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Moments that had the audience clutching their sides over how funny the movie could be:


  • Naruto's interview on the television shares a funny moment where the Hokage subverts the Rule of Three and cuts himself short when giving advice to future Chunin Exam participants.
    Naruto: Remember these three things: Teamwork, Perseverance....That's all!
    Reporter: That's two things.
  • Boruto and Sarada arguing over whether or not the animal they're chasing and subduing at the beginning of the movie is a bear or a panda. Mitsuki then tells them: "Does it really matter?"
  • Konohamaru demonstrating the power of the Science Ninja Tool by firing a Rasengan at a tree. Said tree flies into their client's house. The novelization goes further and actually has the villagers chase Team Konohamaru out as a result.
    • Team Konohamaru's escape from the angry mob is described in the novel: they start running for the hills and Konohamaru uses his Sexy Jutsu to buy them some time. It doesn't work. When they report back to the Hokage, Naruto is royally pissed with all four of them for causing so much property damage.
  • Naruto's clones running all over the place trying accomplish tasks in Konoha. At this point, the villagers treat this as the norm.
    • He's seen giving an elderly woman a piggy back ride while carrying her huge backpack; it seems Obito's spirit lives on.
    • Naruto purchases all the food in at the grocery store for others, much to the annoyance of Chouji and Chocho.
    • Naruto is seen at a meeting nodding off, causing Kakashi to prod him awake with a book.
  • In Boruto's anger and thinking his father's home, he tries punching the first person who opens his house door. Sasuke nonchalantly catches the boy's fist and asks for his name, ignoring his apologies. Later, when Boruto attacks Sasuke again to test his skills, Sasuke naturally dodges like nothing and trips Boruto from behind.
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  • Boruto screaming for Konohamaru to teach him the Rasengan. He does this during the middle of the night.
  • Boruto and Konohamaru arguing about Konohamaru's Verbal Tic "kore" when Boruto is trying to refer to the water balloon in his hand.
  • Boruto complaining to Sasuke about how curving Shuriken is more Sarada's technique due to her being an Uchiha. Sasuke counters that by that logic, Shadow Clones should be more his technique and yet he can't make as much as his dad (Boruto can only go up to five). Sasuke even forms his own Shadow Clones with one hand to prove his point.
  • Sarada noting how blue Boruto's eyes are compared to his father, causing Boruto to blush... and then Mitsuki interrupts the moment, which causes Boruto to freak out.
    • This image that features this moment perfectly illustrates why Boruto is Naruto and Hinata's son.
  • Naruto pacing back and forth in his office, worried about his son's status in the Chunin Exams, when his door threatens to open. He then hastily returns to his desk, pretending to type on his computer, looking stern and serious. After Shikamaru tells him the good news of Boruto winning and advancing through the exam, Naruto waits until he leaves before he leaps out of his chair, letting out a victory yell.
    • Boruto dancing in silent joy after getting his father's praise following the second day of the Chunin Exams.
  • Boruto getting Yurui's name wrong, calling him "Charai" instead.
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  • Shikidai giving up almost immediately after Boruto cheats and summons many Shadow Clones to his aid. The reactions of Sakura, Ino and his mother Temari are hilarious.
  • Seeing Katasuke get his just deserts at the end of the movie.
  • The panda-bear escaping again and the fellow ninja start arguing over what it actually is. Konohamaru offering to be the distraction leads to him freaking out later and running away from the creature in fear.
  • Sarada questioning whether Mitsuki's parent, Orochimaru is his father or mother. Boruto screaming in frustation over who the hell Orochimaru is.


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