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Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

    Volume 1 
  • Glenn losing to Sistine in a magical duel, simply because she was able to cast the spell faster than him. The other students wonder what makes him so special particularly as he seems incredibly bored and unmotivated with teaching at school.
  • Glenn makes a "Love Confession" to Sisti to demonstrate how words are powerful and can affect one's mind. Sisti, out of embarrassment, hurls a textbook to his head, and calls him idiotic three times in quick succession.
  • Glenn walks into the room Sisti is held captive in, only to find her partially stripped, and with Jin on top of her. He apologizes for interrupting and immediately makes his leave, only to be called back by Sisti to save her.
  • Glenn leaving his attacker naked and tied up out in the open, with a card over his crotch saying he has a Teeny Weenie.
  • Glenn puts on a "Silly Me" Gesture as he states that he, too, is affected by his own Anti-Magic spell. Sisti reacts to this with a Cry Cute expression.
  • Glenn's Magical Punch, which actually turns out to be a kick. Supposedly, that is what makes it so "magical".
  • Glenn nonchalantly pushing Sistine out the window when he asks her if she'd be able to cast one of her spells in time against their Monster of the Week foe.


  • During the Episode 2 preview, Glenn claims that it is the last, out of sheer laziness.
  • While Sistine recaps the events of the episode in the Episode 3 preview, Glenn distracts her by directing her attention to a stage prop of Melgalius's Sky Castle. She enters Cat Girl mode, and pursues the prop while reciting random facts about the castle.

    Volume 2 
  • The creepy perverted teacher in the Mental Defense challenge that is openly lecherous towards Rumia. The headmaster comments that he should fire him.
  • Glenn accidentally motivating his class to perform better than he expected them to. He also ends up goading one of the other teachers into a bet for several months pay as a result, and worries about it internally as he's currently broke and badly needs his next paycheck to buy food.
  • The hilarity of "Rumia" (Glenn in disguise) talking and acting in a masculine manner, while doing a demonstration of the Self Illusion spell.
  • Glenn, disguised as Rumia, is about to dig into Sistnei's lunch when the real Rumia shows up. Glenn pretends to be surprised that there are two Rumias, then Sisti disables his illusion, and blows him away as he casually walks off.
  • Albert constantly stopping Re=L from running off by grabbing and yanking her ponytail, and his constant attempts to explain that they aren't here to fight Glenn.
  • In the light novel and manga Sistine ends up getting drunk after drinking several bottels of expensive wine. Before passing out, she tells Glenn many things she later on admits is emberassing which includes giving him the permission to marry Rumia or her. Naturally Glenn is unable to understand any of it and is rather annoyed at her clinginess and the amount of money the wine she drank cost.


  • In the Episode 4 preview, Glenn deliberately neglects to explain to Sisti and Rumia what the Akashic Records are, and exits the stage with his whiteboard.
  • The last scene of the volume in the anime:
    • Almost the entire Class 2-2 is obviously drunk which they justify as eating too much brandy cake (which loses the alcohol when it is baked). Sisti becomes uncharacteristically clingy to Glenn too. One can imagine her reaction when she sobers up.
    • Glenn receives the check for the party that his class throws after winning the magic games and it totals to a million, meaning he has just lost the prize money and the money he just won from Hayley. His reaction is priceless.
      Students: YAY!!
    Volume 3 
  • Re=L greeting Glenn by assaulting him with her BFS and according to her it was Albert who suggested it to her.
  • Re=L completely failing at maintaining her cover, which forces Glenn to whisper her fake background into her ear.
  • Albert not only disguising, but also acting like a shameless womanizer to maintain his cover is hilarious to see.

    Volume 5 
  • While in the library, Glenn thanks Sistine for saving him. But unbeknownst to him, she had to do a CPR on him. When reminded by that moment, Sistine's face became full red. Re=L mistakes this of him hurting her and starts chasing after him throughout the school, again
  • Glenn congratulates Sistine after Leos confesses his feelings for her, and states that he would be at her wedding to deliver a congratulatory speech. He gets blown away for this.
  • Sistine claims that she can't marry Leos because she swore her and Glenn's futures to each other as lovers. Glenn plays along, and confesses that Sistine shared his bed, a remark which gets him blown away. Again.
  • Glenn gloats that he'll no longer need to work if Sistine becomes his wife and that he'll be married to money. Guess how Sistine reacts? By blowing him away, for the third time in the same episode. Yup.


