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Considering the context of this story, most of these moments are often Mood Whiplash.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • From the manga; this entire sequence; where Nyuu turns up in Kouta's bed, and then proceeds to fondle Yuka's breasts and forcefully kiss her. All while displaying the innocence of a two-year old. All while nude. And then Mayu walks in...
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  • Mayu, after witnessing Lucy and Nana's first fight, convinces herself that she'd been dreaming, because limbs don't fly off on their own. She later meets Nana, who has gotten prosthetics, and is initially surprised when she sees that her limbs are back, before reminding herself that limbs don't fall off and reattach. Guess what happens next.
  • When Kouta's efforts to dress the childlike Nyu end with him pulling off her clothes just as Yuka walks in.
  • When Yuka's efforts to remove her passion-stained panties end with her slipping and showing a flustered Kouta...everything.
  • When Yuka and Kouta first meet Nyu and bring her to Maple House; Nyu starts wailing pitifully but the two cousins don't know what's bothering her. They then give her the name "Nyu", to which Nyu gives a look of great relief. Unfortunately for the cousins, it's because she had just peed on the floor.
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  • When Nana goes to help Bando up, only to have the grip from his artificial arm tear off her own, sending them both flying.
  • Episode 10.5 has quite a few funny moments involving Nana:
    • While trying to help Mayu cook, Nana ends up burning the contents of a frying pan, and then tries to cut cabbage, swinging with such force that her prosthetic arm comes flying off with the cleaver still in hand, nearly impaling Mayu in the process. The look on Mayu's face is priceless.
    • When asked to help Nyu clean up the house, Nana takes it as a competition, running across the floor with a rag so fast that, when she reaches a step, she goes flying down the hallway and hitting the floor with such force that her right arm and left leg are knocked clean off. Nyu calmly picks up Nana's leg... but as Nana reattaches her arm and crawls towards her in a very Kayako Saeki-esque manner, Nyu gets visibly flustered, and when Nana looks up, her nose bleeding heavily, and demands her leg back, Nyu promptly hands the leg over before running away screaming.
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    • In a blink and you'll miss it moment, when Nana is looking at all her new clothes, you can see Nyu on the side looking at a thong. Yep. They bought the Diclonious a thong.
  • Also from Episode 10.5, Bandou having a tantrum at Nana not following through on her word to lead Lucy to him. He rages to himself on the shore, firing his gun in random directions in anger.
  • When Arakawa tries to stop Kouta, Yuka and Nyu from fleeing, and grabs Nyu 'hostage'. After she gives a speech on the danger of horned girls, she is made to realize who she is holding, and freaks badly.
  • When amoral scientist Nousou tries to demonstrate his control over the clones of Mariko, only to have his candy stolen.
  • Kouta comes down with a fever. Seeing as she's the only one at home with him, he decides to ask Nyu to get him some water.
    Kouta: "Water..."
    Nyu (puzzled): "Nyu?"
    Kouta: "Wa-ter. Wa-ter."
    Nyu (determined): "Nyu!" * runs off; sounds of her turning the house upside down*
    Kouta: Oh, Crap!
    Nyu: * returns, and triumphantly presents Kouta with a shoe* "Nyu!"
    Kouta: "Thank's the thought that counts anyway..."
    • Later, when Yuka arrives at the house and starts taking care of Kouta, she notices a pile of debris next to his futon - the apparent product of Nyu's attempts to figure out what exactly "water" is.
  • When Arakawa finds Diana, the last perfect Mariko clone, she sees her in pain, and naively removes the device that exerts the mind control on her. When Arakawa turns away, Diana gains a Slasher Smile, and says she'll kill the scientist. Then the Agent casually strolls in and slaps it back on her before she can do any damage. The scene is especially notable in that the same thing had happened to Nousou earlier, and it played out differently.
  • In the final manga chapter, when the ladies are repairing Maple House, and Mayu watches Nana's arm fall off the roof, hammer still in hand.
  • Also in the final manga chapter, when it turns out the all-knowing Anna was just a shell to make Anna a living computer, and the human Anna emerges from it. She asks the Agent to ask her a math question, only to realize...
    Anna: "I don't know! Yes! Everything's back to normal!"
  • Mayu's "Living Money" lie, that she told to Nana to see if she knew about money. Nana's reaction is hilarious.
    • Nana's nightmare involving this: As punishment for burning money she gets crucified naked.
  • Right after Nyu essentially tries to molest Nozomi and is caught by Kouta. Her reaction and the joke she wants to play on him. Nana's reaction when she pops out makes the cuteness go away though.
  • One of the omakes for volume 8, when everyone gets drunk. Yuka is specifically bad, moaning about how she is always ruining her panties and crying to the "God of Panties". Nyu all of a sudden is naked and asks Kouta to fondle her, making her rather aroused. Yuka being Yuka gets jealous and.. Starts fondling Nyu. Next page and we cut to Nyu, or really Lucy looking noticeably pissed.
  • When Mayu first meets Bandou, he realizes she's responsible for saving his life. Since he doesn't like to be in anyone's debt, he gives her his phone number, telling her to call him if she's ever in trouble. A few minutes later he's realized she might know something about Lucy, and is prepared to beat her to get the information... at which point Mayu holds up his phone number and says "I'm in trouble, please help me!" Bandou doesn't really know what to say to that, and lets her go.
  • After spending a pretty long time as Nyu, when Lucy wakes up, she immediately looks at Yuka, and wonders why she feels a sudden urge to grope her.


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