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Nightmare Fuel / The Last: Naruto the Movie

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The horror before love

  • The whole idea of the moon somehow crashing into the Earth in the form of meteors is pretty scary. Namely because there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it. For all they know, killing/defeating Toneri won't do anything.
    • Seeing the moon break apart in the projection during the Five Kage Summit is... unsettling to say the least...
  • Toneri is a somewhat creepy character, what with his Eyes Always Shut and Omnicidal Maniac and Yandere tendencies. He gets even creepier after the aforementioned eye plucking, where he absorbs his ancestors' Byakugan Eyes into his body to keep his plan going, all while his eye sockets are still empty. The Sun eventually makes him unstable, and the eyes begin eating him up, making him a blob resembling a screaming face. Body Horror doesn't even begin to cover it.
  • Seeing Hanabi lying motionless in Toneri's castle for most of the film after he has taken her eyes. It's an unsettling contrast to her vivacious personality at the start of the film.
  • The Otsutsuki shrine is inhabited by one of Hamura's descendants. He senses Hinata's Byakugan, and proceeds to walk very slowly towards her, flailing and yelling. It's made all the worse by his empty, eyeless sockets.
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  • For Naruto specifically: Losing the woman he loves to the man who has done several aforementioned horrible things to her and her family. To be more specific, the thought of losing the one and only person who has loved him unconditionally since the day they first met as children, only two days after he finally realized just how important she's always been to him. Thankfully it gets better.
  • Toneri's servants are relatively creepy to look at and they are mere puppets created by the Tenseigan to boot. The young girl doll-like ones also take on a rather demonic expression when they're confronted by Sakura and Sai.
  • The fact that Hinata utters Naruto's name while she gets turned into a puppet means she is actually still conscious while the jutsu takes place. Which means that Hinata lies there in that portrait frame, thinking that the world is about to get destroyed because she failed in her mission, her sister will get killed in the process, and the man she loved all her life died thinking that she betrayed him and stopped loving him. And to make matters worse, she knows that Toneri is planning to make her his wife, kiss her, and do all sorts of things to her afterwards and that she won't have any other choice but to obey him. And I Must Scream indeed!
  • What would happen to Hinata if Naruto wasn't there to save her in the climax: she would become Toneri's mind-controlled bride, and would be forced to spend the rest of her life as his servant/sex toy completely robbed of her free will, while the world would be destroyed and everyone she loved and cared about would be dead. One can only hope she wasn't aware of what was happening around her while she was in her mind-controlled state.
  • It's a bit unsettling and scary how Hinata personally retrieves Hanabi's eyes from Toneri using her own hands while the antagonist tries desperately to escape his fate. A surprisingly dark side from such a kind and gentle character. Clearly, you don't mess with her loved ones...
    • Just think about what Toneri has actually done to Hinata up until this point: he kidnapped her sister and removed her eyeballs, attempted to kidnap her as well and almost killed her in the process, attempted to destroy her world, almost killed Naruto right after he confessed his love to her, forced her into a position where she had to break Naruto's heart, cruelly turned her into one of his mindless puppets just so that she wouldn't betray him again, and locked her in a cage forcing her to watch as he tried to kill Naruto again. Her reaction might have been extreme, but given the absolute hell that he subjected her to throughout the entire movie, it was definitely understandable.