  • As Sistine and 'Leos' are about to kiss in their wedding, Glenn interrupts and runs away carrying Sistine. While the Japanese dub has only Glenn saying "Later", the English dub makes this scene hilarious
    Glenn: You may now kiss my ass!

    Volume 6 
  • When his students are being attacked by shadow wolfs surrounding the ruins, Glenn steps in and... gets bitten himself and unable to fight.
  • When Glenn hears footsteps coming to the hot spring he's at, he panics and hides underwater. It turns out his female students came to use the hot spring one last time. Naturally he gets caught and beaten up, but not before memorizing their breast sizes.

    Volume 7 
  • As a result of participating with Rumia at the ball, Glenn became the object of envy of Rumia's admirers.
  • The afterword illustration is Eve crying over her perceived failure while drinking... apple juice?

    Volume 8 
  • Celica forcefully kissing Glenn to force feed him a potion that turns him into a woman. The kiss naturally causes Sistine and Rumia to panic with the latter covering her eyes while secretly peeking through her fingers and the former to later on complain that even Glenn as woman has larger breasts than her and wanting to know if he can turn back.
  • Glenn or rather Renn manages to win over his class at Saint Lily, but it ends with a Lover Tug-of-War between the two cliques, because the only thing they are united in is having Renn as their teacher. Naturally Sistine blows them all away.
  • When Glenn is at Saint Lily, Celica is the one who takes over his classes and Class 2 is unable to understand her lectures since they are too deep and advanced for them to understand. The scene ends with Celica telling them that they can even kill a god if they understand it which causes them to scream and beg for Glenn to return.
  • Back at Saint Lily, Glenn wants to go back to Alzano, because his students became too attached to him and as a result daily fights for him break out especially between the clique leaders, Collette and Francine, Sistine and Rumia who are all very jealous.
  • When Glenn takes a bath the Saint Lily students also come in to help him with washing, but he suddenly realizes that he will turn back into a man earlier than expected. He tries to run away, but then meets Sistine and Rumia who also went to the bath. Naturally everything was blown away.

    Volume 9 
  • Eve after saving Sistine teasingly asks if she likes Glenn. However Eve didn't expect Sistine to deny it very wildy and is forced to calm her down.

    Volume 10 
  • In order to fight against the enemy, Orwell creates a magic doll that looks like a mechanical version of Glenn which is build of 20 military puppets much to everyone's astonishment on how he just wasted so much equipment which is not helped by the doll's hand even falling off.
  • In order to combat the enemy, Rick summons a water nymph who looks young enough to be his grandauchter, but calls herself his wife which is the reason he doesn't summon her at the academy.
  • When everything is over Rumia tells Sistine that she decided she can't give up on Glenn, but she's willing to wait for Sistine to sort out her feelings. Naturally Sistine can't understand what she's saying since she's still oblivious to her own feelings.

    Volume 11 
  • Glenn tries to do his work without being there by sending out a magic doll with his appearance and personality. This works too well, because when his copy hears the reforms the new headmaster wants to make, he starts rebelling immediately. Glenn tries to stop his copy, but only ignites the fire further. Naturally in the end he has to do even more work than normally.
  • Every time Glenn and Eve argue is rather hilarious. To make it even better this is what causes Rumia and Sistine to see Eve as a potentially dangerous rival.
  • Eve calling Gibble "Glasses Boy" much to his bewilderment.
  • Glenn tells Sistine he can't train her anymore, Sistine's becomes very sad, because she thinks Glenn doesn't want to anymore for losing to Mabel. Eve then kicks Glenn for being oblivious to her feelings and even wonders if he said it that way on purpose since the way he said it sounded very cold and left many details out.
  • In order to see how big of a threat Eve could be, Sistine, Rumia and Re=L interrogate Eve in the bath. Sistine and Rumia try to be subtle about it, but naturally Re=L asks Eve directly if she likes Glenn, forcing the two former to change the subject.
  • Eve asking Glenn how the tea she made is, he tells her its awful much to her dismay.
  • After a rather tense conversation between them, Eve ends up tripping on some papers which caused her to fall on Glenn in a rather suggestive way. Not helping the matter is Sistine, Rumia and Re=L walking in and even after getting an explanation, Sistine and Rumia are still suspicious of them.
  • The afterword illustration is Glenn complaining to Eve that after crying her make-up stained his clothes.

