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The Power of Love, ready to kick some ass!

  • The film opens with a stylized ink picture scroll rendition of many key scenes in history of the world of Naruto: the primordial rise of Kaguya and the Ten-Tails, their pacification by Hagoromo/the Sage of the Six Paths, Indra and Asura's rivalry launching the Shinobi Warring States period, the face-off between Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha, the confrontation between the rampaging Nine-Tailed Fox/Kurama against Minato and Kushina, and the climactic duel between Sasuke and Naruto. It's as if the filmmakers are telling you: "We've given you a world full of action-packed and emotionally-heartwrenching battles. Now, prepare for our best one yet."
    • And the awesome factor is ramped Up to Eleven by the sequence being set to a beautiful rendition of "What Child Is This" a la "Greensleeves", which is appropriate for Naruto's status as The Chosen One and because he was a nameless orphan to much of the village for his entire childhood.
  • The whole movie is a CMOA for Naruto himself.
    • In the first flashback during the prologue, Naruto came to Hinata's aid when she was being bullied. Yes, he ended up getting laughed at and punched, but it takes guts to do such an action for someone you just met and it shows an enormous amount of character.
    • Naruto saving Hinata from getting kidnapped by Toneri and his goons. All by HIMSELF. Take a look for yourself.
    • Any time Naruto throws a Rasenshuriken, now without clones OR ascending.
    • The way he frees Hinata from Toneri's mind-control without harming her is very impressive.
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    • His Combination Attack with Hinata, which looks a lot like their Team Ultimate Jutsu in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.
    • His battle against Toneri on the moon. That he wins:
      • The whole fight shows that despite Toneri having the Tenseigan, Naruto's skill coming from years of battle experience gives him the edge.
      • It ends with Naruto landing a powerful chakra-imbued punch so hard that he makes a new crater, forces Toneri out of his enhanced power mode and reverts the Tenseigan back into Hanabi's Byakugan.
    • He finally gets to live a happy life with the woman he loves, who's always loved him unconditionally: Hinata Hyuga.
  • The movie itself is one big CMOA for Hinata:
    • She becomes the Byakugan Princess, the only one who can destroy his Tenseigan Core orb, which pushes the moon towards the earth and is the source of Toneri's strength.
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    • After she gets her vision in the ruins, she comes up with a plan to infiltrate Toneri's base, destroy his Tenseigan Core orb, and rescue Hanabi by herself.
    • Although she has waited almost her entire life for Naruto to reciprocate her love, she chooses to "reject" him to deal with Toneri and save Hanabi by herself. Doing this proves that she has a strong will to not readily accept the happiness that Naruto offers her, that she has her priorities sorted out regarding who's more important to her (choosing her younger sister over the man she loves), and that she's loyal to her family, regardless of how badly they treated her throughout her childhood until the Chunin Exams arc.
    • She manages to fool Toneri long enough for Naruto to recover from his chakra drain/deep depression and initiate her and Hanabi's rescue with the others.
    • She's shown to be a very capable martial artist, holding her own against Toneri's puppets, the very same ones that gave both Naruto and her father Hiashi trouble earlier in the film, until Toneri himself arrives.
    • She tells off Toneri when she's caught trying to destroy the Tenseigan Core orb. Although she was unsuccessful, it shows how much her character has progressed from the Shrinking Violet that she was for a large part of the manga.
    • When she finds out that her strength alone isn't enough to destroy the Tenseigan Core orb, she manages to combine her Eight Trigrams Twin Lions Crumbling Attack containing Hamura Otsutsuki's chakra with Naruto's Rasengan, which creates an attack powerful enough to total it.
    • She personally retrieves Hanabi's stolen eyes by ripping them from Toneri's own eye sockets.
    • She successfully protects Naruto from Toneri's final attack by holding his hand and sharing Hamura Otsutsuki's chakra immediately. This is especially impressive considering it took Naruto some time to learn how to share Kurama's chakra with his comrades.
