after Hinata left with Toneri, commenting that he understands now what being rejected is like, that he mumbled "Hinata, Hinata" in his sleep (along with "other embarrassing things"), and that he's finally found Naruto's weakness. Shikamaru is not amused.
  • Shikamaru sends Naruto to see an exhausted Sakura. Sai asks him if he expects her to make Naruto snap out of his Heroic BSoD. Shikamaru asks back if he would be able to do it. Sai admits he has a point.
  • Ohnoki uses one of his dust release techniques to break up a chunk of the moon threatening to hit Iwagakure. He succeeds...then his back gives out.
  • Shikamaru using his shadow techniques on Toneri's puppets to make them fight one another. Then sitting down to enjoy the "puppet show".
  • Toneri getting slammed by the massive statue he earlier summoned as a result of Kurama blasting it into orbit.
  • Kurama grumpily noting that calligraphy isn't his strong suit after he carved a message onto the surface of the moon.
  • After spending most of the film drawing ire from not just Naruto but also the audience due to his callous actions, Toneri's Humiliation Conga is not only Funny, but also very cathartic.


  • The official Blu-ray release of the movie comes with a "drama CD" called "Naruto - The Host" during which Kakashi, Sasuke, Shikamaru and Gaara (with Naruto as muscle/backup) try to setup a Host Club in order to seduce and safely contain a dangerous kunoichi who might just be hosting the most powerful tailed beast in the world. It goes about as well as you'd expect. Highlights include:
    • Shikamaru telling Sasuke off for being so Easily Forgiven is both funny and awesome. The fact that he does this in order to rope the extremely unwilling Sasuke into this scheme is just the icing on the cake.
    • Naruto trying to become part of the Host club, which he treats as some kind of "popularity with the ladies" contest; he's pretty miffed Shikamaru doesn't think he's got what it takes to seduce a lady. Shikamaru relents and gives him an audition, but Naruto fumbles it up because he keeps spouting "dattebayo".
    • Shikamaru, true to character, treating Kakashi, Gaara and Sasuke like shogi pieces and trying to organize a "host strategy" like he does on the battlefield. He points out exactly what makes their characters charming to women and how it can be used to approach the Kunoichi. They actually get insulted by what he says. Then Naruto keeps interrupting Shikamaru's explanations; Shikamaru eventually has enough of it and orders him to shut up. Naruto gets hurt and runs off crying.
    • Gaara changing his voice in front of the Kunoichi in order to appear more vulnerable and cute. He manages to reduce her to a quivering puddle as he describes his Dark and Troubled Past and how much he wants "love". Plus, this is the only time you'll hear someone call Gaara by the affectionate "Gaara-chan" (roughly: Gaara-dear).
    • Kakashi trying to play up his personality for the Kunoichi and causing her to become irritated instead.
    • The end is absolutely hilarious! It turns out that the ANBU squad that made the report about the Kunoichi was actually hallucinating due to bad food that was served by the Kunoichi's establishment. And it gets even more absurd from there on. It all ends with said Kunoichi completely losing it and smashing the host club and beating up the strongest ninjas in the whole world. Kakashi, completely beaten up and broken, orders his team to tactfully withdraw.
  • Sakura Hiden Thoughts Of Love Riding Upona Spring Breeze shows Sakura running into Naruto and Hinata during their date from the manga omake After the Last. During the recap of this movie, we learn that Naruto and Hinata had been teased by older shinobi and fellow classmates after the news of them returning from the moon as an Official Couple spread through Konoha like wildfire.
  • Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding, an officially sanctioned novel written by one of the movie's writers Sho Hinata, which shows various characters in the Narutoverse trying to come up with proper presents for the soon-to-be-wed couple, is full of funny moments:
    • Rock Lee trying to come-up with something other than dumbbells as a present: in the end, after getting spent, he tries to think things from the bride's perspective. He concludes that a bride needs to be in top physical condition in order to perform her duties, so the best present for her is... dumbbells! The big payoff comes in the next chapter where he dresses up as a housewife and tries to verify if he really made the best choice.
    • Shikamaru and Temari's interaction. Basically, Shikamaru decides to buy a honeymoon trip for the couple and wants to hear a woman's opinion on the spa that he is going to reserve for Naruto and Hinata. Temari mistakes his proposal for... something else.
    • Choji's present: a meal to the most expensive restaurant in town. The catch is that it's for three people. Choji wants to also get a meal in that restaurant. When Shikamaru tell him that Naruto and Hinata will probably want to be alone for this, Choji replies that he will sit on a separate table.
    • Teuchi coming up with a gift coupon for free ramen for Naruto and then changing his mind because Naruto eats so much ramen that he would have to close shop if Naruto gets even a week of free ramen. He eventually finds a proper gift, Naruto will never again be charged for naruto topping.
    • Sakura and Ino's interaction and competition in order to get a proper gift.
  • Shrek parody: "I Object!.
  • Kiba, Akamaru and Shino try to charm Hinata away from Naruto. The Power of Friendship VS The Power of Love.
  • The Naruto gang throws a victory celebration after the Moon Mission and everybody gets drunk. Hilarity Ensues. And here's Part 2.
  • Naruto only has eyes for Hinata. This is not always a good thing.
  • Perv eyes.
  • Clannad Parody: "Me and Naruto-kun are married so..."
  • The main reason why Toneri so bold on never approaching earth again.
  • Naruto and Hinata, before and after.
  • This PixIV doujin that shows what happened right after the movie's Blu-ray cover. You can view the translation here.
    • The same artist has a follow up to this doujin as seen here
  • Newly inaugurated Hokage Naruto does Toneri's hug.


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