    Volume 12 
  • With the holiday, Glenn finally can do nothing, only to wonder what he should do.
  • The reason why Sistine and Rumia want to spent the vacation with Glenn is because they currently see Eve as a dangerous rival. Then Celica comes in and takes Glenn to spent vacation with her which causes them to forget about Eve and realize that she's the bigger threat which causes them to all go to Snoria.
  • Everything about Celica trying to make a reservation at a hotel while it's currently occupied by the Silver Dragon Clan who have taken everyone there hostage. Which includes:
    • Knocking out every police officer who tries to block her way.
    • Forcing the Silver Dragon Clan to act as the staff of the hotel she wants to stay in which they all do since they are terrified of her.
    • During all of this Glenn tags along and can only watch at how everyone will become her victims since he knows full well what's going to happen.
    • In the end blowing up the entire hotel which was then framed against the Silver Dragon Clan.
    • She then shamelessly takes the hospitality of the mayor for 'saving' the people at the hotel despite its destruction while Glenn feels guilty about it since he knows the truth.
  • After a conversation between them, Collette and Francine naturally asks if 'Renn' is with them only to see that 'Renn' is still a man. Sistine and Rumia decide to tell them the truth with complicated feelings.
  • In order to spent a day with Glenn Sistine, Rumia, Re=L, Collette, Francine and Genie who was forced to participate challenge Celica to take part in the snowball competition. After Celica accepts the challenge they all go and forget about Glenn who in turn went away to get food for everyone. He then spents the entire day looking for them.
  • In the competition itself, Celica uses magic to dodge their snowballs and fire many of them at once till a point they were snowman. Naturally she gets disqualified and a new rule is added that magic is from now on forbidden from the competition. So in the end no one won that day.
  • Sistine, Rumia and Re=L find Glenn and Celica, but from their perception they are both naked under a blanket. Naturally the two former believe it's the worst case scenario while the latter thought they were wrestling just like with Eve.

    Volume 13 
  • When Eve tries to dissuade Glenn from fighting Albert and eventually becomes silent, Glenn asks her if she's worried about him. Her response is to hang up immediately to his annoyance and confusion.

    Volume 14 
  • In an attempt to stop the overly clingy Saint Lily students, Glenn tries to ask Ginny and Aisha for help, but the former ignores him while the latter gets distracted by Re=L whom she sees with flowers.
  • Collette and Francine are back and this time they try to get Glenn to transfer to their school. Naturally Sistine and Rumia intercept which causes a fight between the four of them which later escalates into a full on brawl when other st. Lily students, Class 2 students and many others also join the battle.
  • Glenn acting as the Beleaguered Assistant to both Fossil and Sistine.