    • Her unwavering love for Naruto is wholeheartedly realized and reciprocated, and she and Naruto finally become a couple.
  • It's one for Sakura as well:
  • Kurama gets a small role as support by battling the Ootsutsuki Statue. However, he then indirectly causes Toneri's final defeat by blasting the statue into orbit with a Tailed Beast Bomb, with the statue reassembling and falling through the moon, eventually colliding into Toneri.
    Kuruma: (growling) You're so annoying!
  • Despite her relatively short screen time, Ino has taken up her father's role of telepathic communication and relaying messages on behalf of Kakashi for the shinobi world.
  • Even though she's no longer Hokage, Tsunade helps by directing all the civilians towards an underground shelter.
  • Rock Lee punches a meteor straight-on, with the power gained from Six Gates. Because mass and physics is no match for YOUTH!
  • The Fourth Raikage and Killer Bee, two characters nobody expected to be in the movie, using a chakra cannon to destroy the falling meteors.
  • Every time Sasuke's on screen, but the most notable is when an especially huge chunk of the moon is hurtling towards Konoha. Rock Lee and co have managed to disintegrate half of it, yet it still continues to fall. Its path is right where Kakashi stands, watching over the efforts of the remaining ninja. Kakashi looks grimly set to accept his fate, until a familiar chirping-bird jutsu causes it to shatter. Amidst the smoke, Sasuke turns and speaks his only line in the entire film, leaving a stunned Kakashi and an injured Hiashi.
    Sasuke: If HE is not here, then the only one who can protect the ME!
    • It gets even better: Immediately after doing all this, the others make surprised comments that the meteor is just gone, as if they saw nothing. That's right, Sasuke moved so fast, destroyed the meteor, said his only line, then promptly disappeared, all in less than the space of time it takes to blink.
  • The teamwork of Shikamaru, Sakura and Sai in defeating the crab that dwells in the genjutsu orb cave.
  • Shikamaru now has enough chakra and control to not only hold several people with his shadow technique, but control them as well.
  • Gaara using all the sand he can to protect Suna from the meteors, with Temari and Kankuro by his side.
  • Hamura giving Hinata his chakra and the true celestial decree.
  • Shikamaru giving a What the Hell, Hero? speech to Naruto. Yes, Naruto got his heart broken, but Shikamaru was in the definite right in calling out his friend for uncharacteristically giving up when the world needs him. He then takes Naruto to Sakura, who gives him an important pep-talk regarding Hinata by relating that Hinata's unwavering love for him is identical to her own unwavering love for Sasuke, which helps him get out of his depression.
  • One for the villain: Using the Tenseigan, Toneri cuts the fucking moon in half!
  • In every movie, Naruto creates a combination technique with, usually, the female lead to make an attack which is pivotal to his final victory, using some unique chakra quirk about them to make a unique version that otherwise is useless. In this film, we have the first canon one, and it's between Naruto and Hinata.
  • The novelization gives several secondary characters some pretty awesome moments:
    • Chouji rescues Mirai and Kurenai from their collapsing house completely on his own while swearing to protect the future of Konoha.
    • Teuchi goes to work, and prepares ramen in the middle of the disasters that befall Konoha due to the moon falling. He believes the future will survive and wants to be ready for him. Kiba and Shino are with him and are so touched by him that they deflect a freaking meteor in order to protect him!


  • This movie earned 1.47 billion yen by 3 PM opening day!note  It's the highest grossing Naruto film to date!
    • It did so well that Viz Media and Eleven Arts actually released the movie subbed on February 20th, 2015, only two months after it was released in Japan! That is at least six months before anyone in the US was expecting to see the movie! Even in limited release (only 21 theaters), having a subtitled anime air in US theaters at all is astonishing.
    • The Last has become the highest grossing Naruto movie.
  • Also counts as a Heartwarming Moment. This picture not only shows Naruto, Hinata and newborn Boruto, finally earning their Happily Ever After after they both suffered from an incredibly lonely and painful past, it also shows that the movie has reached critical acclaim.


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