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The final film in the story of Naruto and his son, Boruto, wouldn't do the fans any justice if it didn't out with a bang!

First rivals, then enemies, now best friends. Time to kick some ass!

  • The opening scene of the movie showing Sasuke and Kinshiki trying to kill each other at super speed. Sasuke demonstrates the powers of his Rinnegan and proves that despite having only one arm, he's no less dangerous. Kinshiki, for his part, actually keeps up with one of the most powerful characters in the series and nearly wins.
  • Team Konohamaru first appearing on screen and stopping the rampaging panda-bear: Boruto showing off his Shadow Clones, Sarada her super strength, Mitsuki his stretching limbs and Konohamaru all grown up and with a cool ninja tool.
  • Boruto telling off his father, the Seventh Hokage, to not screw up his little sister's birthday party. Even Naruto is taken aback by Boruto's assertiveness.
  • Boruto learning the Rasengan from Konohamaru and even adding a special element to his technique: he is able to throw a Rasengan that vanishes and eventually catches the enemy unaware. This proves to be instrumental in defeating Momoshiki.
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  • As illegal as the ninja tool by the Science Division is, the fact that a regular person can shoot out all five of the elements and even a Rasengan is pretty cool.
  • The Chunin Exams showcasing a bunch of the new generation and their powers:
    • Metal Lee and the taijutsu skills he inherited from his father.
    • Yurui and his exploding bubble gum ninjutsu.
    • Shinki and his puppetry/black sand powers.
    • Chocho and her ability to alter her size, similar to her father.
    • Inojin and the Root taijutsu skills he inherited from his father.
    • Shikadai and his shadow powers and intellect he inherited from his father.
    • Sarada and her Sharingan and Super Strength inherited from her parents.
    • Boruto and the shadow clones and Gentle Fist inherited from his parents.
  • A villainous example but Momoshiki and Kinshiki attacking the stadium and bringing Naruto and Sasuke to their knees, though to be fair to them, they couldn't do much as unleashing their powers could drag innocents into the mess. Momoshiki's lighting attacks alone was enough to strip away most of Kurama's face, while clad in Susanoo.
    • As the stadium is destroyed, various shinobi save regular citizens from death. Sakura punches the falling ceiling away from her while Temari blows the rubble away. Gaara uses his sand powers to stablize the collapsing debris while Kankuro uses his string powers to pull others to safety.
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  • Due to Katasuke being a unlikable jerk, seeing him get his comeuppance a couple of times is guarantee to make you cheer.
  • The remaining Five Kage, Sasuke and Boruto entering Momoshiki's dimension to save Naruto, with the result that all six shinobi manage to overwhelm the two ogres.
    • Chojuro, Kurotsuchi and Sasuke easily immobilizes Kinshiki.
    • The above picture comes into play when Naruto and Sasuke team up to fight a powered up Momoshiki. The resulting fight scene is a sight to behold, with neither side holding back.
      • It's worth noting that Sasuke, whose main power is in his eyes, is capable of keeping up with Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto in speed and taijutsu capabilities. The amount of training to reach that physical capability must have been phenomenal.
      • Their teamwork is impeccable. At one point Momoshiki knocks away Sasuke's sword, only for Naruto grab it without so much as a cursory glance or a stumble in his step, and assaults Momoshiki with it himself. Even after all these years, Naruto and Sasuke haven't lost a beat. One could only imagine what would have happened had Sakura and Kakashi been there for a full Team 7 reunion.
      • Naruto healing Sasuke after the latter was blasted by Momoshiki. Just as Momoshiki seems to get the upper hand on Naruto, Sasuke clads the Kurama Mode with the Susanoo armour, and they reduce Momoshiki's super-giant lava golem to smithereens with a single slash!
      • Surviving the attack is a moment of awesome for Momoshiki.
    • Boruto combining his Rasengan with his father's powers and using it to wipe Momoshiki from existence.
  • The final shot of the movie being Team Konohomaru, their teamwork stronger than ever, leaping into the air to attack the escaped panda-bear.
  • The movie's theme song "Diver" playing over the end credits, showcasing every single one of your favorite characters and their children.


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