    Volume 15 
  • Many of Maria's scenes are rather hilarious due to her open mind and childish personality:
    • When Glenn has a rather tender moment with Rumia, Maria suddenly butts in and clings to him.
    • She also asks them if they are in a relationship, because to her it looks like they understand each other a lot. They deny it, but while Glenn sounds perplexed, Rumia is naturally very embarrassed much to his confusion.
    • Seeing their conversation, Collette and Francine also join in. Maria looking at this comments that it's natural that a hero like Glenn is able to attract girls so easily and calls him a hero worth of reverence who is also the enemy of womankind while sounding rather ecstatic about this. She then has a 'brilliant' idea on how to solve his love problem. They should all become his lovers. Naturally the three of them reject this immediately.
  • After the second chapter ends with Luna intimidating Glenn convincingly. The third chapter starts with Luna asking Chase exitedly how it went. Chase is a bit dismayed at the way she described him as in her words "a pervert who loves sucking the blood of girls".
  • The romantic advice Alicia VIII gives to her daughter, Rumia, is basically telling her to assault Glenn since he won't notice unless she is absolutely clear about it.
  • The way Nameless saves Glenn from Luna's spell, because of the way she says it along with casually revealing something very shocking about Glenn.
    Nameless: You idiot! You are still a man who's going to be my master aren't you!? Aren't you being too easy to be captivated by another deity (other than me) like this!? You adulterer!
  • When Luna talks to Glenn about the futility of the fight he's in and he should give up to survive, he answers by interrupting her mid-talk by shooting her in the face with an entire cartridge of bullets. However since she's an angel she's unharmed, but still says it hurts and actually questions if he's human for shooting a girl in the face like that.

    Volume 16 
  • The first thing Re=L does when meeting Glenn again after a while is climb up his back and not letting go. Naturally Aisha is rather jealous about this and even threatens Glenn.
  • Glenn's way of cheering Sistine during the game is just as hilarious as Awesome and Heartwarming since he does it in the loudest and most annoying way possible by first shooting Extinction Ray into the air and then amplify his voice with magic. Eve then forces Glenn to stop before he could make other people deaf. Even funnier is that fact that the others just look at them like it's an everyday occurance.
  • When Kash tries to rally the other guys into peeking at the woman's bath. The only one who joined him is Levin of all people who before this was shown to be mostly a serious characters. The two of them end up regretting it once it turns out there were several traps against peeping toms.

    Volume 17 
  • The scene where Glenn helps Eve compose herself for the showdown against her dad turns from touching to hilarious once it turns out Sistine, Rumia and Re=L accidentally saw the whole thing including the end where Eve rests herself on Glenn's shoulder. Especially how different they all react:
    • Re=L looks rather dismayed and confused at Glenn and Eve's improved relation.
    • Sistine is in complete panic that at this rate Eve would get Glenn and although she accepted her feelings to Glenn in the previous volume, it is shown that she still tries to hide them from others.
    • Rumia assesses Eve's current threat level, while thinking what her mom would tell her to do which two volumes ago was more or less "assaulting Glenn".

Memory Records of Bastard Magic Instructor and side stories

Since many of these stories are Slice of Life flicks between the cast, it's pretty much guaranteed these are full of hilarity.

    Volume 1 
  • "Bastard magic instructor goes beyond his limits"
    • The Blatant Lies Glenn has to hide his care for Sistine and Rumia.
  • "Wandering White Cat and the Forbidden Notebook"
    • Glenn gives the ghost of an author a book so that he may pass on. The book in question? A novel written by Sistine which was so badly written that the ghost has no more regrets in his life since his embarssing book looked like a master piece in comparison.
    • When Glenn nearly found out who wrote it, Sistine managed to sneak behind him and knock him out with a book which she and Rumia later blamed on a non-existent ghost.
  • "Magic instructor Glenn and his story of vanity"
    • Sistine's mother snapping her husband's neck so that he won't bother and embarrass their daughters.
    • Under Sistine's and Rumia's suggestion, Glenn actually tries to act as a proper lecturer for once during the parents' conference which include actually wearing the uniform, dressing himself more properly and speaking more politely. He actually managed to act that way, but the true hilarious part are his students laughing at his behavior for how unnatural it is.

    Volume 2 
  • "Genius or Fool"
    • Professor Orwell's solution to Alzano's problems (which include poverty and population aging) is to create what is pretty much a driver that runs on magic which Glenn is then forced to transform into complete with pose. The armored warrior is even called "Kamen Rider Kaiser X". On top of that in order to create Kaiser X, it took Orwell three years... to design the suit and only three days to actually create the belt.
    • Orwell tries to fight Glenn with his own Powered Armor which is also bigger and stronger, but gets... completely defeated since Glenn is actually a trained fighter while he's a scientist.
  • "Alzerna imperial sorcerer arbeiter Re=L"
    • After being explained what love is Re=L tells the boy who came to confess to Rumia, that he should give up, because Rumia's probably in love with Glenn thus causing his heartbreak. The other reason this is rather hilarious, is because Rumia's feelings are so obvious that even Re=L can notice them after a quick explanation about love.
    • After several failed jobs, Glenn ended up working the last job himself which is a maid café with him as a maid!
  • "Trap-Hole of Albert, who is too serious about his work"
    • This side story is about Albert spying on Glenn, because of suspicions he might be a traitor and naturally Albert took the task way too seriously.
    • In order to tail Glenn without suspicion, Albert disguises himself as a hobo. His disguise works too well, because every bystander actually believes he's a hobo and start giving him stuff, job offers or wishes of good luck which just hinders his actual job.
    • In the end Albert crashes the party which actually turned out to be a party since all their secretive behavior was to organize a surprise birthday party for to Rumia. He then awkwardly leaves it.
  • "You and my Forget-Me-Not"
    • As a result from losing her memory, Sistine becomes a shy girl who clings to Glenn for protection. She even becomes popular enough to get a fan club in a short time, as a result of her easier to approach personality.
  • "Two idiots"
    • Glenn after getting help from them, leaves the orphanage to return home, but Nina stops and tells Glenn that she considers their meeting fate and that their age gap doesn't matter to her. It later turns out she wanted him to teach her basic mathematics and grammar.
    • Celica seems happy that Glenn got a female friend, but her eyes aren't smiling.
    • Nina tells Glenn he could become a great teacher in the future, only for him to tell her that he wants to become a "Magician of Justice". Yeah... about that.
    • Once the flashback ends it turns out that Glenn ended up thinking about it for a whole day and became unable to clean the room, but was able to lie to Celica he did.
  • The afterword illustration is a young Glenn being snuggled by Celica much to his embarrassment.

    Volume 3 
  • "The Case-Book of Rosalie Detert"
    • It's rather amusing that Glenn is annoyed by Rosalie's behavior of frivolous spending and immature behavior since that's how most people react to him.
    • After a day of searching, they end up at an old damaged house which turns out to be Rosalie's house. After Glenn realized he ended up insulting her house, he tries to console her, but it just ends making her cry more.
    • Once it turns out that the client she had, was actually a mafia trying to advance themselves further. Upon learning this Rosalie gets upset, and realizes that she ended up... working her ass off for nothing. This causes her enough rage that she ends up defeating the entire mafia with her swordfighting skills.
    • Also when the mafia had Rosalie hostage, Glenn wasn't worried at all and instead tries to warn them which implies this isn't the first time she went on a rampage like that.
  • "Open Magic Academy"
    • Glenn accepting to lecture kids in a similar tone to Sistine's tsundere behavior.
    • Cecilia's lecture went well, but she ruined it when her sickness kicked in and ended up coughing blood in front of everyone.
    • During the open day, Celica dresses up as a magical girl to appear more child friendly. Let's say she ended up looking more terrifying than ever, not helping the fact is that one of the kids ended up using her magical staff which just created a huge explosion much to their horror.
    • Orwell's lecture wasn't shown, but somehow his invention turned the entire school into a dungeon.
  • "Student council president and chaos records"
    • Lisser convincing Glenn to help her by pointing out the oddities of mysterious disappeared school supplies.
  • "For Whom the Coin Tolls"
    • Sistine is naturally hysterical once she learns that Glenn tries to buy a gift for another girl.
    • As a result of Harley and Glenn's competitiveness, they both ended up bidding an insanely high amount for an artifact that's broken.

    Volume 4 
  • The cover is Glenn and Rumia holding hands with a young girl who is actually Celica.
  • For some reason one of the color illustration is Sistine, Rumia and Re=L as magical girls with the former two looking younger and Glenn is there as their familiar in the form of a mouse.
  • "A storm by the pretty angel"
    • Celica transforms herself into a child and pretends to be the bastard child between herself and Glenn. You can pretty much expect that this is full of hilarity.
    • Celica is first shown in her child form in Glenn's bed and Sistine, Rumia and Re=L walk in to wake him up. Naturally the former two misunderstand that she's actually Glenn's daughter with Rumia even telling Glenn, he should think about her future.
    • Once they managed to calm down, Sistine is happy, because Celica's chest is now smaller than hers.
  • "Sickly-Goddess-Cecilia"
    • Cecilia sends her mother a video to show she's doing fine with her job, but accidentally sends the wrong one. In that video she suddenly falls ill and coughs up blood. Not helping the matter is that the video ends in silence with no assurance that she's fine.
    • In the end Cecilia is allowed to stay, but then falls ill again. After everything that happened Jessica just looks at her daughter in dismay and disbelief.
  • "Trial of the crazy king"
    • It turns out the whole dungeon Glenn and his students discovered was created by Celica out of anger that Glenn hasn't spent much time with her recently.
  • "Fake hero"
    • There is something darkly humurous that Adel actually read the book of "Albert Frazer, the Fake Hero" to his fellow orphans, since it's rather dark story not meant for kids so naturally they are rather terrified of it despite Adel's warnings.

    Volume 5 
  • The cover is Glenn telling Jatice that he won't accept him, while Jatice tells him that he respects Glenn somehow and between them is Eve who looks like she heard this conversation many times and is sick of it and wants them to work together.
  • "The outbreak of Love Angel War"
    • Orwell created a Love Potion which fell on Rumia which causes everyone to fall in love with her with the exception of Glenn thus forcing them on the run.
  • "Melancholy of Eve Ignight"
    • The Special Missions Annex are looking for new members, but there are several problems with how they chose the candidates.
      • Bernard only chooses young and attractive females so that he can personally train them. Even funnier is that Eve first looked at him seriously, because Bernard was the one who recruited and trained Glenn.
      • Albert and Re=L use themselves as benchmarks which means the former accepts no one since he's simply too strong while the latter accepts everyone since they are more skilled than her in other skills.
      • Christoph at first looks like he did the task normally, but it turns out he was looking for a husband for Eve since he's afraid she will remain unmarried. Her response is to throttle him.
      • Needless to say Eve ended up picking most of the candidates herself.
    • Then came the actual interview itself which is somehow worse:
      • Re=L attacks the first candidate and strips her naked which causes her to run away.
      • The second candidate gets rejected immediately by Bernard since he says guys aren't needed, he leaves in frustration.
      • The third candidate gets seduced by Bernard which causes him to get in an argument with Eve.
      • Albert tests another candidate with a terrifying anecdote and how they should react, but only causes them to run away.
      • Christoph tries to arrange a blind date between a candidate and Eve much to the her dismay.
    • The fact that Glenn may have been the most normal person amongst the Specials Missions Annex is this.
    • The story ends with no one joining, because they were afraid of Eve after seeing her full abilities which causes her to drown her sorrows with apple juice.
  • "Sistine transforms into a pretty cat"
    • As a result of a magic spell gone wrong Sistine actually becomes a white cat which Glenn finds and takes home with him.
    • The first thing Glenn does is taking a bath with the cat much to her horror since seeing him naked is too stimulating to her.
    • Glenn decides to name the cat "Sistine". Sistine on the other hand isn't amused and wants him to change it or rather reverse the naming since he always calls her "White Cat".
    • Sistine ends up sleeping in Glenn's bed after feeling very cheerful, but forgets that she will turn back to normal in the evening. Glenn ends up waking up first and sees Sistine completely naked which wakes her up. Sistine first greets him normally, but then realizes what's happening which causes her to run away and accidentally drops Glenn from his bed. When they walk to school Glenn wonders if he's working too hard since he's dreaming of a naked White Cat.
  • "Re=L Catch up Mission!"
    • Due to Re=L's poor oral hygiene, she got a cavity from eating too many strawberry tarts, but is unwilling to stay still for treatment. The result is an academy spanning chase between her, class 2 and Celica which causes chaos and property damage throughout the academy.
    • Glenn licking his wounds to show Neige he's fine... while forgetting that they came from Chimera's biting him.

    Volume 6 
  • "Father is watching you"
    • The amount of Hypocritical Humor Leonard has towards Glenn during what seems to be a date with Sistine is rather hilarious especially since his wife more or less states that their first date was a disaster.
    • In the end Leonard is very happy that the 'date' was actually Sistine sightseeing on what to do on his birthday, but he then realizes that the reason Sistine asked Glenn to help is because they are similar which is also the type of person Sistine is attracted to. He then tries to kill Glenn before he could do anything to his daughters. Naturally his wife managed to stop him with a Neck Snap.
  • "Rumia and the Nameless Reversal"
    • Nameless possesses Rumia's body for one day and tries to use her body to fight in the lesson. Only to find out that she can't access her supposedly godlike powers.
    • Nameless made a bento for Glenn which just looks awful. When he is appalled by the horrendous appearance and taste, she tastes it herself which she instantly regrets.
  • "A Totally Sick Struggle"
    • Glenn fakes being sick to get out of work, but in the end the care of Sistine, Rumia and Re=L was so bad that he actually ended up sick.
    • When trying to find a potion that fakes Glenn's sickness. Sistine ends up finding a swimsuit model magazine much to Glenn's horror. Glenn explains that it is healthy for a man to be interested in that. Naturally Sistine ends up blasting him after comparing her chest with the girls in the magazine.
    • Re=L tries to cut an apple for Glenn. During this he keeps hearing weird noices and when he opens his eyes he ends up seeing an apple completely covered in her blood.
    • Rumia makes medicine for Glenn which looks rather toxic which he ends up drinking completely due to her sincere attitude.
    • Sistine still hellbent on finding the potion, offers to wash the sweat off Glenn's back which she uses to check his shirt. After seeing it is not there, she tries to take off his pants! Naturally Glenn has objections to this for various obvious reasons and runs away. Sistine then chases him while using magic causing a huge mess in the house.
    • In the end Glenn still can't catch a break with Celica coming homing and questioning why the hell the house is such a mess. Thus starting another chase.
  • "The Case Files of Magic Detective Rosalie"
    • When Rosalie and Glenn sneak into the mansion of the Fibel family, they find out some secrets they would rather forget.
      • They see Sistine seemingly studying dilligently until it turns out she was writing a novel with her acting out the romantic scenes. Glenn went from being proud at his student to shamefully walking away after seeing her secret.
      • In the kitchen they see Re=L in front of a heavily armed safe, she breaks it easily with her sword and inside of it are... strawberry tarts, she then restores it the way it was with alchemy.
      • After escaping Re=L, Glenn finds himself in the bathroom with Rumia who can't see him. Mistaking Glenn for Re=L, he is forced to wash her and pretend to be Re=L complete with an illustrations of him in shame, Rosalie in panic and Rumia unaware of Glenn's prescense.
    • After all of this Glenn and Rosalie finally find the ring which was supposed to prove Leonard's indefility, she accidentally hits it with her sword which causes it to break in half. In front of the client she tries to pin the blame on Glenn.
    • Naturally after Glenn reveals that the ring was actually planted by the client herself and that this was all a ploy to get Leonard for herself, Rosalie takes the credit while claiming she knew everything all along much to his dismay.
  • "Inheritor of the Flame"
    • Even Lydia thinks that Eve will have problems getting herself a husband in the future.

    Volume 7 
  • "The Strongest Heroine Playoffs"
    • Celica hosts a competition to find a bride for Glenn while brainwashing him into complacency, but in the end it is clear she just does it for her own amusement. The narration and the competitors themselves even call it a completely pointless competition.
    • Rumia takes the competition very seriously and even tricks Nameless to let her use the Silver Key to defeat the dragon Celica summoned.
    • Much to Sistine's astonishment, it turns out that Glenn was more popular than she thought since including herself there were 20 participants from different years and classes.
    • Glenn who is finally freed from Celica's trance, starts chasing her while using the Fool's World. The remaining participants just stare dumbfounded at this sight.
  • "Cinderella of the Secret Night"
    • It turns out that due to her huge expenses, Eve ends up broke like Glenn, which causes her to work part-time in a host club, which also turns out to be where Glenn secretly works part-time.
    • In order to hide their secret job, both Glenn and Eve use magic to disguise themselves with them even claiming they should recognize acquiantances using the spell, but still fail at recognizing each other despite noticing several similarities.
    • Just the whole fact that without knowing their true identity, the two of them not only get along greatly, but even attracted to each other.
    • When they celebrate a successful day at work in a bar, they actually mention their co-worker who are similar to them, but not as nice compared to them, however they don't mention their co-worker's names and agree to each other that their co-workers sound like jerks. They then get drunk and tell each other it's a shame the other doesn't have any admirers. Naturally once they realize what they said, they stop the conversation out of embarassment.
    • During one of their usual arguments at school, they end up bringing someone who is similar to them, but more likeable, which just causes them both to accuse each other of making up a lover.
    • Rumia is somehow able to sense that something is going on between Glenn and Eve despite not knowing about their secret night job and them arguing as usual.
  • "To the Future Me"
    • Sistine, Rumia and Re=L seemingly go 20 years into the future and meet their daughters. All of their interactions are rather hilarious:
    • It turns out that Glenn is the father of all their daughters! He also was not even one to instigate it, but rather Sistine, Rumia and Re=L kept egging him on to Marry Them All till his will wavered.
    • The Reveal that it was All Just a Dream by Sistine no less! This really just makes you wonder what in the world is going on in her head. It also shows how severe her A-Cup Angst is since it is implied that she believes that her chest won't grow into the future, that it will be inherrited by her daughter and that somehow Re=L's daughter will have a bigger chest.
    • To cap off the story, Glenn comes to tell them to go home since the library is closing. Sistine tells him that the two of them should raise their children better. After realizing what she said, she starts throwing books at Glenn while yelling at him to forget it.

    Volume 8 
  • "A Story Dedicated To You"
    • The continuation of Sistine's novel! Naturally she lost the competition since the judge basically said that the novel is uninteresting, unoriginal, boring, repeated usage of the same theme which is naturally Teacher/Student Romance and is in general plain bad overal.
    • Mistine advices Sistine that her "friend's" novel's love scene lacks realism due to the writer's lack of love expereince. So how does Sistine get the experience? By hypnotizing Glenn under the pretense of learning a new spell and use him to get more material all while the poor sap doesn't know what happens to him.
  • "Sorcerous Detective Rosalie's Case Files: The Tale Of Vanity"
    • Sistine finally meets her hero, Rosalie Detert, for the first time, but instead of finding out her true nature, is completely convinced that she is truly a genius detective and all powerful magician much to Glenn's disbelief.
    • Rosalie accidentally dodging Re=L's surprise attack, because she just happened to find a coin on the ground, which convinces Re=L that she is stronger than her.

Short Stories

  • "After School Tea Party": The whole story is basically Sistine being Tsundere to Glenn even when he is not actually present. Sistine starts the topic by complaining about Glenn to which her friends agree with, which causes Sistine to start complimenting Glenn and when they agree about that, Sistine starts complaining once more and the cycle goes on like that.
  • "Holiday of the Magician and Empresss":
    • Eve realizes that Sara is in love with Glenn and tries to dissuade her by talking about his bad points only for Sara to turn them into good points much to Eve's dismay.
    • Eve still angry about Sara, orders Glenn to clean the hallway. Naturally he has objections to this and they start arguing. Sara tries to end the arguement and wonders why they have such a bad relationship, completely oblivious that she is one of the reasons.
  • "The Master who does not understand his Disciple": Sistine jealous that Glenn is training the other members of the team tries to let him train her again and even threatens Maria with a Death Glare for interupting. However he just keeps telling her to train with Eve till a point Eve actually blasts him for not understanding Sistine's feelings. However Glenn thought that Sistine wanted a stronger opponent and brought Celica to spar with her. Sistine could only scream at his foolishness whilst being attacked by Celica.


  • When the results of the 2nd popularity poll came in. The manga artist made two drawings featuring the winner, Eve. The first one has Eve striking the pose of Leon from Pokémon Sword and Shield, the second one has Eve taunting Glenn that she's number 1 while he's down at number 6.


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